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Brainwave entrainment

I have difficulties starting to study, and I deal with those through microbursts.  But I also have a problem focusing on the textbook after I finally sit down to study. I’m fairly certain I have ADD, because every little noise (or even thought) distracts me from the subject.

Also, when I start to study it usually means it is too late. And that causes a panic attack. The stress levels prevent me from actually focusing.

I think I found something that helps: . It basically means you listen to an audio track containing periodically changing tones. Your brainwaves try to synchronize with the frequency you use. Low frequencies imitate deep sleep, high frequencies are stimulants.

I tried it out and even created my own track, one that helps me calm down and focus for hours at a time. You are welcome to try it out: This is part one (14 minutes long), start listening about five minutes before you start working. It will help with the microburst and slowly prepare your mind for the task.  This is the rest of the track. Enqueue it after part one. It is 10 minutes long, so add it several times, according to how long you plan to work. Or simply put it on loop. (Don’t loop part one). It will help you focus on your task.

Let me know if it helps…