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Bass-ackward resolution

O.k., so I know the way resolutions normally work is that one makes a change STARTING on New Year's Day. 

But I have a resolution that I need to make UNTIL New Year's Day!  From now till then, I have the holidays, a trip and a new job to get ready for.  So, my resolution is to go off of web surfing through Jan. 1.

Ground rules:

  • I have three favorite "fun sites" that are fairly quick to look at.  It's o.k. to check those once a day, but not to follow any other links from there.
  • If I need to look something up, that's o.k.  But again, no clicking on links from there.  I need to be pursuing an actual purpose, not just clicking around.
  • Email is o.k.
  • Of course, this site is o.k.!

Sometimes I want to surf the net because I'm feeling overwhelmed, tired, etc., but there are plenty of other things I can do in that case: meditate, read, work on a weaving project, exercise, listen to music, etc.  The point is not that I need to be doing something productive all the time; it's fine to relax and decompress.  I just need to be present and aware of what I'm doing, rather than spaced out.

I think I can do this!


Edited to add: D'oh!  I should have put this in the Special Projects & Master Lists thread.  Oh well!  Tongue out