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First--Seeing it. Next--Divesting myself of it.

Stuff. Stuff to shed. Like a snake sheds his old skin. There's no good reason to have so many items in my humble abode.

I know this strange algamation is all I have in the world, but I don't require it to go on. The old anxiety about never having enough may finally be over. 


Plan a trip to the dump, and recycling center (is there such a thing?), to the thrift store, to the second hand clothing store.  

create piles, sort, decide

Find new ways of containing the things you love and need. Keep only the things that are useful or beautiful. Preferably both.

I am now officially hyperventilating. 

Divesting. Act 2.

I need to be ruthless again.

 Things I see. List them.

Files in containers.

Stacks of paperbacks.

Clothes I don't wear. (the subsets are various)

clothes that are ugly

clothes that are worn and unwearable

clothes that are precious and unwearable

clothes that are too precious to wear 

clothes that were loved and seem undiscardable 

Paper that doesn't fit in the file containers.

 Kitchen herb spice other stuff I don't use

CDs. Boxes of them.

Broken or expired electronics.


Other things that need to be handled

clothes I wear that need cleaning or mending

magazines, books, correspondence I want to read

food items to eat

On the agenda also is maintenance

clear surfaces and dust/polish or spritz and wipe for dust and dirt

vacuum and/or sweep/mop

some deep cleaning of floors and tiles 


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Divesting: Setting Aside and Removing

I have enlisted the help of friends. a First found of piles will be going out the door tomorrow. Maybe to the dump, probably just to the thrift store for this first round.

I have cleared books, magazines, papers, old jars, old plastic containers, old magazines (some. there's still lots more).

I have two bags of clothes and will be filling up another two bags tonight, most likely.

I am still hyperventilating, but I am remarkably, REMARKABLY!, aligned with the idea of getting rid of things.

If I do this first phase, the second and third phase will be even easier. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Piles Being Committed To.

40 square feet of stuff going out tomorrow.

I've never been so ruthless. Yes, there's still more here, but I've been assured I'm not a hoarder. It's just going to be easier to see what else to toss after this round is gone.

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Amazing to have Elbow Room!!

I still have too much stuff, but it's NOTHING compared to what was in my way before. I'm looking forward to painting my kitchen and bathroom and refinishing the wood floor. 

My directive to myself in August was, I can't conceive of buying real estate before I bring my rent-controlled apartment into its best state. I can't "pull a geographic" to make my living condition better. I must try to make this place more beautiful, because it *IS* a darling apartment in a great neighborhood in a great city. Duh.