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Ellen Degeneres on procrastination

I have HBO on Demand, and I'm watching the Ellen Degeneres standup show in New York from 2003. Five minutes into it I stopped it, put in a DVD, and restarted it because she's doing a bit on procrastination that's absolutely HILARIOUS!!

procrastinate now, don't put it off!

That Ellen DeGeneres show was great. She started off with procrastination, wandered to a whole bunch of other topics (it was an hour long show), then ended with procrastination again. She was talking about how we move too fast in this world, thinking about all the things we have to do and all we have is now... "Procrastination isn't the problem - it's the solution! So procrastinate now - don't put it off!"

Very funny!! :D

I like it

A great bumper sticker