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Luck of the procrastinators?

I have noticed that a lot of things in my life might have gone differently if I had not procrastinated. Different, but not better. For example, I started studying law. I found it incredibly tedious, so I procrastinated the studying and failed all of my exams but one. That one I didn't fail because I actually enjoyed it and so didn't mind studying for it, and thats how I changed my subject to sociology, which I love. Now, my S/O on the other hand, who is The Anti-Procrastinator, chose engineering for a subject, found it incredibly tedious, but still kept on studying and doing everything on time and graduated. He hates the job he got, and regrets not changing his subject in the beginning.

Another thing I noticed is, that there is always a final way out, and even if there is not, something seemingly better comes along. Like last-minute cramming can be a final way out, and you might even feel that studying earlier would have been a waste of time. Or you miss the deadline, but so do a lot of people and you get two more weeks. Or you keep putting up a decision, and the deadline is nearly there, and suddenly some solution shows up? (I do not promote procrastination here, I just wondered. Does fortune favour fools?)

Has anybody else experienced this and what do you think it is? Is it just a psychological way of turning failure into a good thing?


I've had this happen to me as well. When it happens I usually feel a wave of relief that everything turned out ok despite my procrastination issues. At the same time I also know that it won't always turn out ok, so I need to quit procrastinating and get on top of stuff.


Often we do find a way out at the last minute, but it is surely not guaranteed, and think how much less stressful life will be when you easily meet or exceed all your deadlines.   

However, the point you make is certainly valid.   If you can figure out *why* you are procrastinating on a certain task, you may realize that you need to change something.     If you're procrastinating on *everything* though, it is more likely that you need to change your habits :)


Avoiding the truth consumes great effort and energy. - Jim Loehr

Changing habits!

Its true that life would be a lot easier with good habits, but then I find that there is anything more difficult than changing habits permanently. And really, it only becomes a habit, if you perform a task without thinking about the how or why, but it seems to be the only way to do it. And I find that getting to this point takes a long time.

I have quite often tried to change all my habits in a heave-ho sort of way, at the beginning of a new semester usually. I devised up a complete schedule, that would easily have allowed me to be ready with everything way before the deadline... but did I stick to it? No. So I try to change one habit at a time now, and when one is halfway automatic I introduce another. Lets see how that goes. :grin: