Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

PA August Habit of the Month: Arrive at Scheduled Events 20 Min Early

I'm scared of this goal, but if I can do it, I will be REALLY proud of myself for once.

I'm 5-15 min late for everything. I don't like to leave the house... takes me a decade (ocd + agoraphobia not a good combo for getting your butt out the door). I've also learned that I don't like rushing to places or showing up late; makes my stomach turn.

In truth, whether I'm showing up early or late, I'm still gonna have to leave the house at SOME point and I won't like it (inevitable), but I would feel better getting to my destination on time rather than late.

20 min early sounds hardcore for someone who is usually late, but in my attempt at GOOD OL' DISASTER MANAGEMENT, it gives me some buffer time to miss a bus (I'm good at that) or screw up the directions. In all honesty, I'll be happy if I can even be 2 minutes early to everything, but I like that being 20 min early might boost my self-esteem, plus give me time to read my e-book and relax in the waiting room.

To help me reach this goal, I am going to start including "travel time" blocks in my google calendar to help me remember to leave the house and not get sidetracked. 

Anyway, as always, feel free to join in if you are up for this mega-challenge! 

P.S. I'm already checking my calendar everyday (thank you google calendar for email reminder options too). So I seem to be remembering my appts better. I am also showering earlier in the morning, so I am dressed to go. I also find that my ocd is lessened when the house is clean, which it has been lately. I really hope the conditions are now favourable to take this next step. I can DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!

some progress, some room to grow

This was a very helpful goal... I wouldn't say I mastered it, but I am starting to grasp that it is difficult for me leave the house quickly. I am starting to enjoy the feeling of arriving places in an actually relaxed state! However, sometimes I still mess up. It's almost like I'm in a coma of slackerdom at times and I don't realize I need to motor out the door until it's too late. 

Solutions? I realized I don't wear a watch. I don't have a shower clock either. A time challenged person like myself shouldn't be without a watch. I need all the blatant cues for time that I can get. I bought a bunch of watches for 3 bux each on ebay! Here is to my new rainbow of accessories. Shopping for a shower clock now.

 I also decided to buy some new clothes to make getting dressed each morning a more positive experience. Which leads to... September goal of the month!! (No, it's not go shopping.) 

Challenge Accepted!

Definitely a very reasonable challenge. I have to types of appointments and two modes of lateness. In official appointments, as with doctors, the bank and the like, I am always just on time, and I mean point on. With friends and family, I don't know why, I am at least five, often fifteen minutes late. They are used to that by now, but still.:blush:

And since I drive to a lot of appointments by bike, I always get there breathing heavily and sweaty, which can be embarrassing, especially at the official appointments. Now I have started arriving there five minutes early, so I can catch my breath and fix my looks... instead of just starting earlier and turning the trip into a spinning-class. :rolleyes:

great idea!

Wow. this seems like the goal i really need.

Usually I "plan on " being at a place 5 mts ahead of time and arrive at usually 5-15 mts late. this has gone worse to half an hour almost now!

I think this is a great Habbit for the month. I am going to arrive at a place 20 mts ahead of time and carry a book with me and just read.

second slip

Anther slip. was delayed by 30 mts and then arrived almost 1 mt late on Thursday, 25 August 2011


i ended up slipping. I arrived 5 mts late  for a meeting on Friday, last week!

aug goal progress

so far i have had two scheduled events and did much better than my usual 5 min late.

i was 20 min early to work the other day!

i was exactly on time to a doc appt, and while i would be upset about not being early, i did have time to fill out forms and wait a bit before the doctor was ready, so no damage

today i have a doctor's appt and a work shift, so hopefully i can impress myself today.