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ricketybridge's writing project

Hi everyone,

This is where I'll give progress updates on the project I've been posting about in my daily check-ins. I've been working on it since last September, with a self-imposed goal of completely finishing it by this coming September. There's no way I'm going to make this deadline. I already blew through my second-draft deadline a couple weeks ago.

My new goal is to have the next revision of the outline finally finished by 6/26 (this coming Saturday). (I've been working on it for about 4 months, this particular draft for the last 2.) Depending on the reaction from my writing group, I'll either take another 2 weeks revising it, or just do a quick polish and start actually writing. My prediction? The former.

If that is the case, my new deadline for finishing the second draft is 9/1, the former deadline for finishing it completely. :( This is quite an ample amount of time, but as this is a rewrite and not a "vomit" draft, I think I should allow myself this much time. HOWEVER, I cannot, as I've been doing, wait until the last minuteto finish it in a mad dash. So every day I need to pretend that it's in fact due the next day, but when the next day comes, suddenly, mercifully, I have yet another day to finish it.

In order to facilitate this, I'm setting up a new rule to rein in my internet addiction: no internet until I've completed my four hours of writing a day. This probably sounds utterly obvious, but just the thought of it actually makes me feel anxiety. UGH. :( Anyhow, breaking this rule will entail breaking my internet addiction sobriety. :P

The current state of my outline, by the by, is that I still need to finish a major chunk of it (the third fourth), and then do some pretty significant touching up of other parts (particularly the second and fourth parts). Today, I hope to make significant progress on that missing third part.