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PA Habit of the Month - June: Get Up and Get Ready for the Day :)

Hi everyone,

The other day in chatbox, a bunch of us brainstormed about coming up with a habit of the month (like FlyLady!) that we could work on to improve our healthy skills.

Would you like to join in?

June's Habit of the Month is: Get Up and Get Ready for the Day :) (GUGRD/"guggered" if you like acronyms, ha!)

Is getting out of bed and getting yourself into the shower a chore?

Do you run out the door five minutes late to everything?

I sure as heck do.

Ready to work on being kind to ourselves in the morning and giving ourselves the time we need to get ready in a comfortable way? Let's practice giving ourselves the joy of knowing we can start the day on time, washed and dressed the way we would like to present ourselves.  

My goal is to be up and showered and dressed by 8 AM every day. 

Even if I don't do this perfectly, I can still take babysteps towards improvement!

What's yer goal? I'll be checking in for this project below. Feel free to check in via this thread too!

june goal met

i don't know how or why, but i am actually waking up before 7 am most days. on to july's goal!

Morning Routine

I usually get up without an alarm clock. When I get up I wash my hair having already showered the evening prior. After I dry my hair and dress I put on my usual casual attire and head to the Lake front for an early morning walk with my dog. I love hearing the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. I love the blue sky or the dark rain impending clouds. I love my purple unbrella and always have it with me just incase.

After I walk the dog I take time to have a coffee breakfast and conversation with a few friends. This gives me the opportunity to work on my interpersonal relationship skills. (Terrified of people, especially angry people). 

 I return home and retrieve my telephone messages and make two to do lists. One people I have to contact (new people) and people I have to service (old people). 

I leave the house and begin my day. 

 Imagine just four months ago I had absolutely no routine and was a scatter bug.


heavy_c mornings

so jealous of your scenic morning walk! sounds like you have made tons of awesome progress... hope to say the same four months ago. what is your secret to waking up without the alarm?

overdue 7:30 am wakeup

its a june morning miracle.

e's wake up 6/21

Was up late last night and as I will be dog sitting for the next few weeks it is particularly important that I get on an early morning schedule asap.

My goal for tonight is to get to sleep early (10-ish) so that I can wake up and see T & V off at 5 am. From then on Lorenzo needs to be up socializing at the park by 8 am.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

yay! 2 eight am mornings!

well there is no time like the end of the month to start meeting the monthly goal... how typical! lol. going to bed and winding down earlier is helping.

11:00 am start

insomnia is really killing my attempt at waking up. i mean, technically, i was up before 8 am today when i was still awake at 4 am.... i will try to exercise today and see if that helps.


8:45 (no alarm)

so today i was closer to 8. disapp i havent actually made 8 am yet, but anything is better than yesterday, which was so bad i couldnt even bother to log it. Hello morning! let's get the day rolling. Tiny bit cranky because I woke to the sound of loud lawnmowing. ugh! but it's a nice day so time to get going.


My goal is to look at calendar every day. Got out of the habit . The consistency Ora looking makes a difference. Home school is over for the year and now the summer will be jammed with stuff. I need to face it.


whoa i totally hit the snooze button. not good. that said, i still have days where i am not ready by 3pm, so i will try to rescue the day by getting showered asap.

10:15 gugr. need to be 2hrs better.

i would have felt so much happier if i'd been up at 8 today. i am learning that if i don't get 8 hours of sleep, i will hit the alarm off until i GET the 8 hours. therefore, i have no choice but to go to bed earlier.

Well, I'll be guggered

Yeah, I need to be in this group.  My goal is to leave for the gym at 6:15 - that means getting up at 5:15 if I want to have plenty of time to get ready. 

You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature. - Les Brown

Journey GUGR

Today I left for the gym at 6:36, and was 20 minutes late to work.  I need an alarm reconfig because my husband woke me at 5:30.   I had snoozed the cell phone alarm and did not even hear the clock radio.   He said he turned off the clock radio because it never even woke me lol.   

I worked over the weekend so I wasn't all that committed to being at work on time anyway :rolleyes: but I would have preferred leaving early to getting here late. 


You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature. - Les Brown

lol - sweet usage of

lol - sweet usage of guggered! You are a brave soul to wake that early, but you are going to have great momentum after you hit the gym! I am going to have to wait a while before I can try that early. Cheering for you and hoping to one day get a similar routine going!

I just got a more soothing alarm clock sound for my cellphone, so now I am less cranky when I wake up. Static and phone vibrate sounds work for me. How do you best wake up?


I have one of those cd player alarm clocks, and I set it to play a gentle cd at 5:00, which starts waking me, then the oldies radio stations comes on at 5:10.   But I'm real good at hitting the snooze.   I have the alarm on my blackberry set for 5:20 and if I have it just out of reach that will force me to get up, but I don't always remember to put it in the bedroom.

I want one of those daylight alarms that wakes you with light . . .or maybe a clocky!


You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature. - Les Brown

daylight alarm clocks

My son had one of those and it was the only way to wake him up in the morning. Unfortunately, it broke, but it wasn't very expensive (but I think I got it on sale). Homemedics made it.

He has a regular alarm clock and it helps, but what seems to make the biggest difference is a commitment to turning of screens at least an hour before you want to sleep. Also, total darkness helps: our bodies have lost their natural melatonin production from all the light at night.

Great to see this up: my goal is to get up at 6 am each day. I love night time, but my body seems happier when I am up early in the morning.

turnin off the screens

thanks tenacious e! i was wondering about a good brand for that kind of alarm. i am going to try turning off the screens an hour before i sleep... there is something peaceful about having a relatively quiet hour in the house before i crawl into bed to sleep. 


i totally want one of those. i am finding that having my phone vibrate is not too bad if i leave it on the other side of the bed... it sort of shakes me into waking up. but i read about the vibrating alarm clocks that you put part of it under your mattress. i should maybe try that!

Goal: 8AM. Today: 10 AM.

Goal: 8AM. Today: 10 AM. Today I was ready by 10 AM. That beats most days of the week so far, so I'll take that as good progress instead of freaking out.

an4 waking up project

I join you guys. I totally have the same problem. Unless I have an exam or a class, i am completely unable to wake up or get ready before like 1 pm, it's awful to see all morning wasted, pretty much every day (I only have 1 weekly class now). My goal is to be ready by 8 am, that means i should wake up at 7 am. I have my alarm clock and also set my blackberry alarm, but even if I put them far away from my nightstand, I still manage to wake up half alseep and turn both of them off. Then when I wake up again it's noon. In any case, I will buy a third alarm this weekend. My plan is to check in as soon as I wake up. I will start doing that tomorrow, hopefully, even if I can't manage waking up at the ideal time. 

hope you are doing good

hope you are doing good an4... it took me a loooong while to adjust but i am finally getting decentish at waking up for a change. i think 8 am is a nice place to start in the summer! one day i hope to move it up to 6. it's sort of addictive starting  the day off on a roll for a change.