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Help needed desperately!

Hi my name is Samy (Samantha),

I desperately need help. I have done 12-step programs before and someone recently recommended Procrastinator's Anonymous to me. Procrastination and lack of motivation is ruining my life and it's making me desperately unhappy. It's really scaring me. Please can someone sponsor me and hold my hand and guide me.

I work from home and I felt motivated today as I had to go out for an appointment. When I was out I felt really motivated. In my head I planned all the things I would do when I get home. I even went out and bought a lot of healthy food.My mood swings from elated and motivated to depressed and demotivated. I am excited and motivated until I actually have to do something. Now that I'm home I feel utterly miserable. I can't even get motivated to put the shopping away, let alone prepare any healthy food. I also have a food addiction and spending addiction and I spent too much money on food. I buy a load of healthy food and then I can't get motivated to do anything with it. Then I end up spending more money on chocolate and MacDonalds. Please can someone help.

Thanks for letting me share.



welcome Samy

Welcome Samy please don't give up hope!  I am a new member and already have found all kinds of great advice I am using and it helps! 


Welcome. I use this site as my "sponsor". I found the connection with others and support here very helpful. Keep coming back.

Thanks Vic

I'm having another great day today. Thank God.



Thanks for your support. I had a much better day yesterday. Not only did I put the shopping away, but I also had a very good session with my therapist, I cooked a healthy dinner and I did a great big pile of washing up.

Thanks for letting me share.



congratulations!  I know how hard it can be.  I got the shopping put away this morning, but the washing up is still waiting.

Keep coming back.


Thanks H.

I've had another great day today. How did you get on with the washing up?


washing up

got the washing up done two days later Frown 


Welcome Samy

I'm glad you've found us - this is a very supportive group.

The difficulties you describe over food are very similar to mine.  If it weren't for the fact that I have a disabled husband to feed who likes his food, I'd be living on chocolate and cheese sandwiches.  I have left shopping on the table for so long that the food that needed to be in the fridge has gone mouldy, and the stuff that should have been in the freezer has defrosted, so it has all had to be thrown out.

Take it slowly one step at a time (even if it's only putting the frozen stuff in the freezer).  Feel free to use the check-ins and the chatbox- at first I found it embarrassing to put such simple things on the list, but it really helps.

You've taken the first step getting here.  We'll hold your hand as we all make this journey together



This is a good place

Hello. Sounds like you are feeling pretty stressed. You are among folks who can relate, and who will support you in the steps you take to achieve your goals. I hope you will keep coming back. Please be gentle with yourself. Easier said than done, I realize. Peace to you.