Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

A procrastinator, or just lazy?

a student, I study ICT, and when looking around at how my fellow
students are doing, I'm part of the students who actually get tasks done
on time and complete them instead of stopping halfway.
So, you'd think I'm doing fine.

every single time I have to hand in some programming exercises (or some
other task), I put if off not only until the day before the deadline,
not even until the evening of the deadline, but I literally start so
late I don't go to sleep those days...
That's 2 nights a week I don't go to sleep now, every week.

and of itself, that's not very unheard of for students. I talk to some
friends and they laugh about it, saying they do the same or that I should've just started sooner. But the thing
that actually got me to find your site, was that I never do anything
actually fun when I put off my work.

My friends go out, get drunk, play video games ...
They just have fun and don't do the work because they can't be bothered sometimes.

ALWAYS make ALL the exercises, but days in advance, I get a gnawing
feeling, and I keep thinking "I should be making those exercises now". I
then walk around some, drink a coffee, surf the internet a bit, make
another coffee, walk around some. Check those very same websites to see
if they've been updated...
Then I notice it's almost time for lunch,
so I think to myself "Oh, I'll have lunch early, and then afterward I'll
start on these exercises".
I eat, and then when I should be
starting, I take a walk again. (after all, you can't focus when
digesting food. One of those ridiculous excuses I know I tell myself)
I may play a video game for a bit, thinking to myself "Well, I've read
you should just switch up the fun stuff with the obligatory tasks". I
play for an hour or so.

The thing that makes me actually look for
a solution is the fact that I'm almost never having fun. I'm always
worrying about the things I need to do (even when doing something fun
instead of my work, I don't enjoy it and worry about the work), and I'm
also not really lazy, as I often times work on those exercises for 8-9
hours in a row at night up until I need to leave for college in the morning. I hand them
in, and then go home and go to sleep. A lazy person wouldn't make them
in the end. And a normal student putting things off would have had a ton
of fun during all those hours I spent worrying about my work and trying
to get myself into the perfect situation to start working.

things started in high school, and have progressively gotten worse
every year. The more time I get to do my work, the worse it gets, and
seeing how I'm likely to end up with a project-based job, that means
I'll always be stressed and burned out unless I stop this.
Things have gotten so bad, that I did the same for my exams, which is why I have to study an extra year now, and I know I wouldn't be in this situation if I was able to just start working when I start worrying about it.

By now I think or rather, I really hope you've recognized some things that point towards me being a chronic procrastinator.

I've looked at this list in one of your articles:

  1. Disappointment
    is a way of life with us. We constantly disappoint other people and
    ourselves by not keeping promises that we make.
  2. We
    constantly seek excitement and attention through the negative attention
    generated by passive aggressive behavior. The excitement comes from not
    knowing how the person we have "wronged" will react when we see him/her
  3. We constantly place people in a position of power over us by default.
  4. We have taken on the role of nice but ineffectual people.
  5. We do not like to be depended upon.
  6. We are regularly late for appointments.
  7. We
    regularly procrastinate greatly over the things we have to do. In
    school this results in incomplete grades, at work in projects that get
    delayed or dropped, at home in a disheveled place that we are
    embarrassed to bring people to.
  8. We
    tend to put off making decisions. Many of our decisions are made for us
    by the process of indecision, life's inevitable way of making the
    decisions for us whether we like it or not.
  9. We
    tend to stay single to a late age or not to get married at all, tend to
    greatly delay breaking off inappropriate relationships, and/or tend to
    avoid committed relationships.
  10. We tend to avoid concentrating on projects at hand, engaging in daydreaming or switching to other less important task

I'm always disappointed by myself, my parents aren't, which actually
sort of makes me feel like it's up to me. Basically, my parents are so
nice and supportive that I'm strict on myself...
2: I don't think so, but I don't fully understand the line either.
Always, I don't think I've ever openly said or thought I was better at
anything than someone else, and so I always say the other person would
do it better and can tell me what to do to help.
4: Yes, ties in with number 3, but that line is so very me...
5: 100%
Never actually, which is the one thing I never seem to fit in when
reading about this subject. I've not missed my train or bus for the past
8 years...
7: Yes
8: Yes, I always picked the most general (but hard) selection of classes there was so I didn't lock myself down on anything.
I'm not sure if this applies yet, I'm 20... I don't know a single girl
though, so the way it's going, this will definitely apply...
10: yes.

So almost every point nearly described me perfectly.

close this off, I do in fact have such exercises to do right now. But I
feel I'm taking a step in the right direction by fully identifying my
problem instead of just assuming I'm lazy and soldiering on.

p.s. Sorry if my English wasn't that good at times, it isn't my first language, I live in Belgium.
p.p.s. The formatting of the text looked completely different when typing it, I hope it's readable as is.

Kenshee,   You sound



You sound exactly like me. Right down to the area of study/work etc.

I started chronically procrastinating exactly like you in school. As far back as I can remember I did it.. had to do an extra year of high school because of it too.

Then did it during my ICT studies.


13 years later and I'm still working in ICT, project based as well as day to day stuff. And you're exactly right.. I havent fixed the issue and life is a constant ball of stress worrying about what you havnt done.. and when you sit down to do it either getting distracted by other things, or sitting there doing nothing worrying about not being able to do it well enough, or not knowing where to start etc.


Eventually when the client hassles me enough I get even more stressed out and manage to come up with some half assed solution that does the job but hardly shows what I'm capable of. Not to mention to stress it causes in the meantime.


Please keep working at it and learn how to overcome chronic procratination.


Then once you've done that, teach me.







Welcome, Keep coming back.

Do you think if you tried a different kind of "fun" you might be more motivated?

"My friends go out, get drunk, play video games ...
They just have fun and don't do the work because they can't be bothered sometimes."

How about #9? Female study buddy?

Keep coming back, most of us found that the issues we face are the tip of the iceberg.

Keep coming back,


I wish self imrpovement were about destroying an enemy. It'd be so much easier to focus on one clear defined goal in a game-like setting.

To OP, I do the same thing sometimes... but I often put off studying to program. And since lab marks are worth very little it bites me in the ass more often than not. 


I wish I had some advice to give you. 

Welcome Kenshee!

Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent. Maxwell Maltz