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Hypatia's big projects

I'm getting really stuck on one big area, which was caused largely as the result of my procrastinations many years ago.  Even thinking of it makes me freeze up,  My husband quite rightly is pointing out that the sooner we get it sorted the better, but as he's disabled that actually means I've got to do the work. And I'm having trouble doing it, mainly through fear (and embarrassment).

So I'm going to break it down into tiny steps and keep a progress report on here.

2 Apr 11

  • find relevant file

  • open and read today's letter

  • write start of letter to solicitor, answering first question

  • read surveyor's papers

  • answer second question

  • get husband to agree to content of letter

  • photocopy enclosures

  • send by e-mail

  • post hard copy

All done in just over an hour, and not very painful after all.  I'd been putting it off for weeks!

Now to wait for solicitor/surveyor's reply


Hypatia's big project (4)

Now one of my big projects is complete, I'm going to add another one:

Get my employer to pay me the correct point on the pay scale

  • find employment contract
  • ring HR

1 July

nothing done so far.  Husband nagging

  • find employment contract
  • ring HR

19 Sep

Still haven't found where I put the unsigned contract, but succeeded in talking to HR, who agreed that they are underpaying me and will sort it out

  • find employment contract
  • check Sept payslip when it arrives

Hypatia's big project (4)

Got my payslip with the new amount of pay, but I think they're still underpaying me

  • look up payscales on the web
  • contact HR again

Hypatia's big project (3)

Another big project has just started, and again it's me that has to do all the work.  We've found a bungalow we think we'd like to buy.

20 Apr

  • arrange to visit again and measure up
  • contact mortgage advisor
  • ring building society about mortgage
  • put offer in

Got a call back in 10 minutes of making the offer saying vendors accept it.  I was hoping for at least a week to get my head round this.  Fortunately my husband is actually taking on some responsbility and checking out stuff like solicitors and surveyors.

21 Apr

  • visit estate agents
  • ring building society
  • read conveyancing printout
  • make action plan

8 May

Things have moved on a lot since the last posting.

  • sign and return form to estate agents and provide roll number
  • confirm insurance arrangements
  • send surveyors report to solicitor
  • vist bungalow and do check list

10 May

  • send photos to ramp company
  • e-mail removals firm
  • removals - wiaitng for call back

13 May

  • ring vendor to remeasure doorway
  • chase raalloy
  • ring ramp people

23 May

  • chase M for builder's details
  • ring Claydons


I'm getting a bit better at this

24 May

One of S's friends has found someone who can install a wheelcahir ramp for us.  He rang, and needed me to ring the guy selling the bungalow to make arrangements for the joiner to do an estimate.  Normally I would put this off for ages, but for once I rang the vendor straight away, and got things sorted immediately.  Thanks fellow PAers for getting meto this state of mind.

It also means I don't have to do any of the other tasks above until we've done this.

26 May

Solicitor's paperwork has arrived

  • get signatures witnessed
  • reply to solicitors letter
  • ask estate agent to recommend gas and electrics inspector

30 May

  • reply to next solicitors letter
  • arrange gas and electrics inspection 
  • ask Emma about flood insurance
  • ring ING re signatures
  • get passport copy witnessed
  • reply to removals firm

A lot has happened in the last month.  We exchanged contracts yesterday and the house will be ours on Monday 4th July.

1 July

  • ring stannah - waiting for call back, then call removals again
  • ring removals firm
  • get electricity and gas board details
  • make moving action plan
  • get estimate for ramp (Weds 6th)

7 July

  • contacted Stannah again, still waiting for call back
  • ring electricity board
  • ring water board
  • awaiting estimate for ramp
  • make moving action plan
  • request brochure for doors



We've moved!

Success! We're now in our new bungalow, with wheelchair access installed.

I've got a visit from the letting agent for the house we're leaivng this afternoon, then i can hand the keys back.  Then it's down to unpakding lots and lots of boxes.

 The new house is lovely.


Congratulations--may your

Congratulations--may your new home bless your life in excellent ways!

Hypatia's big project (2)

I'm going to add in my second big project, which is to claim on our travel insurance, which has been outstanding for ages.  I did a lot on it last weekend, but now the airline is playing up providing the appropriate documentation. 

9 Apr 11

  • ring airline to get cancellation invoice (turned out they'd given me the wrong e-mail)
  • send request e-mail to correct address


I am amazed how something as simple as posting on here helps.  After putting the original message up I went straight downstairs and phoned the airline, and then sent the e-mail.  That would normally take me several days to get round to.

14 Apr

Airline replied saying we should have used their online request form, despite the fact that their helpline told me to e-mail them.  Husband now saying he wants to claim a refund from the airline, despite e-mails from them saying the ticket was non-refundable.

  • husband has agreed to find and send the online form


20 Apr

cancellation invoice has arrived.  Here's hoping I don't need any other bits of paper I haven't got .

  • complete insurance paperwork
  • get printer/photocopier to behave
  • photocopy insurance forms
  • get ready for post
  • post claim forms

Now waiting to see if insurance will pay up without an argument

8 May

Nothing heard yet - will give them a month to reply

23 May

Nothing heard yet - time to chase

  • get S to e-mail insurers

25 May

S thinks I need to write to them as well

  • letter to insurers (sent 30 May)



The insurance company has paid up without argument - £1500 for the airfares we lost as a result of my husband requiring emergency surgery Laughing and not being able to travel on holiday.


Husband of course couldn't resist pointing out we would have had the money ages ago if I hadn't kept putting off dealing with all the papework.

Hypatia's big project (1)

Solicitor replied promptly, but outcome not very encouraging.  She's pointed out yet another thing that we didn't do which has knock on effects now (17 years later).  She wants a phone discussion which I am absolutely dreading.  I've agreed with my husband I'll do it on Monday 11th April. (as I work full-time it has to be done while I'm at work).  No other action needed at present, but this is a biggie!

11 Apr

  • ring solicitor - out of office, left voice-mail message 

14 Apr

Solicitor hasn'r rung back

  • ring solicitor again 



Dear (((Hypatia))))

Abudnant prayers for a successful & good outcome!!! CONGRATULATIONS on doing this!!!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥

Many thanks for the support, Hope

Project 1

15 Apr 

  • e-mailed solicitor to ask her to ring me

20 Apr

Solicitor e-mailed to suggest ringing this week. And guess what - I'm putting it off again!

  • ring solicitor

21 Apr

Done!  and I suspect my solicitor is a bit of a procrastinator too.

  • ring insurance broker - rang one, not much help; need to try another one

8 May

solicitor thinks we've got a good case against the council, and has sent them a suitable demanding letter

  • reply to solicitors letter
  • contact builder re quote
  • contact specialist insurers

15 May

a week later and i haven't done any of the above. Procrastinating out of fear I think that I'm going to mess up dealing with this.  And my study is in such a mess it will take me ages just to find the paperowrk

  • find solicitors paperwork
  • reply to solicitors letter
  • contact builder re quote

23 May

found the paperwork, but still putting it off.

  • reread paperwork
  • contact builder re quote - message left on answerphone
  • reply to solicitor 

24 May

done the letter at last - only took 3 weeks!

  • research possible specialist insurers

30 May

Major development - someone might want to buy our house, even knowing the state it's in

  • photocopy surveyor's report
  • send builder surveyors report
  • e-mail LW

1 July

nothing heard from potential buyer, or from builder.  Solicitor has written strong letter to council's solicitor's basically accusing the council of non-cooperation

  • S to e-mail estate agent
  • ring builder to check progress
  • e-mail LW
  • ring JL insurers
  • investigate specialist insurers

19 Sept

Solicitor has written to say that Council's insurer's admit it's basically their problem.  Now we need to argue about how much it's going to cost them.  Husband and I have written a response to the solicitor.  Not done anything about insurance thoughFrown

  • ring solicitor (out - message left)
  • ring JL insurers
  • investigate specialist insurers

spoke to solicitor.  Now need to email her re latest problem

  • email solicitor
  • ring JL insurers
  • investigate specialist insurers
  • find papers re expenditure