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Going to Finish this Semester

Currently, I have gotten EXTREMELY behind in two classes that I MUST pass to finish this semester of year one of my masters degree:

I have no idea where I stand but this is what I need to do:

1. Catch up in reading for my engineering class

2. Catch up in work for my computer course

3. Contact eng. prof.

4. Contact comp. prof.

5. Complete basic student group work to pass onto other team members

6. Minor travel preparation

7. Cleaning house

 I SHOULD have worked over the weekend but I did not, its 8:17 pm right now I have to show up tomorrow to another class.  I'm going to do what I can overnight so I feel as comfortable as I can going into school tomorrow.

After a twelve hour of day

After a twelve hour of day of staying on task, I crashed into bed and slept a full twelve hours!  Amazing how two months of procrastination wears down your stamina.

One class is in perfect order, I just have to keep it that way.

The scariest thing is that I have to contact two professors and I'm TERRIFIED.  Shitting my pants, nail chomping, panic attacking, screaming, crying SCARED.

 And I'm scared because: 1. I am in the SAME boat of not understanding anything as I was in those first weeks of class and now its two months later and I'm only now manifesting to say I'm alive, want to finish the semester and guess what, have NO CLUE how to do things. to amend this, after I manifest, I need a tutor, and who do I ask?  definitely not the profs themselves...and asking any other student just sends tidal waves of gossip around our small class "oh my god, can you BELIEVE how behind she is?  what is HER problem? blah blah blah".

 I suppose that the professor is nice enough that if I sat on my ass, really pushed myself, if I scheduled a meeting with very specific questions and just showed my zen determination to pull through, he would take pity and his caring teacher mode would turn on.

Which brings me to...sit and study your ass off like a terminator for engineering so you are as ready as can be.

TODAY-I MUST email the professor.

 That is the absolute most important thing I can do.

 Secondly, I have to put some assignments into CAD but this I can bullshit, it would be a good reintro to the class and it doesn't have to be perfect.  Just a start.

 As usual, I can DO THIS.  I have to JUST DO IT.

 Its 8:25am, I'm making my coffee, washing my face and I'm zipping out the door to where I have a 2:45pm appointment and I will be doing nothing but studying engineering at a coffee shop the entire time with my headphones on.

Yes - talk to the prof about a tutor!

If they don't know how to get one, ask who the department head is or how to contact the department administrator. One of those people should be able to get you the help you need or direct you to the right person.

Good for you for catching up! Keep the ball rolling :-)

awful emails

i've sent a few of those terrifying emails lately. i feel like sending the email is like confessing i suck. i did get some really good help from the profs after i bothered to get the help. i almost feel like i am being mentored now as opposed to just being terrified of them.  hope all goes well for you!!! cheering for ya!

@regaining control

Congrats!  Good job!  and don't worry about talking to your profs believe me they have heard it before.   Just be honest and ask for help.  (easier said than done I know!)


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me too

just wanted to say i'm in the same boat.

re: finishing the semester

Way to go! Keep up the good attitude, that makes a big difference!

I'm a college student, too.... and I also get wayyy behind in classes. I know where you're coming from! I'm rooting for you!

I finally managed to do

I finally managed to do some engineering reading and right now I'm getting to work on finishing the student group work before handing it over to some very anxious and frustrated team members.  Its not perfect but it'll at least be finished!

 Will check in when I'm finished!

So I managed to bite a

So I managed to bite a small chunk out of the student group stuff but now I'm back to the anxiety of opening my flooded inbox where I feel there are a ton of threatening emails (they are not but they feel that way to my perfectionist self) and I'm very tempted to just start internet surfing.

Update: I checked a website where I usually procrastinate for way too long (days at a time) but I quit it after a few minutes and figured out a way to email the group work to the team member without having to check my scary inbox.  So at least THAT is done!

Update: Turns out that quite a few team members also got sidelined, except I'm sure they were actually working on school where I was hard at work procrastinating.  At least on that front I'm ok.  As for the urge to procrastinate, its hitting me hard and I should get going to school and be around the productive students.  Also-I have a tendency to associate with other procrastinators/underachievers/excusemakers at school and work.  I SHOULD be around the most productive students to keep a better pace of work but unfortunatley, I chose not to.  New approach, be around those who are constantly working.  Even if you can't keep up, you're much better off than breaking away from the pack and isolating yourself.  At least you're still in the game that way.