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Question about "productive" procrastination

Well...after I did my check-in today I was overcome by an urge to clean out my stash of old magazines. So I spent an hour cutting out the recipes and such, and tossing the rest.

It sounds good, in theory, but it wasn't on my list. And if I were going to interrupt my list for a cleaning/organizing project, there are other MUCH more pressing issues I could have tackled. :rolleyes: Looking at the piles of dirty laundry threatening to topple over and bury me...

Does anyone else do this? 

Also, what is your take on adding things to your check-in list after doing it and setting priorities for the day? 

re: productive procrastination

I JUST did this. I should be working on homework, but instead, i gathered a bunch of info about hotel rates, registration fees, agendas, etc. for a trip I'm organizing with a performing arts team I work with. Feels good to be on the ball with that, but honestly? My homework is due this week, and the trip isn't until the end of April!

I know it wasn't a top priority, and that I should have been working on homework, but at the same time, I have to congratulate myself a little for doing it way ahead of time, instead of leaving it until the eleventh hour. 

Glad I am not alone!

I guess the key is getting back to the planned stuff quickly, eh? 

Structured procrastination

This is very common for procrastinators :P

Sometimes you gotta congratulate yourself for getting SOMETHING done (on those I don't wanna get out of bed days) but sometimes you do have to "ask yourself why" (one of the tools) and realize you might be avoiding something more important due to anxiety.

Interesting thoughts!

Thanks for the read, Katia

I never thought about using it as a motivation tool, lol! 

@tabularasa YES!!

Hi Tabularasa,

From one procrastinator to another, I totally understand where you are coming from.

I wrote about this in a forum entry about two weeks ago. It's the story of my life.

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Defying priorities.... flipping them... resisting them

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But don't look too much! Get your work done! (lol)