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Organizing Software - Ideas?

Hi Guys!


 Is there any good software out there that helps you begin a task, then break it down, categorize, track, etc.?

 So far I found Nice, but I'm wondering if there's something better- even more intuitive, easier to navigate, etc. 

 Hope many of you will post what you've found really works, and that this will really help many people.

 Thanks in adavnce!!

re: software

I use microsoft project at work and although it's a little difficult to learn, it works pretty well.   It's not cheap though.   

A tool I've used in the past that might be what you are looking for is Action Outline   There's a free 'lite' version that you can try.  


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Outlook Tasks

I find Outlook Tasks quite handy. i would find it tough to use a seperate software as outlook taks integrates into Outlook Calander which is what I use for my daily scheduling.


 ps: if anyone is interested in being an accountablity partner via Outlook Tasks please feel free to contact me.