Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

new to this site/forum

It won't surprise anyone here (I'm sure) that I meant to post this yesterday . . . :) This is a little long, and I apologize.

I am interested in participating on this forum to help me focus on how/why/where I'm procrastinating and hopefully work on improving.

I work full time and take university courses part time. This is the sixth year I've been doing that and I've been feeling burned out lately and plan not to take a spring course in order to put my time/energy toward improving my health. I am a little worried about doing that because I'm afraid that instead of regenerating my energy and enthusiasm this might make me want to never go back even though I love my classes and am truly interested in pursuing a more satisfying (personally) career. I'm about 1/2 way through my required degree credits. I do procrastinate a bit on studies/assignments, but not badly. I have generally got that area in hand and start early to be sure I can finish in time.

But, my personal health is suffering. I overeat (lifelong trend, and ramps up when stressed) and am not getting any exercise. I make excuses that after an extra-long work day (I have to make up the time I take off for classes) and readings/study/assignments for class I am too tired to do anything but watch movies etc.

I am becoming chronically late for work because I can't get out of bed to get going, even though I've had adequate sleep. I have planned and visualized a nice morning routine that allows me a bit of yoga (say 20 min), a decent amount of time for coffee and breakfast and walking to work. But I don't do it. I crave that type of relaxed morning schedule, and I don't think it is an unrealistic goal. I feel like it would start my day off on a so much better footing! I could arrive at work calm and ready for the day, instead of flustered and cranky because I got out of bed with only enough time to throw on clothes, gulp down 1/4 cup of coffee, a bite of breakfast and get a ride to work. We live only about a 15 minute walk from my work! We chose this neighbourhood because of that!

I have a good job and good coworkers/bosses. The work environment is generally great! My job is relatively interesting and varied. So, while I'd love to be independently wealthy and not have to work for a living (as most people would) it's not really an avoidance issue.

Although the morning routine is my main focus regarding procrastination right now, I am also having trouble establishing a general increase of exercise in my life. I have knee and neck/shoulder issues that have both had me in physio, and they are both made worse by my lack of exercise. Obviously, I have a desk job, so I need to build exercise in elsewhere. I have so far only managed to get myself to attend a weekly yoga class. My husband goes with me, and I have to say I'm not sure I would have attended regularly if he didn't! I love yoga, but I'm tired after work. Of course, I always feel better (although exhausted) after a class.

I am now looking into adding swimming once a week, but he's not a swimmer, so I'd be on my own for this one. I also love swimming and used to swim a mile 2-3 times a week. I finally found a pool nearby with hours that work for my schedule right now. Getting started and habituating the practice is going to be the hard part. I will be walking there and home as well, so I know that will add an extra little mental block (even though it's not a huge distance).

I guess I'm seeking some support. I also find that writing things down requires sorting it out in my mind and paying attention to what I'm thinking, and that helps to provide personal clarity. I can't say for sure that this forum will be right for me, but I would like to give it a try.

Thanks for the welcome and the tips!

Much appreciated! I am only online at work, so my check-ins may be sporadic, but I will be exploring the site in more depth this week.


Welcome. I found that I had nothing to lose (except my pride, delusions of grandeur, and misery) by coming here. I found support, understanding, compassion, acceptance, awareness, solutions, positive energy, angels, brilliant high achieving people,  by coming here, so, for me, why not? Hope you find what you are looking for. Keep coming back.

Welcome, Gemini

Welcome to Procrastinators Anonymous.  There are many tools in this program.  I went into the meeting tools.  There are Steps, Traditions, Signs, and Tools.  I also use the Daily forum to write my list and I go into the chatbox for check-ins.  There are also online meetings on the weekend and telephone meetings during the week.Go into the meeting list for meetings.

Most of all, keep coming back!

Welcome gemini!

Good to have you here! You may find that the daily forums are a helpful place to start - look for the active forum topic with today's date (right hand side of screen).

There are meetings, and the chatbox is also a great tool.

Thanks for sharing your story. You seem very clear about your goals, which is an excellent start.