Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I need someone I can relate to.

I'm skipping school right now because of this problem. I know thats horrible and I feel guilty and ashamed for having done this. But I couldn't deal with the embarassment of being left behind in my pre-calculus group again and being ignored because I didn't do the homework and I couldn't contribute to the group. I haven't done any homework for economics and there's a test today, so I don't even know what the material is on. I fear even on this website that I won't find someone I can relate to and I'll be looked down on. I don't mean to sound so pitiful, but I truly feel like I'm in a position that's rock bottom. I failing four classes and I've repeatedly been given chances by teachers and I've wasted them. My teachers and my guidance counselor have given up on me, and I don't blame them. I hate living my life this way and I wish there was a way out. I'm not suicidal but if there was an easy way out I would take it. Please, is there anyone here with a similar situation I can talk to?

I feel a little better for having typed this even if I am procrastinating, but I have to get started on all this work now. There's so much more I want to say to show this sad part me, although a large part, isn't all there is to me.


Welcome. Bo longer need to feel  looked down on. Many of us can relate. I think it is great that you shared and feel you are on the right path by not blaming anyone.

I agree with Jo, sounds like nothing you have tried is working and a guidance sounselor (HS_) or advisor (college) who have heard it all may have some ideas or at least give you some.

Remember, rock bottom is not bad, it is good, because then the only way out is up.Keep coming back.

Hey I'm a college student

I think I could very well relate to your situation.

I had just begun college half way through last year. And I am finding it difficult because of my procrastination habits that I have taken with me from high school. 

So far, I have failed a class every semester. 

My English professor was so nice and she gave me more than enough opportunities to redeem myself.

Yet I failed.

My philosophy professor always accepted my late work and allowed me to do late tests since I didn't turn up on the day.

Yet in the end, I didn't turn up to the big test (because of procrastination) and failed.

I think I could very well relate to you.

So keep coming back. Although I'm new and can't give you very much in the way of advice, I can talk to you. 

Be strong!

Betwixt - You are in Good Company

From your post I suspect you are a junior or senior in high school - my daughter is a senior.  As for skipping school because of your procrastinating - I think almost everyone here can relate.  Don't feel guilty and ashamed - try to turn those feelings into determination to get things done.  A couple of things to keep telling yourself:

1.)  You know that the more you avoid the work, the worse it will be. Doing just a little of the work will immediatley do two things - make you feel better and put you further ahead then you were before you did it!

2.) Play a trick on yourself: instead of saying "I'm going to watch that 30 minute show and then start on my work" say "I'm going to watch that show, but first I'm going to just get my book out and find the chapter I need to read."  Then when you have the book open, real quick start reading it without thinking about it.  It sounds wierd but it helps me.  I'm tricking myself into starting that task that I've been procrastinating against.

 Also, please try talking to your guidance counselor again.  Be completely honest with him/her and tell them that you feel overwhelmed and are procrastinating and that you need some help with making a realistic plan to get back on track.  DON'T make any promises to them like "I'll turn in all my english assignments by Friday."  We procrastinators are great at promising things we want to do but not being able to follow through, and then we are even more in dispair for not doing the work AND breaking the promise.  If you don't get help from the counselor, ask if there is another counselor that you can talk to.

Welcome Betwixt

You will find support here!   This is not an uncommon problem for college students, so if you have a counselor at school you can talk to, go do it - confessing the problem to someone can't hurt and might help.   Believe me they have heard it before!


Never have an ordinary day!  - Pepperidge Farm (lol)