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editing forum posts in safari

hello there!

 I'm a new member and I notice that a lot of people post daily schedules on the 'check-in' page, and then cross out or update their post when they've completed each task... well, for some reason I can't find the option to update a forum post I've already published... (maybe I'm just not seeing it?)... I'm using safari on a Macbook.. can anyone tell me how to edit a post I've already published?

Many thanks!

Lucas Wink

what I do

I know there's formatting or something but I just use basic html.

< strike> thing < /strike> (remove spaces)

looks like thing

Maybe others can help too, but that works for me. Just be careful to add the / or else everything on the page after that will get a strikethrough (and not just in your post!lol)

Good luck! And welcome!

Thanks a mil Katia!

Thanks a mil Katia!