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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sammy :: 12/14/10

I'm 95% sure this will be an all-nighter. 100% sure it SHOULD be, but there is a 5% chance that I get so tired I will be unable to function, and should just go to bed anyways.

I feel like it'd be easier to start if I didn't have to go out in the cold to get to my homework.... Also, wishing my things from this weekend were unpacked from the car. Feeling guilty about spending the time to unpack when I should be finishing projects, but i really DO need to get those things in.

To do:

Buy hinge (postopned till tomorrow)

Buy Misc. items for finals week (caffeine, candy, microwave popcorn, etc) (postopned till tomorrow)

Bring in necessary items from the car - DONE

Drive to school by 9pm - DONE (not by 9)

Draw 9pm-at least 11, evaluate progress. - DONE

Stay later if able, if not, bring drawing supplies to dorm - DONE (forgot something though... >.< )

draw draw draw draw draw draw shower draw draw draw draw etc (Still Drawing... :-/ )

class 1 - DONE

class 2 - DONE

class 3? - probably not happening!

SLEEP -cannot wait!


10:40pm drawing supplies out, set up, reference photos taken, just need to start drawing. GO! 

1:45am One drawing finished, one paper edited (group project, finally got back to me for editing) Definitely not sleeping tonight. Will shower at 6. Will ask for 24-hour extension. Will drive to school, not walk (it's -11 degrees F here!)

4:25am Making great progress on this drawing... Its looking really good! Problem is, there are at least 6 others that need my attention before class today. Proud of this one, though. -18 degrees F now!

1:35pm Was not able to get 24hour extension... but I have until 4:50 today to finish whatever I can. Planning to skip Art History (shouldnt, but need to!) to keep working on drawings. blech. If only i had like 2 more days! 

Check in

11.50 am Wednesday
Today is one of those late days - slept in accidentally and woke very heavy-headed - but trying not to give myself a hard time as I was planning for a low-key, catch-up on small jobs kind of day.
Still pretty tired from our flood event - there is still stuff all over the place but can't do anything till the insurer assessor comes late today.
Going to deal with the laundry and some outside jobs, then will make a list for the rest of today.


  • laundry
  • stuff under cover
  • pick veg.
  • money to A
  • pick up tax

Still to do:

  • appt. insurance assessor
  • tax bills
  • hours and files from yesterday
  • plant ID and empty out
  • sweep floors
  • look at Christmas present list
  • start Christmas cards
  • BJF order - not done
  • dinner
  • dishes

If time and energy:

  • ring friends - not done
  • email backlog - did some

Vic 12/14

Show up (done) . I "thought" I checked in earlier, but I guess I forgot. Some days this site is the only place (and I mean ONLY)  I can show up and know that I am accepted and not alone and still somehow part of the human race. Thank everyone so much for being here. I am so grateful for PA and the people here whether they post or not.

update: I am always amazed how my connection here is such a reliable pivotal point of change. Thanks Jo for the starter, went for my walk, feeling like I am back on the beam. Thanks.

tuesday tracy-la


Checked in earlier but I had internet problems and it wouldn't post my lengthy check in. Don't want to repeat right now.

So-- this is it for now.


Mid-Afternoon - Tasks

Project G 3:30 - 

 never finished it since I got sidetracked at 4 pm and couldn't get back on track.



Crazybug CI

Just doing a quick Check in today!  I've been pretty productive so far, but did get off track a little this afternoon. I was rewarding myself for being productive by doing something that lead to a distinct behavior of progressive nonproductivity....duh. I should know not to do this by now.  Having a productive morning does NOT mean I'm cured of procrastination!

I am going to have to take some work home tonight  and am committing to working on it for one hour.  I'll try to check in first thing tomorrow.

I saw this interesting quote the other day and it really resonated in regards to my theory that my procrastination is highly related to avoidance of uncomfortable feelings.

"Pleasure is cheap. A cheeseburger or a couple of martinis will do the trick. But pleasure doesn't last very long. Satisfaction requires a more significant investment of effort — often to the point of discomfort. The payoff, however, is deeper and more enduring.Gaining control of our attention — the ability to put it where we want it, and keep it there for sustained periods of time — is a prerequisite to a satisfying life."

I so desire a satisfying life and consciously know that I must endure discomfort headlong.  I just need my subconscious to quit sabotaging that knowledge! :) 

I wish everyone a day filled with positive forward progress.

Journey 11 am

Late check in but I was on time to work - still not early! - but on time.   I forgot to set my clock 5 minutes earlier, not that it would have mattered because I have no recollection of hitting the snooze and woke up at 5:30.   I left the house at 6:35 (goal is to leave at 6) and got to the gym at 6:50.   My excuse is that we have record low temps in Atlanta - it's frickin' fourteen degrees!  We should all be in bed with the covers pulled over our heads!  Still, I got my workout in and was on time to work, so no worries.   

I walked in to an email about an interesting problem perhaps related to the big project I just finished, so looked into that first thing.   It turns out not to be related to my stuff, so turned over to the on-call person.

So - just now making to do list.   I feel like I'm coming down with a cold now that I've finally recovered from the minor surgery.   It's not fair.  


Never have an ordinary day!  - Pepperidge Farm (lol)

Seeking control

10:38 AM: Strange night, tossing and turning, awakened rather tired. Made another 9:15 AM arrival, very frustrating; if I can be consistent at 9:15 AM, why is 9:00 AM so hard to hit? Come to think of it, why not 8:30? Maybe I should shoot for 8:30 intently and be satisifed with 8:45? It doesn't seem to matter what the deadline is, I nearly always miss it, even if it's just by a little. I am almost never early, as if that option isn't even on the table.

But today's goal is to work on eliminating side activities as "opportunities" to procrastinate by distracting my troubled mind from the task at hand. Already had to fight the temptation to take "just a quick peek" at my multiple non-work email accounts And questions always pop into my head about random things that make me think, "Hmmm, I should look that up..."

Goal 1: To stay off the internet until 5 PM today.

Goal 2: To leave work today at 7 PM and not return until Wednesday morning.

Back to report on these later.  

7:27 PM: So I worked and still didn't catch up. This is probably one reason why I procrastinate. But I do feel some sense of satisfaction.

Goal 1: Met for today.

Goal 2: No, I am still here and not yet ready to leave. 

katia 12/14

So there was a misunderstanding regarding going back to school which was resolved today. However, I secretly wish I did have to go somewhere else. I need to really really think about everything today because I don't have the best feeling about it.

To-Do list
-Vitamins/2 antibiotics/1Fe/1BP
-3x3 supplements
-Make photo appt
-Tutor writing sample ***been putting off, impt***
-Appt tonite
-Help with Christmas decorating
-Dig out recipes
-Clear off top of dresser
-Call lactation consultant again

Does anything else hate going through stuff because they hate being reminded of sad things from the past and therefore avoid it? I started trying to throw some things out from my dresser and I'm SO SAD. I don't understand why anyone would hurt anyone as badly as he did. And I don't feel like I can talk to anyone because it doesn't make it better.


Sorry to hear you feel so sad. I really can relate to avoiding sorting stuff out because of emotional stuff, sadness, but also shame, feelings of failure etc.

Hope you can resolve your feelings about your son's father over time - sounds like it has been pretty hard. Resolution will be important for your son as well as you, who will want to know more as he gets older and maybe have contact with his father. Would some counselling help you to have some space to talk and deal with the feelings?

My sons were 3 and 5 when their father left our marriage. Professional counselling helped me come through a very difficult time then.

Sounds like you are doing really well getting things done and keeping your life positive.

thanks findingaway :)

It's been so very up and down. . .and the postpartum hormones aren't helping lol. I do see someone weekly, but sometimes it isn't enough when you are upset RIGHT then you know?

He was sexually abusive, though I almost feel that's putting it nicely. Right now what's best is for him not to be involved, and possibly not ever. He's not on the birth certificate. I don't know if I can resolve some of the things he did.

I'd be soooo happy if he came back and we were a "real" family, but at the same time it probably wouldn't be the best thing.

It just goes up and down. . .I need alot more time. I may be sharing much to much and should probably go to sleep. . .
but thanks for the support. Even though I don't wish for people to have problems, it's good to feel like you aren't alone

Rexroth Check In

Still ill and now sorry for myself.

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails and responded
Checked bank transfer and phoned bank - apparently I have to look at the details of a nil balance to see how it is made up - and there I was foolishly thinking a nil balance would be made up of nothing
Out to collect rest of prescription and some necessary shopping
Continued work on letter to landlords - letter was dated ten days ago - I don't know why it is so hard to write
Tried to work out connection problems with laptop - I can't and need advice
French study
Contacted solicitor over unfinished business from ages ago and I do need to keep going so that it is finished

Finish (yes really) letter to landlord
A bit of tidying washing up etc

that will do


Rexroth Check Out

Finished letter at long long last
Checked new bank account and the money is now in it
Downloaded new antivirus and run scan
Tried to sort out connection problems with internet and did not succeed
Prayed and reflected

List for tomorrow
Bed and sleep

I feel good about what I've done today and thanks everyone for being here

Night Folks


Tuesday with the Scribbler

  • get up at 6 (got up at 7)
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • sweeps
  • coffee, paper
  • checkins


  • Update Quicken
  • Call LSFI re: support mod
  • Email re AW, C requester #s
  • Query 1
  • Check on taxbill delay
  • Call 1 re: Investors
  • Deliver Meals on Wheels


  • Healthy lunch
  • Recording session w/Evan
  • Draft Revive


  • Run (?)
  • Healthy dinner
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 10:30

Helen's CI

Laundry DONE
Book for A DONE
Sort out Yule cards DONE
Job  details DONE
Hang laundry DONE
Send cards 
Clothes for Friday
Gloves & Hat 
Library book
Computer research 
Send back DVD
10 Sit ups 
Call M, D 
Present for C
Mobile Me
Call Mac guy re Outlook files 
Card for M 

kromer 10 CI

OK, so far I've had prayer time and checked on expts

Now I have a meeting 10-12, then I'll start PCRs, organize my bench, make a schedule for the week and make a more complete plan for the day here. 

Update 3--I've been to meeting, made a schedule for the week, made really good progress organizing my bench, done embedding.

Now I need to:
*PCR genotyping (started)
*Xmas pres for brother & brainstorm presents for others
*Figure out s.b plan, write up boundary marker stuff
*Order netbook and books; send card; mail check to BCMHE; update lab nb; send 5 MH emails
*At least 30 min work on RA doc.

I have dinner with a friend at 7 and want to go dancing after that.

OK, PCR now! Then s.b plan, then lab nb.