Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Internet Addiction and Procrastination

Does anyone else experience a catch 22 with having access to this site for procrastination, et they also have problems wwith wasting excessive time surfing the net?

Freedom website

Was reading an article about writer Nora Ephron and she uses the program Freedomto block her from the Internet for up to 8 hours.

Worksfor Windows and Macs. Lots of good reviews.

You can get back onto internet but you have to reboot.

Also a related site that just blocks social sites. 



Timely New York Times article

 Here is an article "Wired For Distraction" from the New York Times. Addresses the issues facing all of us, but especially students and children.  The comment section in the paper has a lot of interesting thoughts.

We all need the computer for work and other tasks. You can't give up the computer like you can give up TV (assuming you don't need to watch TV for your work).

Placing limits on ourselves and our children is not easy but necessary. I have this issue as well so I completely understand.


(Finally) Me too

My worst temptation is CNN.  I used to spend oddles of time on my writer's forum too, but when I gave up that hobby due to my procrastination, I gave that site up too (snif).  I find its all or nothing; I stay away completely from a site, or I'm there every day for too much time.  (Surfing to various places is not my problem.)

But I also find that I waste a lot of time right here in the PA website.  I like that I can work on recovery here, but the thing is, I'm at work and being paid to do my JOB; that's when I spend time on the PA site, avoiding work tasks (although the chatbox is helpful).  When I get some me time at home, I don't choose to do much PA related stuff.  I've been trying to change that, working on Step One on my personal time.  Baby steps so far.


Um, yes.  I am new but have spent too much time looking at all of this and I have to get ready.  It is not just this site.  It is all sites.  I am going to log off.  Have a good day.