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How do you treat yourself for the good job ?

Hello everybody !

I am wondering how do you treat yourself for the good job...

I tend to never be satisfied with what I do, not satisfied for I did only 3 hours of work in the day instead of 4 or 5 and so on. Therefore, I don't really feel the guilt-free pleasure. Anyway... I really wonder how you treat yourself.

As for me, I like to watch a movie (it's what I do most of the time), go to onsen, I mean japanese hot springs (but it's not all the time for it takes 40 minutes by bike to go), buy myself some new clothes (but again, it's not all the time for it would become quite expensive) and that's about it ! 

Chocolate fails to be a reward. I always feel like eating some when I have something hard to do and I actually eat some to give me some courage. I never feel like eating some chocolate after I worked very well...

What about you ?