Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Procrastination, fear, and thanks

Just a quick post to say thank you.  I've only looked in a couple of times, but I feel like you all understand something no one else does.  I have an immediate issue -- need to clean house before landlord comes in to show a potential buyer.  If he saw it right now I'd get evicted.  But reading here I realized my immediate problem is fear of failure  -- and while time is an issue, there's nothing written in my genes or my horoscope (metaphorically) that says I'm not capable of cleaning house.  So I'm going to get off here and start doing it.  Hope you all don't mind if I check back in later.  Note:  I don't know exactly when he's coming; may be in a week, but I fear it may be sooner.  Either way, need to start now.  Thx for listening.  (P.S.  The barfy smiley is how scared I am.)   ::sick::

Fear of failure

I was just about to make a post about "fear of failure". I think that is why I procrastinate 95% of the time. I get it in my head that either I am going to do badly, or that whatever I am doing will get complicated and take a lot of time. Most of the time it either goes smoothly or I am so absorbed in solving the problem that the time just flies by (AFTER I actually get started).

So get started cleaning! It'll go alot smoother than you think. Play some of your favorite music and you might actually enjoy yourself.

And I need to take my own advice as well since I am sitting here on this forum...


Welcome,You are not an orphan here. Check the phone meetings, and chatbok as well, they really help  and on the phone check in you may connect with others to check in.