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Loi & Vali's September List

This is for Valimd and I, but everyone should feel free to join. :D

"God is with those who persevere."

I thought I posted.

I thought I posted. ><' 

ERGH! Memory suck!

Anyways, I exercised today. :) Didn't do well on not snacking. :/ Prayed some.

I'm gonna ask my mom tonight to wake me up early tomorrow so I can run some errands. 

I didn't do a whole lot. But

I didn't do a whole lot. But I read a book of The Bible which was good, though it kinda flew over my head. :/ I'm prolly gonna revisit it later. And prayed quite a bit. 

Not much else. No plans for tomorrow except to return some books and chill with my friend.

Wish me luck. :)

I'll post tomorrow. 

Yawn! Too tired...

Today was mostly nice.

Did a few things that I had in mind.



Now, just 1 more prayer to go.

Loi, I'll make a new check-in post for Nov tomorrow.



Anyways, I'm at a party

Anyways, I'm at a party with a friend and spending the night, but I just thought I'd post something on here like I said I would Valimd. :D

October 2nd- Update

Woke up @ 12:30 am

Had Breakfast, took my meds, routine stuff

Checked my mail

Had Lunch

*Missed Namaaz*

Left home for some work. Am staying over at my aunt's tonight and probably tomorrow too.

I'm going about this thing wrong. Loi, you and I need to create a project for October. So, mail me what you wanna track and I'll also write down what I wanna track and then we  can put it in the main Body of the project so it stays on top always. And are you ok? You haven't mailed me and I can't find you online since yesterday. I checked for you multiple times. Hope you're okay.

Hey Valimd I am super

Hey Valimd :D

I am super sorry about ditching you. :/ Let's create one for November.

October 1st - Update


* Did a prayer, missed the others.

* Did my morning recitals.

* Read a page of C# while travelling.


* take a bath

* finish my prayers

Follow up

Didn't take a bath or pray. Had dinner @ 12:30 am. Chatted with a friend for 15 mins. Slept.

Sep 30

I am having a difficult day. Broke up with Lorens last night.  

Stuff I'm Planning to Do Today

1. Try 7 habits method of planning.

2. Withdraw money.

3. Go to mall with friend.

4. Research more about becoming a medical transcriptionist, enough so I can enroll.

I will update again before I sleep. 

Here for ya...

Just mail me. I'm also online tonight till 12. If not, then mail me.

September 30th - Update


* Recited verses while travelling. :)

* Attended a training session. It had to be cut short, so if I can, I'll attend the continuation tomorrow.

* Took my meds.


* Rested a bit. Well, actually I watched TV.

* Slacking on my prayers :( TV again.

I've a headache, so I'm going easy on myself. No worries, except for my prayers.


Congrats! ^^  Yay for

Congrats! ^^ 

:D Yay for reciting verses! I need to do affirmations more.

I'm slacking on my prayers too. :/ 

I am massively tired. I'm

I am massively tired. I'm planning to hang out with a friend later today and maybe another one later on but I'm considering skipping out on that, because as previously said, I'm tired.

My tasks today are to listen to the sermon and read more on Deborah's Touch.

D: Sorry about not posting


Sorry about not posting yesterday.

Yesterday was a "busy" day where I accomplished little.

We went to church, then cleaned till about 4, then I went to my friend's place. I don't know why, but I was quiet. (Possibly tired? I only slept 3 hours the night before.) I fear I may have bored her. :/ 

Although she is a massively talkative person so there were no awkward silences. 

I came home and slept at 9.

I am happy to say I read Ecclesiates yesterday. :) Awesome book.

As for today, I plan to look up how to get a loan, respond to some job offers on craigslist, pray, call my church, call hospice of the valley, and walk later with my brother. I might read Job today. 

I'll come back on later today to say what I actually did. 

Basically, my priority is to

Basically, my priority is to get a job. I'll do the rest if I have time.

Sept 27th- Update

@ work:

* Did my prayers

* Took my meds

* Read a little from my books while travelling

* Spoke to a Senior


To-do @ home:

* Prayers

* A little searching for an article I think I may have saved somewhere.

Sept 26th- Update

Surfed the net somewhat, but didn't find the reqd info. Didn't surf as much though.

:) Holiday :)

Which holiday? Maybe you

Which holiday?

Maybe you should try searching another day when you have more time. :3 


I was talking about Sunday.

September 25th-Update

Went for the Co. picnic. had a good time.

Did 3 of my 5 prayers. One I missed coz I was travelling and the other one, well, I was at home but I lazed until I slept at 12.

I resolve not to be lazy about my prayers.

That's it for the day.

To-do for the 26th:

Surf the net to find out about career counsellers in my city and how much they charge


Sep 25

I stayed up till almost 5 last night and didn't wake up till 2. Didn't go to the shish kebab house. Another wasted day. :/

Though I finally bought some stuff for my bro at the guitar center which was good. 

I don't know what's up. I just feel uber unmotivated and angry. 

My follow through is awful. I do something one day then skip it the next then do it one day. 

Any suggestions? 

I was thinking about using the 7 habits method of scheduling. What do you guys think? 

Anyways, I'm gonna listen to the sermon then prolly talk with friends tonight.

I'll update tomorrow. :3 

Go easy Loi

It's OK. I do it too. Don't fret over it. Go to the Shish Kebab house, first thing tomorrow or after church.
I'll check your post tomorrow.

Sep 24

Today has been a waste. ><'

I didn't even apply at the shish kebab house. :/

I originally planned to walk to the Wells Fargo (about 2 hours by walking) to pick up money for the shopping trip I told my mom I would go on then come back and have my mom drive me to the shish kebab house.

So I did the trip but when my mom came home she was in a bad mood and refused to drive me. She told Adam he was grounded so we couldn't go on the shopping trip.

I didn't really accomplish anything else on my to do list either, mainly due to laziness.  

I'm pretty bummed right now. :/ But I guess I can still go to the shish kebab house tomorrow.

I'll update tomorrow.


It's not a waste if you did a BIG task

And you walked 2 hrs, right? So, I'd say you were lazy a bit, but not a waste.

You could have done the shopping but for events out of your control, so it's a task post-poned, not undone.


Thanks Valimd. :3

Thanks Valimd. :3

September 24th-Update

Helllllloooooooo Loi,

and everybody who visits.


*Started reading one VTP,

* did my prayers,

* took my meds,

* attended a meeting,

* got books from the library,

* made a few new acquaintances.


* Prayers, shop for clothes.

 I'm feeling high; got some new ideas and also coz I've a picnic tomorrow. Yaaaaaaaaayy!!!!!!

Hey Loi, did you exercise? Let me know. :)

Have a good day everyone.

Sounds like a productive day

Sounds like a productive day Valimd.

Congrats. ^^

What ideas do you have? 

I forgot what ideas I had

Tragic but also funny

So here's my to-do list for

So here's my to-do list for the next hour:

1. Call the church to set up a counseling appointment.

2. Call the shish kebab house and the job on craigslist about a possible job.

I'll be back in an hour to report my progress.  

The craigslist job was taken

The craigslist job was taken and I couldn't find the number for the counseling job (though I'll do that when my mom gets home).

But I did call the shish kebab house. :) I'll be going there tomorrow for the application.

For the next half hour, I'm just gonna chill and watch some TV.  

Good work on the Shish kebab application Loi

Pats from me: pat, pat Laughing



Thanks. :)