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Procrastination Dissolve-o-Matic - anyone tried? Has anyone tried this? It looks amazing but I'm broke and scared to spend the money even though there's a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work.

Wow, thanks for all the

Wow, thanks for all the helpful comments!

I did sign up for the free teleclass before realising that duh, I'm on the other side of the world and can't afford the phone bill :) but I will be listening to the recording afterwards. There was also some good free stuff on the post-sign-up page (I think you'll get the same if you submit your email address anywhere on the site) - a guided audio meditation and an e-booklet on calming techniques, both different from the usual run of stuff! The meditation involves reprogramming your brain using computer code :) and clinical as that sounds, it's beautiful. The booklet had some very useful stuff on self-talk and giving yourself permission to be wherever you're at without beating yourself up.

Thanks for the info. and link

I checked it out and signed up, too. Should be interesting. =)

tried this

I've tried this, and it's reasonably effective but as you say, quite expensive. The problem, as with a lot of this type of stuff, is to keep it up. As you can see, I'm still around on this site...

Free Teleclass 9/21 @ 1pm Pacific time

I was intrigued by the post, so looked at the website, then the blog, then the free stuff on the blog, and then realized she's doing a free teleclass today (she says she only does them 2x/year) at 1pm pacific time. If you want to sign up (I just did), go to & scroll towards the bottom. FYI - I knew nothing about this website before today, but I'm interested. So thanks for posting the link, Lucky.

Dissolve-o-Matic (Lucky)

I'd be hesitant to buy yet another help book myself.  I have some that have been useful, but also a pile that are just collecting dust.  The price point also seems to be higher than some of the other products I've purchased.  Don't know.   

Did you check out the blog link?  Maybe that would give you more info about it.  I like the writing style and the blog had some interesting points... maybe if I went through more of it and found it helpful, I might try it. 

re: anyone tried?

Would be nice if she had a sample.   I don't have a $108 extra dollars lying around to try it out, but it sounds interesting.


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I love the cute ads. For me, however, I feel I am beyond "human" help.