Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

need encouragement

I've been posting here on the forums for a while now, but am scared to try the call ins.  I think they might help, but I guess I don't really know what to expect. I read the phone bridge stuff, but I still feel intimidated.  Can anyone give me some encouragement or share some way that the call ins help you personally? Do they help you?  How is it different than posting? etc.

I am so thankful for this community.

((crazybug & phones))

Crazybug and others:

I got over the novelty and oddity of call-in...yes, it does feel weird at first. (And it's OK to admit that and feel that.) So even if you do, come for the silliness of it, if nothing else :-) Seriously, give it a shot -- how much can it hurt?! You don't have to say anything. You can just listen. "Take what you like and leave the rest," is the best phrase that captures it. Another value of the phone-in daily morning meetings (called "the bridge") is the follow-on ("bookends") which are quick-and-dirty summary of one's tasks. NO ONE judges you. EVERYONE accepts you the way you are and what you are going through AT THAT time. Note: the daily phone bridge is not a 12-step meeting per se. It is just a brief exchange.  Check out the "meeting list" tab for details.  Rub your cold feet together, generate some warmth, and just come when you are ready (no prep required). HOPE THIS HELPS.


I wrote the same post months ago. The calls helped me - I don't know why but they did. You don;t have to say anything, you can just listen if you want. It is just another tool. Scary because it is being more vulnerable than just posting. Right now with my schedule, I am back to posting and calls in a different group. It took me a year, but when I post in the chatnox it helps me now. After I voiced my fears, I could do the call and I am sure you will as well, if for no other reason except curiosity. They may or may not work but you have nothing to lose and the only requirement is anonymity. Good luck. V

(())'s back to you vic!

Thank you vic.  I tried calling when I first joined here, but as soon as I heard someone's voice I got cold feet.  I will make it my goal to try to do one call this week and just listen. Additional encouragement is always welcome in my life!


Hi Crazybug, yes, I know. I thought it would make me feel even worse about myself because I thought everyone would be successful except me. The truth is no one remembers what anyone else says and we use our PA AKA's . I thought it would be another way for me to "show up" but it was not as reliable as the on line, at least not for me for now because I could not be sure if I would be available at a specific time., or I would forget or something else. I do have some ideas for the phone line like in cla they have an "action line" where if someone wants to call out a time to work for an hour others can join in. Sort of like a virtual office session. But of course, have not done anythong about it yet.

you're not alone!

Ok, so I can't answer any of your questions since I only recently found out what the phone meetings are like in one of the online meetings, but I thought it might help that I feel intimidated (and shy!) of actually calling and screwing up or something (seeing as I did that the first online meeting, since I didn't know how 12 step things worked)

If it helps, maybe we can both try the same day, and then you wouldn't be the only "noob" :) good luck!