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Sarito Declutter Project Spring 2011

Brainstorming for Declutter Project

Areas: magazines (home files & table), piles of paper in libraries, mail; clothes; kitchen pantry; gr notes; v books & loose papers; bathroom/beauty products, linens. 

Needed Supplies: label maker; non-slip clothes hangers; 2 flexible binders

Double Check: binder dividers (dig around to see if I need more); file folders? 

Shopping Outing: thin comforter & cover; check stock of linens; candle holders; napkins; shoe closet

Other: find rice cooker; compare ipod speaker models; research mirror; research place to get pictures framed; adapter plug; find out what the deal is with the standing lamp... broken or not??

Put in Storage: wine glasses & decanter 

Bedroom Closet

Done!  Got rid of yet another bag of clothes.  Put regular clothes into storage.  Organized clothes I will be wearing for next 6 months or so.  Hurray!!  I have space!  :) 

I also discovered a few items that I did even know I had... including a beautiful cashmere sweater I've never worn before.  Wow! 

sneaks in and writes "Journey's closet" on Sarito's list

'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

Funny, Journey! :)

Long time no speak.  Great to see you here!

Warm Wishes,