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QUESTION about waking up

Hello -


does anyone else here have difficulty waking up when they say they will,

regardless of how much sleep they've gotten?


You might want to try this:

Basically, he suggests "practicing" getting up with the alarm.

It sounds silly and I've never worked up the nerve to try it, but I've heard from a number of people that it really does work.  I'll try it this weekend and let you know how it goes. 

Waking up - YESS

Absolutely.  Plus the need to take naps.  it is part of my addiction.  I have been tested for ALL kinds of stuff.  It's a compulsion.

Getting to bed at close to the same time every night HAS helped.


Action PRECEDES "figuring it all out!"



yes problems waking

huge problems. 2 alarms, set 30 min apart. one music, one buzzer.

i have dreams where the alarm sound is something i'm supposed to quell somehow, then i hit the snooze, and feel successful in my dream and go on dreaming. :P

i agree getting enuf sleep helps, but that's hard for me too.

i lie in bed praying, god, give me the strength to get out of bed.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


In a word: OHYEAH. This goes back to school, college, and almost all jobs for me (for many decades now!)

BUGSY,let me first SUMMARIZE: Ignore the whole world's laughter and snickering and wondering "hunh", accept cost of batteries/back-ups, use a phone service, ask for roomates/family/friend to call, find the BEST WAY with new experimentation every D*** DAY and never ever give up or surrender........

ELECTRONICS: I now have at 30 min prior, alarm right on time, cell phone on 10 min later, and when I am travelling (hotel) an additional wake-up call when meetings early.

BEVERAGE: I used to also keep a small glass of ice or frozen juice on coaster (don't spill it on the alarm clock ;-) so by a.m. it's a quick eyeopener like my grandmother used to give me as a kid

SCHEDULE: Also, force yourself to get actually (so simple but often overlooked) does help to sleep ENOUGH -- so I add one back-up for every 2 hours of sleep I am projected to shortchange myself on a given night.

PREP: Other things are doing as much at night to alleviate stress/time for the morning in case I do (rather, for WHEN) oversleep to eliminate that additional tension. So, lay out clothes, shower, pack the bag, load the car etc ALL BEFORE sleeping --depending on what's happening in morn.

HOPE this helps and my post did not put you to sleep (HA!) Please reply if need more.  


prepping is a good idea

prepping is a good idea too! whenever i have prepped, it has definitely been easier to get out of bed.


this is a hard one during school, because prepping involves also not having procrastinated on my homework -- but hoping that won't be a problem this semester.

thank you

Thanks, MD!!! I will try these.. the ice water sounds good..


Got any more advice?

Putting an alarm on the other side of the room has never helped for me.

If need be, I can just sleep through the annoying sound - or if not, I turn it off and go back to bed immediately.


I feel embarrassed and ashamed asking anyone else to wake me up, too...

((Bugsy)) by MD

The alarm across the rm never helped me either.  I'd cover my head! Then again, even using something little like that to fool your body-mind by changing the far away alarm to a slightly different time each day to keep you on your toes (rather, to get yourself onto your own toes!) :-)

I am empathetic to your plight about asking another.  Then again, you already have many!  You are half-way there already. ;-) So, a confidant could understand....people suffer in many ways.  Just do not rule it out with a close person as people respect honesty/courage -- as we all do here.

This is also one way I tried -- and can you imagine how embarassing it was for me a trained professional in mid-career to admit this to people I travelled with.....I'd FIB (once in a while) and say "my medication really knocks me out...could you help me out a bit." I know that is not healthy but it sure helps -- once in a while -- vs. missing big mtg, final exam, etc.

There are automated wake up services which involve no human interaction, I imagine. Just pay fee and dial in a code etc. Shop around, though

Oh yeah, one of those household lamp timers to come on an hour prior also worked.

Also, forcibly schedule some physical activity (walk,jog, stretch) into a.m. routine and plan accordingly. If you do, then the natural instinct to move will be helped. Or, if you don't make it, you have some slop time.

Finally, something I recently realized only. Part of the dread of waking up is anticipating the things not done previously and those looming. So for the first hour I resolved to not think at all -- just do (brkfst, dressed, etc) and "procrastinate on the dread" until___ a.m. That HAS helped...only took 30 years to figure that one out!

And, like P.A., do it one day at a time. Accept inevitable failures. But still....never give up, never surrender. 

re: waking up

YES!  I have to set two alarms.   I set one by the bed that I can snooze a couple of times, and then I set the alarm on my phone which is in my purse on the other side of the room.   By the time I get out of bed, find the phone, and turn the alarm off, I'm usually awake enough to realize that I need to stay up.  


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