Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Anticrastination Day!

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I'm declaring Friday 15th September as an Anticrastination Day in this household - anyone want to join me? :)

You might like to choose your biggest frog, or the one that's been around longest. Let's see how many frogs we can eat in one day!

Another Anticrastination Day?

Shall we have another day next week? Anyone want to nominate a day? Friday was a good day for me, but I know it may not be a good day for everyone else. First to start a new thread gets to choose! LOL!

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Wednesday as Anticrastination Day?

I'd say Wednesday would be a good day for attacking large frogs. People are often busier at the beginning or end of the week and/or may take those days off. But mid-week... Seems like a good time.

I like the idea of having one day a week for the really yicky stuff. I've gotten pretty good with daily routines, but I'm less good at weekly routines. The only one I have so far is watering my plants on Sunday. Adding to this would be good.

OK Wednesday it is

We'll have Wednesday for this week coming up :D I won't be able to join in this week as I'm up at 5.15 on a Wednesday and out by 6.15, not back until bedtime.

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every Wednesday?

Are you unable to join in every Wednesday, or just this Wednesday?


Wednesday used to be my anticrastination day but it just doesn't work out, that's now my schedule for every other Wednesday - on the alternate ones I get home about 6pm, but just have time to do my Daytime Routine and get an early night (that's why I get ready for my work week so far ahead - too tired to do it the night before sometimes).

That's why I thought it would be good to have a different person nominate the anticrastination day each week, as it's unlikely that there'll be one day that will be good for all of us.

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make it a day that's good for you

I'm not sure I'm going to do anything special on Wednesday. I wish you'd make it a day that's good for you.

I just wanted to encourage others to join in

Someone said Friday wasn't very good for them.

My 'good' days are Thursdays, Fridays, some Saturdays, some Sundays, so unless anyone comes up with something they'd prefer I'm going to go for Friday again.

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We're chomping a few frogs today!

Went through my In-Tray and reduced it considerably.

Went through the In-Crate on the floor behind me. Some stuff looks like it's archive stuff and I know it's not going to turn around and bite me, so I've put it on top of the filing cabinet and focused on the stuff that's still live.

Actioned the items that wouldn't take too long individually, made some ruthless decisions, and the rest now fits in the In-Tray again. Too tired right now to do any more with it, but I have made a HUGE dint in this pile (size wise at least).

I've spent a couple of hours on this now and my brain hurts, so I've just taken a couple of pain killers and I'm going to go and lie down in a darkened room for a bit!

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Frog day

I will pull out my tax file tonight

I did my pile

Going through my pile was a frog. Not a very big frog because I don't let my piles get big anymore, but pretty froggy. :)


I don't have any discretionary time until after 3:30--until then it's all scheduled payroll stuff. Well, actually I have to pick up trash bag outside that got torn up and which I noticed Wednesday--but then, that IS payroll stuff because it's the church's trash! Ok, so that's my (literally) nasty work-related frog.

For later:
--get laptop internet ready!!!!!
--initialize software
--connect new printer/scanner to desktop pc

After that:
--determine what house work to do
--set up 30 minute revolving schedule, including some fun stuff,
--knock it out!!!!
--review payroll frogs (visitations and a few other things, make a schedule)

Plans pre-empted

DH went to the hospital this afternoon. :O Details in Friday the 15th forum. :(

Another frog

Meter readings submitted. Another one that I don't understand why I procrastinated on it.

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Shelving Frog

I have gone through my catalogues and picked out a number of suitable shelving systems for her. We're rather limited, so I had to count quite a few out.

But I have two really good units that I will recommend. I just have to double-check the measurements with her.

So I consider that frog half eaten. Eeww...

NOW, I have to make sure I follow through, which means I still need to:
- go and look at the units in person
- request that she send me the measurements (she lives a fair way away or I'd just go and do them, but I'm not doing a free 90 minute round trip to measure a wall!!!!!)
- show her and discuss the recommended units


double post

WTG Milo!

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Couple of frogs down already!

Hey, Pro here's that cat!

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Milo Do you have your 'first action' yet on that shelving project?

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I did the banking, and shopping list that I let slide from yesterday, plus I also paid my car tax - I always do pay it on time, but it arrived ~today~ AFTER I'd got back from shopping, and I did it right away (in fact, today is the earliest it could be paid). We've got a new system so I could do it online, which is good in one way, but I'm aware that it's this sort of behaviour that's causing all the Post Offices to close down.

I've also done the meter readings - had two reminders (they don't give you much of a chance! And they always ask early too!). Still haven't actually submitted the figures yet though, so that one doesn't count yet.

Next up is DDog walking, which is something we both often put off until the last minute - might as well do it now because it's actually pleasant out there - it was f(r)oggy earlier on.

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My Frog

I have to do some research on shelving for a client. I have needed to do this for 3 weeks now and if I'm not careful, I might lose her :O

So this is not really the biggest, nor the one that's been around the longest, but it's the most urgent.

It's started!

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Hey, I thought Milo might've been in here already.

My most obvious frogs are the ones that I put off from yesterday:

Menu planning and shopping list

Plus a 'regular Friday' thing that I've not done in I don't know how long:

Complete Home Blasting - taking about an hour to go through the whole house cleaning and spiffing.

I've still got my 'normal' things to do too, so bearing 1Focus's advice in mind from yesterday I'm not expecting to get my whole Big List done in one day! :D

1Focus will you have time to join me in the AP Day, and start on your 2002 tax info today?

Jester I know you like to play! Come and inspire us with your marvellous visualisations!

Anyone else up for playing? Let's up an' at 'em!

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I like this one even better than the tommy-gun tom.

I love these cat graphics!

This is a funny picture. I like your other cat picture, too - the one with the machine gun.