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Some great programs similar to LeechBlock

I love the Firefox LeechBlock tool but sometimes I want to block Internet completely rather than just block Firefox. I have had good results with a $10 tool called Freedom ( which is available for both Windows and Mac.

There's also a completely free program for Mac called Self-Control ( It can be used to block Internet completely, or to block just websites you choose to block (you can also selectively block chosen kinds of non-web Internet use).

The same site that sells Freedom also sells a $10 tool called Anti-Social which blocks various time-wasting websites in all browsers, while letting other websites through. Currently it's Mac only but the author wants to make a Windows version as well.

I learned about these programs in this article which is quite interesting:

With the Chrome browser, you can use StayFocusd or Chrome Nanny.

EDITED: To add StayFocusd and Chrome Nanny, and clarify that LeechBlock is a Firefox add-on.

"FocalFilter" blocks time-wasting sites

I've received a tip about another tool, FocalFilter ( It's similar to BinarySwitch Eclipse, but blocks for a length of time you set instead of using a passphrase.

There's a fairly easy free way of doing this manually

change your proxy server to something that doesn't exist

Go to Tools|options|network|settings
If you've not got a proxy set, change to 'use a proxy' and type something like ABC in the host, and 1234 in the port.
if you have a proxy set, change the port number up one (i.e. from 8080 to 8081) so you don't mess anything up permanently.

In Internet Explorer it's tools|internet options|connections|lan settings.. same deal.

Then just change back to how it was when you're done ('no proxy' if it was no proxy,  or just subtract one from the port if you changd it that way.

Obviously don't do this if you're not comfortable doing so, (and if you break it you can't come crying to me :D) but it's free and quick and easy!

Now, back to work!


You don't need to spend $10

Leechblock can block all websites as well. You just enter a block set and then type in








 ... etc...

And that will block every website.

Leechblock's limitations

Leechblock is a great tool with lots of great features. But it only works for Firefox. There is also a related tool called StayFocusd for Chrome.

Freedom, Anti-Social, and Self-Control work with every browser including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

A new website-blocking tool for Windows

BinarySwitch Eclipse

This is free and it works with every browser including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. You choose what sites you want to block. Unlike some other tools, it lets you get around the blocks by typing a passphrase.