Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Procrastination... I'm through with you.

I've been here for quite awhile, and yet, I've failed to try and stick with the check ins in the chatbox.  I've failed to keep a steady commitment to the site to try and beat procrastination.  But now, I'm sick of it.  I'm TIRED of the constant frustration and frowning upon myself.  ABSOLUTELY SICK OF IT.

And that's why I've come back.  But this time, I am determined to beat it -- once and for all.  PA, I'm making a vow.  Allow me to personify procrastination in the following way:

Procrastination, here's a message for you: I'm DONE.  I've let you trample all over me far too long.  You nearly killed my grades this year.  You kept me from being the student that I really could've been.  

Now, you're keeping me from doing my summer reading assignments.  Every day has gone by, and I feel like I've let myself down, because I've not started on it.  Not only that, but you're also keeping me from reading one of the most important books ever: my driver's book.  And I'm sick of it.  I'm TIRED OF CONSTANTLY LETTING YOU TAKE AHOLD OF ME AND HOLDING ME BACK.  You may have been victorious in my recent attempts to bring you down, but not anymore.  I'm absolutely DETERMINED to get you under control.  I WILL take back my control over myself and be the best that I can be.  The time for moping around as you have commanded me to do is over.  

Procrastination: You are going down.  


Obviously, I can't fight this by myself.  I'm not in an environment where I can be encouraged to beat procrastination.  My parents, like most everyone else, are people that simply tell me to "do it."  They haven't a clue as to how bad procrastination can really get, and it looks like they never will.  For them to see a site such as this would be silly to them.  They'd tell me that it's ridiculous that I'm having to be here to get rid of this.  But I don't believe them.  I know that the check-in system works.  I used it for a week, and my God, it did wonders for me.  It proved that I WAS able to get back on track.  I taught me a lesson that I never learned up til now: I can achieve a goal if I put my mind to it.  

Now, it's time to put myself to the test -- to see if I have what it takes to beat this "monster."  Are any of you willing to cheer me on in my battle against procrastination?  Because, as I'm sure most of you know, it is NOT going to be an easy battle.  




We ALL have one day at a time, and WE ALL start over every day, PA is the "road" and we all walk different "roads" here. kEEP COMING BACK.

I think I've passed the first milestone.

I haven't been coming to this site... again -- just as I feared.  :(

BUT, I decided to come by today and comment here to announce that I've done what I previously thought was impossible: finish one of my readings for AP English, which brings me down to two AP books, my driver's book, AND my AP Govt list!  :D

I can do it.  For me, it's all a matter of finding the "right time" to do it, and taking advantage of that to get through as many of my assignments as I can.  Thanks for all the kind words as well.  I really appreciate it.  I can tell that this battle is NOWHERE near over -- I'm merely scratching the surface.  Let's see how this unfolds!

I believe in you

You are full of fight and fire - in this round, procrastination is going down! I believe in you.

> Allegro


you can do it Super_Sonic!!! you have already proved that you're not willing to give up on yourself! go go go! besides, i completely relate to what you wrote about other people (especially parents *sigh*) not being able to understand this problem and probably thinking it silly to need such a site! don't let them get you down! i believe it takes a lot of insight to admit that we can't fight our problem all on our own and i believe even more in looking for help from the outside in such a situation. you're doing the right thing and this site is the best thing that ever happened to us procrastinators! (thank you pro!)

You know I'm cheering you

You know I'm cheering you on!




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