Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hello, new here

Hi everyone,
My name is Caty, otherwise known as procrastinating student, and I've finally decided to come to terms with my problem.
Procrastination is affecting my life, and I want to stop before it kills me--or at the very least, makes me ill. Being a student, I often procrastinate by playing mindless games or watching YouTube videos to ease away the stress. However, that has taken its toll on me. My grades have fallen dramatically, and I struggle with the courses which I once whizzed through. I've pulled one too many all-nighters, and now I've seemed to have developed insomnia, which keeps me awake, using the computer compulsively for hours. My main problem is that I have a very addictive personality in certain cases-once I start doing something, I don't want to stop (unfortunately, this doesn't apply to studying!).
I've stopped taking up jobs in the community like I used to, telling myself I will do it later. I’ve also gained weight,convincing myself I will exercise later, that I’m too tired now.
Anyways, I want to stop these destructive habits from taking over my life—starting now. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, it would be much appreciated.



Future DC/VA shared dialogue?


I tried to find you in chatbox earlier today, but you kept timing out.  Hey, it appears you are at least in same state (drivable?); I'm in northern VA near DC--been trying to get a couple of folks together since I started with PA-web. Thought is a "local" phone chat as prelude to later face-to-face.  Any interest? Just asking.  I was going to email you directly, but it seems many folks have the email account to a junk folder or to an unused address. You may reply to me on email or here or in chat (I just began learning the ropes of check-in). THANKS.  Be well, regardless.

Hello Cat(y)

I wish I had found the wherewithall and even the means to find some thing like this back when I recognized a severe problem as college student nearly 3 decades ago, so good for you...I have had many fits and starts on same with grad school over the years..(aka "Incompletes 'R' Us).  I have wanted to get into a full time Master's program -- only 2 decades overdue now:-) -- but feel it would be totally irrational to even consider it until I get a handle on "all this" to even some degree.** 

..keep at it and I welcome you ..

** bad pun/sorry

Hi Cat!

I hear you!  I'm beginning to think the internet is the root of many, if not most, of my problems, but when you're a student, you're pretty much wired all the time.  You have to be.  Unless you can turn off your airport and resist the temptation to turn it back on while you're working.  If you need to stay connected for the sake of yr email program, and Firefox is your primary browser, you can always try checking "Work Offline" under the File menu.  Sometimes that's enough for me - when I automatically click on a link in an email, or attempt to google a random fact, the momentary inability to connect suddenly reminds me that I'm not supposed to be online, I'm supposed to be working.  Then I write down whatever it was I was going to do and do it later (if it still seems important, which often it doesn't!)

You can also try a (free, shareware) program like leechblock - I've heard that it works really well for some people, though I can't seem to get it to do what I want it to do.

Anyway, welcome & good luck...

Yours in the struggle,


Thanks, everyone!

And special thanks to Jenn. I've downloaded leechblock, which really has been working well for me, and I've been able to accomplish more lately. Thank you, guys, for your support!