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findingaway introduces herself


I am running a sole operated business from home as an environmental
consultant. I have always had some tendency to procrastinate, but now I
have no boss at work it is really accentuated. Also I think loneliness
is part of the problem as I am working on my own so much. When I'm doing
the field part of my work I do better.<!--break>

I have to write a lot of reports and far too often I am staying up late
or even all night to get work to clients that I could have done in the
daytime. I get tired and depressed and don't have time for things I
would really enjoy doing.
I won't bore you with all the things I do to waste time. I am really
ashamed of my pattern and I am running late on report deadlines a lot.

Thanks for your forum.


 Welcome I am at home as well. Vic

Thanks for the welcome


Thank you all for your supportive comments. :-)

I am an Australian so not quite sure how that will work in with time zones for check-in board or chat but I guess there's always someone awake!

Agnus, thanks for your suggestion. I do try to schedule some social activities, which certainly keeps me happier and saner. As I write to you I'm thinking how much I really would benefit from a network of other people who do similar work, but making that happen seems like a big challenge.

Hi findingaway

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

Welcome! I am in a similar boat - working alone at home except for field work, and struggling often with the loneliness and depression of an extrovert trapped in a solo working environment.  (My husband is home also but bless him, he's more often a distraction than a comfort, lol!) 

I'll ditto what others have said: Chat is a lifesaver!  I also make more liberal use of the phone even when email might do as well, just for the human contact. And, I try to schedule at least 3 "out of the office" activities a week - a 12-Step meeting, church, mani/pedi, coffee with a friend, etc.

Scheduling and routines are a key, and PA is key for making and keeping them. Glad you're here!  See you around the site.



 Welcome. You will have alot of support and encouragment here. So jump in you will be amazed at your progress.




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I used to work from home

I used to work from home as well and I definitely know the feeling!

The first thing to realise is that it's nothing to be ashamed of. Working alone is really tough - humans are social animals and we're wired to function in groups. I don't think you'll find one self-employed person who hasn't struggled with procrastination. It's not just you!

This is why I really wish I'd had PA when I was self-employed. It really does give you the support of a group. Check out the chatbox because I think that's going to be your favourite part of the site :)

This site really does help if you keep using it. You're not alone here and we're all rooting for you :)