Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, 26 April 2010

wishing you rays of hope today!


Vic 4/26

 Show up (done)

Thanks Jul for the reminder below "Like the Big Book says, if it were just a case of having more will power or hearing the right pep talk, i would have solved it by now. "

Rays of hope comes in many different forms. Don't give up.

Took care of "business items" . Interaction with some crazy people, need to calm down and not react.

Prosick - Check-in 4:13 pm Check-out 3:17 am

Empty & reload Dishwasher -- DONE

Put clothes away -- DONE

Fold towels & put away -- DONE

Take suppl - DONE

Water plants - DONE

Import PX -- DONE

Take Green PX -- DONE

Edit Green -- DONE

Submit Green -- DONE


Look for S.T. documents and group together to work on later. (hard deadline Apr 30)-- THOUGHT ABOUT IT...


Switch out batteries-- DONE

Edit ND PX -- DONE, mostly

Go to bed at decent hour-- FAIL



LookAtYourselfAndWhatYourDoin'RightNow-StandBackAMinuteJustToCheckYourselfOut-StraightenOutYourLifeAndHowYou'reLivin'EachDay-JustKeepYourEyesOnThePrizeAndYourFeetFlatOnTheGround-MJ's "Keep the Faith"


I had a great weekend.  Today:

 work DONE


make copies for ticket DONE

get cashiers check for ticket DONE

drop off truck DONE

5:30 - 6:30

transfer funds DONE

wash dishes DONE

mix salad DONE

6:30 - 7:00

water plants DONE

pack lunch, clothes, papers for tomorrow DONE

 7:00 - PM

G - part A

Sp 3 catch up

Jules K CI

Hi Guys,

So glad to be here, and it's so necessary.  I spent a whole day in a DA forum on Saturday, a program that is closely related to this.  It just keeps me mindful of the slow death that an addiction like this causes.  And it is an addiction.  Like the Big Book says, if it were just a case of having more will power or hearing the right pep talk, i would have solved it by now.

Just need to turn it over to my Higher Power and do what is in front of me to be done, and leave the results up to Him/Her.

Today: 1. Some relaxed cleaning around the house  2.Finish my resume and mail of w/ a cover letter (which is already done, woo hoo!), and 3.  Get ready and go to dinner at my sister's.  All very doable.

 Thanks for being here!!

I've got to do my cover

I've got to do my cover letter tomorrow.  I'm dreading it.  It's terrible making resumes and cover letters.  That's the sort of thing that can throw my whole week off.  

tiptree CI

- fix customer issue
- write documentation
- read A's code and respond to email
- set up H. l.
- pay bills/prep check

Agnus checking in 10:45am

I have been exhausted from work binges last week and spent the whole weekend and this morning catching up rest. Which is a delusion, as one never really catches up on damage done to one's body. My primary MIT today is to take care of this Skin Suit as if I actually believed it was God's first gift to me. (I do believe that, but I don't act like I believe it.)

And then, with the help of my Higher Power, act on these items:

  • 3 hrs brg
    • feedback brg#1
    • 6mo brg wkplan
    • mtngs at 4, maybe 5
  • order J's rx and labs
  • 2 hrs em
  • 2 hrs rm
  • dinner 6
  • mtng 7
  • bed 9:30

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

I need to make some notes to remember tomorrow. this was a fsat and furious day and I barely kept up:

  • 1)      Est hrs: 1 webinar/qtr per grp
  • 2)      + pkgng supt docs
  • 3)      + primer
  • 4)      + COP cord
  • 5)      ck ta plan
  • 6)      ck sow
  • 7)      + reps, bp's and ll's
  • 8)      +em wbnrs 1/qtr
  • 9)      + em 1:1, regns
  • 10)   telecon, pot'l team
  • 11)   calc ttl efft, stffng
  • 12)   rept to rr by by 9


kromer 10 CI

Good morning, all!

I had a late night last night, so a bit of a late start this morning. I'm planning to keep today's time at lab relatively short, so I can do cooking/other chores tonight.

This list of what I want to get done will probably change a bit after I've made a schedule for the week, but my current list is:
*Make a schedule for the week
*Email DP, start review (want to get at least a paragraph done)
*Analyze half of biosensor data
*Work on presentation (1 hr focused work at least) (will do this soon)

*Finish expr problem, write BayesNet problem


And, in terms of chores, I want to:
*Make dinner, lunch, bfast food for the week
*Basic kitchen cleaning
*Hand laundry
*Start sprouts, plan for starting herb garden

OK, will start w/ BayesNet. 

journey 9:15

Happy Monday!  Had a busy weekend, got all the chores done and had the kids over for dinner, did a tiny bit to advance one of my big projects.   As Clem says, doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing.   

I overslept this morning and am getting a late start but I did make it to the gym even though I didn't get there in time for spinning class.   First thing I need to do today is review the status of Project G.   Then, todo list, etc., etc.

Have a productive Monday and enjoy the process!



"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Lark at 9:00 am

I feel the need to check in, as I've been sliding this month. It only shows what happens when one doesn't do things regularly. Now I've found myself in a hole! Ugh.

morning things
spiritual time
period of housework (anything'll do)
trip to town (recycler's, 12 step meeting, pharmacy/
clean up workshop a bit
focus on main work project for today
buy food and PREPARE it today, don't do fast food
check in later

Rexroth Check In

Up bath, wash hair, personal care
Check emails
Post and file
Check insurance quote and give up
Wash clothes and hang up to dry

Wash up and tidy up
Write review of last year and todo for this year - as its my birthday about now
Write journal

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Two long phone calls with friends
Finished review of last year

Write journal
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Happy upcoming birthday

I always feel "at home" when I see your posts Rexroth. Thanks for being here friend. How's everything on your side of the "pond"? Be well.

Thanks lark

Thanks lark - good to hear from you.

Peace Rexroth

CL daily overcoming

rare that i do the day starter. It takes some time, so thanks for all who do it every day!!!!

:) 10min ci

- for me today: victory in HP's name

:) 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
:) 30min quiet time--this is exactly what i need to keep away the anxiety--didnt work, at least not how i'd hoped
:) 9:40 work 50 min
:) 10:30 30min mtg
:) 15min rdy
:) 10min dailies
:) 10min work plan
:) work hard.
tshirts--looks like it's too late
:) p
au later
:-( 20min wko

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

GeorgeSmiley, 4/26/10, 7:39 AM + end-of-day Update

Good morning.

I can feel a very powerful temptation to defer from work into escapist activity.

Recreation and relaxation are fine. But Work comes first.

So the best way to overcome inertia is by moving forward.

My MITs for the day are

1) Project T-C-S
Smile done!

2) Project MR

3) Project P-Q-E

4) Project MW
Undecided deferred

There may be others that I need to advance, too. I haven't yet reviewed my task list for the day.



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)

The Hero's Code: Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.