Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Ugggh, still suffering...

From the first post I made here concerning my status in AP US History (APUSH for short) and in AP English, I still am suffering from the agony of procrastination.  While I do admit that I haven't gone through the readily available resources on this site, I'm REALLY at my wit's end to do something about this.  I can't take it anymore.  My APUSH homework is often incomplete when I turn it in, and I feel as though my teacher has lost my respect.  That's how I've been feeling for the entire school year.

Obviously, I need to make a change -- a big change, because it's beginning to get serious.  Is there someone out there willing to hear me out and help me?  

Hi Super_Sonic


I'm a procrastinator (in high school), so I can relate to what you're experiencing with the teachers, parents etc. If you need a buddy, I'm always willing to hear you out and help you, okay? I'm relatively new on this website too.

I really hope things improve for you! As other people suggested, the daily check-ins are very useful. I see that you've already started with them...I'm glad you found them helpful.

Good luck. I wish you all the best! You can do this, Super_Sonic!

Even on day one, I'm seeing progress.

Yes, I know I've posted already, but I'd just like to say something.

So I started using the check-in thingy today, and I'm already seeing progress.  I started by typing out everything that needed to be done and then shifted my focus to the first task.  I broke it down and simply typed what I did, as I did it.  Sure enough, I finished the first task and felt quite accomplished. 

I then shifted to my next homework assignment, which was a take-home test for Pre-AP Algebra 2 that's due next Monday.  I followed the same steps as above, but instead of finishing it all (so that it didn't feel so heavy), I decided I would do what I could on page 1.  And I did.  But I felt so happy that I decided to do what I could on page 2.  I now have 3/8 of it done, and I just got it today!

I think I'm going to like this site.

Good for you SS!

You're learning about the power of this site. If you come back here each day, you'll definitely see improvement! :)

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb


I like the environment here as well.  Everyone understands each other and actually takes the time to help with this, unlike the environment that I put up with at home and school, in which I am almost, in a way, put down for struggling with this problem.

Elaboration on my situation.

Yeah, throughout the school year, I would always tell myself that I would start on a homework assignment (which I see a lot during the weekends).  The problem is, though, me actually starting on an assignment never happens.  I end up desperately trying to complete it the day that it's due, and I usually never finish it.  It's absolutely horrible, because I know I'm doing it, and it makes me feel bad -- and yet, I continue to do it anyway.

The same thing with AP English.  We have this thing (called Current Events) where we have to find articles on the internet and write a 4-6 sentence abstract on it, interweaving quotes into it.  These are usually due every Monday.

Well, the problem is that she has random days where she takes them up -- meaning, we never know when she'll take them up.  She can go about 3 weeks without taking any up (as she has demonstrated today, where I had none to turn in).  I put these off and let them build simply for that reason: I never know when she could pick them up.  I know the solution is simply to do it.  But I can NEVER bring myself to actually do it.  It always gets put off and I let it build. 

And my parents don't seem to understand the severity of the problem either.  They seem to think that my procrastination is just me being irresponsible (Can I blame them for thinking that?  Not really). 

And it doesn't end here.  Even at home I suffer with this problem.  When I know my room is messy, I feel the need to clean it.  Again, me actually cleaning it NEVER happens.  Because of that, I get yelled at for it.  For them, it's easy to just get up and do something -- that's not the case with me.

I don't think I need to go into further detail.  I think we see just how serious it has gotten.  I clearly need some help getting my life back in order.  While part of it may be me being irresponsible, I'm tired of hearing that.  That can't be the reason why; otherwise, I would have dropped the act a looooong time ago.

Would someone be my support buddy?

Some Super-Sonic Support

Hi there, 

I wouldn't try for BIG changes. See if you can make one small one. Any type of action you can take will start to water the dusty soil, so to speak. You need to start making some movement.

On the chat tell us one small, really small thing you can do. Maybe spend 2 minutes gathering your work material in one place. Report back. Then agree to anther 2 minutes. Small steps, create big change over time.

Small steps+small step+small step = big change.

Let's hear how you're doing!



Second on Lucky's suggestion. (Check in and Chat) 

Start by using the daily check-in's. Post a couple of task you wish to accomplish. Make them task that you can quickly come back to and post that you have accomplished them. As  you start using the check-in and post you accomplishments I think that you will find some of that support that you are looking for.

To get you though the task pop in to chat and post what you are working on. Break it down into even smaller task. Example. Read 10 min the simply come back and post that you read 7 pages in 10 min. After you have done this you will soon realize that you are moving right along.

If you are comfortable talk with you teacher, it is hard to try to push yourself forward when in the back of your mind you have this thoughts that your teacher has a negative thoughts towards you. A techer is there for more then just provided instruction and giving assignments. So maybe the teacher could help give you some stratagies and suggestions.

Good Luck and come join us.


(Super_Sonic) < that's a

(Super_Sonic) < that's a hug

We've all been there, and when you're really at your wits' end is when things start to change. (For the better, don't worry.)

If you want to post more about your situation here I think you'll find we're all willing to hear you out and help you. Or you can drop me a private message (click on my name and you'll find a 'Contact' tab.)  

You should also be able to get yourself a 'task buddy' you can talk to on email for daily support and updates. Lots of us on the forum have successfully found buddies just by posting a request for one. I already have two buddies, so I don't think I'd be able to give you the time and attention you deserve, but I'm sure someone out there will.

The best things to check out on this site are the chatbox and the daily check-in threads. I use both pretty much every day and they're really helpful. 

Good luck! We all came here in this kind of despair and it doesn't last forever, it really doesn't. (((Super_Sonic)))