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Roomba - I recommend - solve home cleaning procrastination

You're a procrastinator. One of the things that you delay doing is cleaning your house. Well, I have a fix for you...

About a year ago, I bought a Roomba -- a floor vacuuming robot. It wasn't cheap, we're talking $150+ depending upon model. Let me make it clear that I AM NOT getting paid in any way to post this. I simply want to help you guys.

I still have a myriad of procrastination issues, but this Roomba solved one of them. This is how simple it is to use...the Roomba sits in a charger that is plugged in a corner of your room. You walk over, hit a button (that took 5 seconds), and the Roomba spends about 1 hour picking up about 95% of your dirt/dust/crumbs off your floor and carpet. Then it goes by itself back into its recharger. Done.

About every 2 or 3 runs, you'll want to clean the trap. It takes about 1-3 minutes to do. That's it.

This thing 100% SOLVED my floor cleaning procrastination. (I wish they made a robot to do my taxes. Tongue out ) I HIGHLY recommend it. They make versions to wash your floor, clean your pool, clean your shop floor, clean your gutters, and um....they make military robots to disable bombs and shoot people too, but I think that might be a different thread. Surprised

Here's the link: 



(roomba question)

Curious to know if there is a SF limitation? Are there different size/ power models? How many rooms can one clean? Is there any problem checking what it picked up when disgarding the garbage? I always check my regular vacumn because I pick up stuff not supposed to be on the floor.

It almost sounds too good to be true??? But I would give it a try.

Answers to Vic's questions

SF limits: Well, I turn it loose in an area of approx. 500 sq. ft, and it does a good job of that on one charge.

Size/power differences: The price differences are based on options other than power/size. For one instance, they have "lighthouses" you can buy. You would use a lighthouse in a 2 room area, for instance. The lighthouse sits on the floor, it's about 4 inches high, and shoots out a beam that prevents the Roomba to pass it. And you can time them. So, if you have 2 rooms, the lighthouse keeps the Roomba in one room, makes sure it is clean, then allows it to go in the other room to clean that one. You can use these lighthouses to block the Roomba from falling down stairs, etc.

How many rooms: Really any amount. What I do is let it clean one room one day, then I put it in another room another day, etc. But in one charge, you could probably do about 3 small/medium rooms. But like I said, that's not even necessary, as unless you have a lot of pet hair, you probably only need to vac a room once a week or so.

Checking the bag: the catcher is about the size of an extra large ashtray, so it's pretty easy to check. The catcher is a semi-circle about 7-8 inches across, maybe 2 inches tall and 3-4 inches deep.

Seriously, go here and watch the video:

Plus check youtube for a lot of Roomba videos. People name them, and have some funny videos with their cats riding on them, etc. Laughing

They're NOT perfect. They won't get 100% of the dirt like you would vacuuming. MAYBE I have to bend down and pick up 3 or 4 clumps of dustballs off the floor or carpet, but that's it really. Even that can be solved by simply letting them do a room over again the next day until it's 99% clean.

Believe me, unless you are a person who runs around your house with white gloves expecting perfect cleanliness at all times, a Roomba is a godsend. I turn my Roomba loose in a room when I leave for work, and when I come home the room is clean. (They even have timers, so you can have them work every day at set times). One of the best purchases I ever made.

re: roomba

I've heard those things are great!   

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floor cleaning

There's also a similar thing which looks like the planet Saturn which has stick-on velcro dust pads, and they work great. They're much cheaper, too. Only thing, it scares the crap out of cats and some dogs. Other dogs, well...

 Definitely not for me !!

 Definitely not for me !! That thing might pick up something from the floor which shouln't have been there in the first place.  







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I personally think this

I personally think this vacuum looks awkward. It looks like something the Jetson's should have had. I've heard from people that it does work well, but I've always thought to that you might lose things going into it that fell on the floor and shouldn't even have been on the floor. If you're getting it, make sure that it's only dirt on the floor. Wink