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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Put away all laundry done for the day


One step at a time

OCz ci

I got up late, again! and with a terrible flu...

Haven't managed to do much during the morning. I'm running without a schedule... which means I don't know where I'm heading. Man, I need to do better! At least I didn't missed to check in.


  • review TCL proposal - reply by the end of the day -
  • review HPp proposal - prepare for meeting tomorrow @10 am.
  • deliver new TCL phs.
  • schedule meeting for Hh


Ew, it's really going round

Ew, it's really going round your family, isn't it? If you've got flu it's an achievement just to check in - take it easy and get well soon!

CL daily overcoming

i am grateful that i know to come here when i get stuck.

plan next steps.
look at list of dailies to remind myself :)

remind myself of this list :)

now catch-up w/ today's posting friends here :D

10min ci :)
10min emerg email only / ck mtgs :)
30min quiet time - did 1/2
60min wko - nope
15min rdy - nope
10min dailies - did 1/2
10min work plan - nope
work hard. - did 1/2


the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

hope4meandu check-in (11:15AM)

Hi All,

I'm going to give my notice at my job, even though I don't have anything else. I can't take it anymore, I need a less stressful, taxing job...I am no longer detail oriented. The last time I did this, we had lots of financial problems and worries. I keep trying to hang on here, but I can't. I'm scared.

To dos:
-IDA letters

Regards all!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

*HUGS* Well done. This is


Well done. This is a brave, positive step and we're all here to support you while you look for another job. You can do it. :) *more hugs*

hugs ((((hope))))

Although in general I think it's better to find the new job before leaving your current one! 


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

I'll pray for you! I've

I'll pray for you! I've always found my jobs through


Thanks for your replies, Lucky, Jo & Imworthwile!!

Much, much appreciated!! Yes, Imworthwhile, I use craigslist too!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Starting over at 11 am is okay

I can see myself feeling better and better. I got out of bed 10 minutes before my alarm went off, which is an accomplishment for me. I was thinking about getting up, and then I decided to do it when I gave myself an incentive to spend an extra 10 minutes doing something I enjoy, and that I often procrastinate on. As an additional incentive, I put that right after something that I need to bookend and added some time to the enjoyable activity. I wasn’t able to bookend yesterday b/c I’m not able to use the PA chat room for some reason. It says “connection not available.” But I still got done what I needed to do. I am excited that I’m going jogging today. It doesn’t matter that the total time jogging will be less than 10 minutes. At least I’m out there! And I’m doing it while I take care of a few errands. I love feeling like I’m killing two birds w/ one stone. I do feel like I waited too long this morning to create a schedule for the day.

I need to remember that:- I accomplish more when I make a schedule the night before, or in the least first thing in the morning. Otherwise I start losing track of time in the morning and become frustrated. Same for the evening, but not as much.-Right now I need to read my emails only once a day. When I need to send out an email and it can’t wait, I should ignore my emails in my inbox so I don’t get sidetracked. At the end of the day I can read my emails and deal w/ them then.-Eat 3 meals a day at certain times, and eat enough. Yesterday I had a sandwich at 4, and then wondered why I wasn’t being productive at 10. I was hungry! -Writing about how I’m doing everyday helps, especially looking at both what I’ve done well and what I need to work on. 

835- got up 10 mins early and took care of misc items- yay!!!845- bkfst, contacts, put away dishes, tea, v, v, v, put vits in wkly container, listen to BBC for a few minutes, create morning schedule,  wash dishes, garbage, bathrm stuff930- write PA journal 950- Resolve what I felt was an urgent situation but could have waited until the end of the day- review email, find 2 email addresses, create posting for FB, change FB profile, post on someone’s page, email someone back1020- not sure what happened to this time, I may have been being productive to some extent but since I’m not sure what happened to the time I doubt it. Since I was trying to create a schedule after the fact that actually ended up taking extra time b/c once I started losing track of what I was going I kept trying to figure out what happened to it, and I became stressed. Wasted time w/ email and a little bit w/ FB, but much, much better than before.11- I’M DOING OKAY, BUT START OVER AND CREATE MY SCHEDULE THROUGH 3 PM11- work on schedule1115- stretch, jog to bank, drugstore, bank (bring cards), groceries (bring bags)12- lunch, PA 1st 3 steps, review PA info, try to figure out how to get in chat room1245- bookend PT1Bookend115 ga, rotate 5 mins w/ pics3- super315 check in


You're doing GREAT! Well

You're doing GREAT! Well done!

Vic 1/7

 Show up (done)

Did not walk yesterday but was available to fill in for volunteer job for person who was sick (only because I am in a "show up") mentality- I was so grateful they thought to ask "me" and I could do it, got me out of self.

Grateful for new program connections.



Clapping Wildly!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

kromer 9:30 CI

Good lord, I'm tired today. Had a bit of a tough discussion late last night,  which I think made it hard for me to sleep: bad sleep+a bit of a cold=a very sleepy zombie today.

OK, well I'll just do the best I can, and be gentle with myself if I can't get as much done as normal

Scheduled: seminar 2-3, harambee 5:45-8:30

High priority (trying to keep these tasks small):
*Update lab notebook (working on this now...almost done)
*Proofread half of WM doc (will do this soon)
*Condolence note (forgot stationary in lab, so need to deal with this first thing tomorrow)
*Deal w/ mail, keep track of finances (working on mail now...there's a big backlog, might take me a while to deal with)
*Bug landlord about car batteries in basement (need to go get advice about this tomorrow)
*On big scary microscope:
1)Learn to turn on and off live cell imaging chamber and monitor conditions
2)Learn to change filters
3)Learn to take timecourse
4)Learn to do ratio imaging

Medium priority:
*Look at slides
*Finish reading articles of mitotic and meiotic cohesins
*Organize papers on desk (made some progress on this)
*Thank yous
*Finish wedding present/card for Z+G

Lower priority:
*1 hr work on array doc
*Deal w/ emails from past week
*Get 20 more mitotic/meiotic cohesins.

OK, right now I'm going to go fiddle around some more with the big scary microscope. I'll start by learning to turn on the live cell imaging chamber. Then I'll ask YC to help me change filters, and learn to do timecourse and ratio imaging. 

After that, I'll update lab notebook and do proofreading.

GeorgeSmiley 1/7/10

Need to finish project T-LD FAST

Need to finish Project H-Ed FAST



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)

The Hero's Code: Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 9 am & update FACEPALM

I was early to work today and I've already been to the gym, read email, and checked my calendar.   I'm going now for coffee and then I'll make my todo list.  I want to leave early in case of SNOW. 

I was not very productive yesterday, I let myself get distracted by every little thing and didn't focus on my work as I wanted to.  Today I am back in the office. 

UPDATE 10:30 AND I am not being very productive this morning either!  I am finding it VERY hard to concentrate this morning.  Come on brain, wake up!

UPDATE 1:30 Doing much better.  Completed MIT #1!  I've kind of gotten away from setting MITs (most important tasks) but I think I'll start doing it again, it seems to help me focus on what's really important and not get bogged down in the trivia.  I hope I'm over my post-vacation hangover/letdown, whatever the heck has been going on with me the past couple days. 

DOH!!!  I just realized why I'm feeling down. A girlfriend of mine from high school passed away on Tuesday, and it made me feel old and sad.  We weren't extremely close friends but we had kept in touch since high school and I saw her at least a few times a year at parties and stuff.    Visitation is tonight, and the funeral is Friday.  I didn't realize it had affected me that much . . .sometimes I don't even know my my own mind.  :P.  Giving myself a free pass for struggling the past couple days.  :)

I'm going to fill out an insurance form and get it in the mail now, then work on Project V for the rest of the day - leaving early so I can pick up mom and get to the funeral home before the weather gets bad, snow is predicted tonight. 


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

I'm really sorry to hear

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend *hugs* Hope the funeral goes okay and helps you make some peace with all this.

Rexroth Check In

Morning Everyone, Gosh I do feel grumpy today.

up and cleaned and tidyied a bit
put all hospital complaint stuff away
put form in envelope for society and emailed them re meeting
gone through lists to see what I need to do - I know what I want to do whish is nothing!

deal with mail if any
post letter see above
put all meeting dates in diary
hand wash trousers

there is much else that I can do but that is all I want to commit to at the moment.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth update 1


no mail easier that way
letter posted
received email re Jan meeting so downloaded form and filled it in and posted it and emailed thank you to secretary
note: two trips to the post box - it is 92 steps from my front door
society stuff filed and dates in diary
trousers now washed and drying
looked for old email address - ok I've forgotten the password but the address as well!

Now what?????????


Rexroth update 2

Remembered email address and password and found an ecard from a friend and emailed back and had a kind reply
generally very worried about tomorrow at hospital - don't like hospitals


Oh,good luck! Praying for

Oh,good luck! Praying for you :)

good luck Rexroth

Hospitals are no fun, hope everything goes as well as possible for you.


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Lucky CI

Snow added 2hrs to my journey to work! Feeling distracted and still a bit cold - need to make a plan to get over that 'too much to do, where to start'!

Didn't leave enough time for prayer and bible reading so ended up doing it on the train and just running through Bible verses in my head and hoping that counts! 

Before work:
Up by 7 :)
Check in :)
Prayer/bible reading time on
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklist & AQ project :)
Put foil on cake
Dress smartly :)
Straighten hair :)
Pack lock, lights and another script to read :)
Rubbish (NO) & recycling :)
Leave before 7.40

Affirmation while walking to station
Get £10 out :)
Full makeup
Affirmation while doing makeup
Learn some lines :)
Read new script :)

Backlog :)
Email - part done
Contracts - part done
Outlook tasks - part done 
Mail HD card to Viewing Card Services, ... 4, Livingston
Tidy desk  :)

Chase payday loan :) GOT IT GOT IT
Get bike
Poppins scans

After work:
Look for costume for E
Look for blue towel
Cake to N (and costume to E if found) - Too snowy,do tomorrow!
Creative writing - work on Fantasmic post :)
Ask C for more purple
Email/Facebook/LJ/Forum :)
Get more info re Macbook/Lovefilm deal :)
Vitamins :)
Check/fill bird feeder :)
Clear kitchen :)
AQ Review :)
Tomorrow's list :)
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properly :)
Email report :)
Check in :)
BED straight after check in!  :)