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Hi Everyone I'm Back

I'm back after a little over a year away and very glad to find you still here. What happened was that last August I think my laptop broke down and I had problems with my ISP. What I needed to do was to buy a new laptop, find a new ISP and get someone to set things up so they worked. Well by last Friday I had the system up and working though it still needs some alterations from someone who knows about such things. I had the money so it was pure procrastination.

Last year I decided not to go abroad trekking but to tackle a longstanding business/legal dispute and I've done so. It was very hard and is not over yet but it was an issue that I had allowed to hold up my life for years. I lost the case but that does not matter as I can now move on with my life and I feel better about myself for having faced it. I did need help and at last have found a lawyer who was able to help. The bit I need to deal with and it is now urgent is a claim against an insurance company who I have a claim against. This I have been putting off.

Also last October I found a lump which the docs took till the 1st of May to diagnose and it is not cancer. I am due for an operation this Thursday but it might not happen. I went into a depressive state last winter and have had three months CBT which finished two months ago and I feel so much better. During the CBT I did work on procrastination as well as other issues.

I've been back to DA and have my finances in order including my pensions which I now receive as I have turned 65. This part of my life is working and I'm grateful.

I've had a breakup with a long term friend which has brought up CoDA issues and I need to deal with these. This is important but not urgent.

Glad to be back


*Big hug* I have a good

*Big hug* I have a good feeling that things are going to smooth out for you, Rex :) Glad you're back again :*

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Welcome Back Rexroth!

I missed you.


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Welcome back Rexroth!

Hi Rexroth!

Glad to see you.

You've always inspired me!

-- movingalong

Welcome back, Rex!

Hi Rexroth,

Welcome back!  Sounds like you have had an eventful year!  And a productive one, since you worked through the longstanding legal thing - good for you that you can move on now - and also worked through a depression (which I know can be a full-time job in itself) and got your finances in order.  I'm glad that the lump was benign - best of luck with the surgery!   Looking forward to hearing more from you,


Thanks everyone It is good

Thanks everyone It is good to be back.