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Thursday November 19, 2009

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."

Vincent Van Gogh

fudoshin: quotations for me and my todo list : 10:02pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



The way to succeed is to double your error rate. - Thomas J. Watson

So awesome, I love this quotation, because it describes to me that the way to succeed is to keep on trying, no matter how many mistakes.  And that is actually pretty bloody true.  As long as I *LEARN* from my mistakes and keep on trudging forward, despite it all.

Another great one I got from a friend in program:

"We cannot think our way into right action, but we can act our way into right thinking."

fudoshin: my todo list : 10:05pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


  • brush, floss,use listerine,  periodontic brush
  • do jog/walk program or walk for 30 minutes

Agnus checking in

I finally finished a major part of Project RM that had been dogging me for weeks - YAY!! Celebrated with 30 minutes of gaming as a reward. Now I need to:

  • draft an email DONE :-)
  • have some lunch DONE :-)
  • spend 30 minutes handling emails DONE :-)
  • spend 1 hour reading on AH
  • talk to boss about AH and take action accordingly
  • book travel for dec
  • research some sga's

Hope everyone is enjoying a "procr-abstinent" day!

Thursday November 19, 2009

potential energy 5

Hello Everyone!

It's that time again.  I managed to put it all off until crisis.  So, now that everything is finally due tomorrow I can get busy.

Gee, I was getting bored waiting all of that time for the deadline to get here.  So, I'll take my cue and panic!Surprised

U.p- Report G.D.  A.B. for T         Daily notes to go 

chart to compare outcomes

I can SO relate Good luck!

I can SO relate :D Good luck!

kromer 9:30 CI

OK, feeling a little unfocused...I have lots of projects going right now, and I need to be making progress on all of them, and I'm not quick sure how to do that.

There are some things that I clearly need to accomplish today:
1)Pick colony for midiprep
2)Redo genotyping (w/ P/C extraction), wean mice (mostly done, but didn't quite get a chance to finish)
3)Thaw cells for culture

4)Harambee prep
5)Return library book (doing this now)

And there are some other things I'd like to make progress on:
1)Organize papers for comparative project, work for an hour on this
2)Detailed restriction mapping plan, read about midiprep (have made some progress)
3)Compute correlations btwn 1st wave and stages data (have made good progress)
4)Get GSEA working with ANOVA (or at least make progress on this)
5)Go over stats midterm (will do this soon)

OK, right now I'm going to start redoing genotyping, then talk to YC about thawing cells for culture, then pick colony, then organize papers and work for an hour on comparative project, then return library book. Back when genotyping is started.

Vic 11/19

Showing up (so much rather be hiding in a book today), but I made it here,1st step for me (done)

Practising kindness was good yesterday (esp, driving with my son who is learning to drive)

Resist writing a plan, I know it helps, so 1. basic 4 2. Go to tenant 3. drop stuff off for husband

Today's challenge: break things down to a point I can "start" (DONE)!!!

7: 30 pm Showing up here is a miracle- it is like my much needed sponsor. I did break things down to the smallest steps I could do, so I could start...I am tired, so I used the tool of visualization. I could not focus on anything and felt like I was going in circles, etc. but told myself so what if I am crazy. Out of the house in to real world gave me some sanity and I acomplished about 10 things.

Only things left tonite is help son with 2 tests(ugh, I feel too tired), kitchen, then sleep. I realized I only had a little over 5 hr sleep, no wonder I am tired, But I did not shut down. What a miracle.

Today's challenge:

Don’t do nothing just because you can’t do everything.

— Bob Pierce

and be plesant even though I want to isolate,be self absorbed., and not participate in life. Thanks for being here

rightmeow CI 12:45 am

1. Go to Crim class (early start 8:30 am)

2. Lunch

3. Call W


4. Read: 402-414; 473-481; cp 77-79; FRCP 106-107; 218; 262-263; 273

5. Brief: Beeck; Moore; Bonerb; Peralta; Vaqueria

6. Civ Pro Class (6 - 9 pm)

7. Go home, relax, & get rested for Friday!

CI AGAIN from 12:45 am

1. Go to Crim class (early start 8:30 am)

2. Lunch

3. Call W


4. Read: 402-414; 473-481; cp 77-79; FRCP 106-107; 218; 262-263; 273

5. Brief: Beeck; Moore; Bonerb; Peralta; Vaqueria

6. Civ Pro Class (6 - 9 pm)

7. Go home, relax, & get rested for Friday!

Love today's starter

Also love the reminder about principle of the happiness habit. Thanks

thanks vic

I'm really enjoying all the fun little graphics that are posted in that section. Gives me something to look at besides a perpetual list of tasks. I love the happiness one especially. It's a really important principle for me to remember as I tend to focus on the negative. I'm a new member and really enjoying being here :)

Codependent's nightmare!

Ack! If I pick one posting for my check-in, will it hurt the feelings of the beloved fellow PAer who originated the other page with the same date?  How should I pick which one to post on?  Was there a chronology?  Ack!

Silly, I know. Nevertheless, thus is the hell of being a codependent procrastinator... The fear of wrong choices, especially choices that may inadvertently harm someone, is a stomach-churning characteristic of my compulsive procrastination.

So today I use this to recognize that (Step 1) I do indeed belong here - on one page or the other! - and (Step 2) ask my Higher Power's help to be OK with my own imperfection - and (Step 3) make a decision to show up even if I'm not managing to do it perfectly, trusting Higher Power that rightmeow will be OK with my random decision to check in here instead of under his/her equally appreciated thread-starter!


One of my favotie newfound quotes:

The way to succeed is to double your error rate.

Thomas J. Watson

no worries

No worries Agnus :)  My only problem with the duplicate post was that the only time I had to make my list was at 1 in the morning when I posted it, sad but true lol. I didn't want it deleted so I copied & pasted it. Is there some rule about when is too early to start the day thread? If anyone knows please let me know. A couple of days a week the only time I can make mine before noon is in the early morning hours to avoid making one in the middle of the day. I have class on Tues & Thurs mornings & leave at 6:30 am. Other than my own record I don't care who posts to what thread, you won't offend me, it takes a lot :)  I have felt kind of bad being so new here and starting the threads in the middle of the night essentially but since this seems to be working for me it's probably how it will go on Mon & Wed nights. Sorry if any of you are offended. Again let me know if there's some rule, written or unwritten about what time is acceptable to start the thread, I don't want to step on anyone's toes :)

Hugs, rightmeow

Hi Rightmeow I think we

Hi Rightmeow

I think we are all in different time zones... and that means that it is wonderful if someone makes the day starter early-that way those who start the day earlier than EST will sometimes find it already there :)  

re: no worries

no worries, no rules, the day starter is first come first served - and sometimes we do get a duplicate and it's not a big deal.  Pro will  fix it later . . .


UPDATE: Pro already fixed it, I see! 

"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper

Journey 10 am blah and updates

Good morning all!  I haven't been checking in as much lately because *surprise* I've been doing ok for the most part.  Today I'm feeling kinda down, for no apparent reason, so I will probably check in more frequently today.

I overslept this morning and didn't go to the gym but I exercised at home instead.  I had a longer but slower walk on the treadmill this morning cause I just wasn't feeling too energetic.  But anyway, I did get my exercise done, and I've read email, checked my calendar, and attended the weekend planning meeting.   Now I can has nap, right?  No?  OK, I'll have a cup of coffee then and get my todo list made for the rest of the day.  This may be a loooonnnnggg day but I'll make my list and start on item one.   If I stay busy the day will go by faster and I can get home, watch flash forward and crawl into bed.   DD is cooking dinner tonight, so I don't have to worry about that part. 

I'll check back when the todo list made and I've started on Item 1.  


UPDATE 11 am todo list made.  Now for 5 minutes of quiet time, then an hour on Project P.

Update:  had a meeting about Project V that took longer than expected, and some stuff came up on another project before I got down to work on Project P, but I have been working (mostly!) since my last update.  Now I'm going to put in at least 45 minutes on Project P. 

Update 3 pm:  I think I will just continue working on Project P and see if I can finish this part of it.  I'm almost done with it, and it would be good to just get it over with.  Anyway, I'm not up to doing work that takes a lot of thought today so it's a good time to get this tedious job out of the way.   I'm actually almost enjoying it today and normally it bores me to tears. 

Update 5:45 YAY!  I worked all afternoon on Project P and I had no problem staying focused on it and got a LOT done.  I'm really close to the end of this horrid tedious boring project.   Although I was in such a funk today I didn't even find it boring, I actually enjoyed it. 

there's a lesson in this somewhere but I'm too meh to think about it.  I'm going home and eat pizza, watch Flash Forward, and crash!  See ya tomorrow.

And thanks again for being here.



"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper

duplicate day, and A LOT of smilies

love this day starter, the picture and the quote.

and hope-faith, my o my, that's A LOT of smilies!

looks like the other day is being populated, tho: Thursday November 19, 2009

suggestion for avoiding duplicate day starters:

immediately hit 'post' with an empty post--so it's there for other ppl 2 c, then hit 'edit' and work your wonders :D

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

re:duplicate day

That's a good idea Clem!

"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper


Good Morning All,


I am up and going but that is about it. I have to get myself out of my funk and move on. Had a situation yesterday that has just thrown a bucket of water on my motivation to accomplish. I have to get over this so I AM GOING TO TRY AND BE ME  I CAN BE. 



 Task Check Off   T  T
 Swish & Swipe    Smile Smile  Smile   
 Dishwasher    Smile Smile Smile  Smile 
 Reboot    Smile Smile Smile  Smile
 Coffee/e-mail    Smile Smile  Smile Smile 

Task  M  T  W  Task  M  T  F
AM stuff Smile  Smile  Smile Smile               
PPT2 Smile Smile  Smile  Smile    PPT4 Smile Smile  Smile     
Plan2 Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile    Email4 Smile  Smile  Smile     
Email2 Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile    Game4 Smile Smile  Smile     
Grades2     Smile Smile     Plan4 Smile  Smile  Smile    
PPT3 Smile  Smile  Smile Smile   Grades4     Smile     
Email3 Smile  Smile  Smile Smile    0degrees  Smile  Smile  Smile    
Game3 Smile  Smile  Smile Smile    Desk Smile Smile       
Plan3 Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile               

 Action When to accomplish by  Check off 
Vaccume Wall 2 Wednesday  
Take Down Bed Wednesday  
Vaccume Wall 3 Wednesday  
Vaccume Floor Wednesday  
Clean light fixtures Wednesday  
Cover Floor with drop clothes Thursday  
Tape Wood Thursday  
Frig Top Shelf Monday Smile
Frig Middle Shelf Tuesday Smile
Frig Bottom Shelf Tuesday Smile 

Frig Drawers

Tuesday Smile 
Frig Door Saturday  
Freezer Sunday  
Take Pics of house Tuesday  
Clean Top of Computer Hutch Wednesday  
Clean Middle of Computer Hutch Wednesday  
Clean Bottom of Computer Hutch Thrusday  
Put out Christams on Computer Hutch Thrusday  

Daily Declutter

Task  M  T  F  S  s
15 min clothes organization Frown  Frown  Frown         
Remove 30 Items Frown  Frown  Frown         
Van Frown Smile Frown        
BS 5 a day Smile  Frown  Frown         
15 min taxes Frown  Smile Frown        
Fold and Put Away Smile  Smile Smile        
Load & Wipe Smile Smile Smile         
Clothes Next Day Smile Smile Smile  Smile       

As if I do not have enough other things I need to remember to do.

  1. Type in test
  2. Rubiks
  3. Organize folder for games



Thanks for responses they are encouraging. Some of my goals have not been met, but yet I still feel good about the accomplishments I can see and I wont forget about them either.

Have a super great day. 


wow - I am in awe!!

This is an impressive-looking check-in! Wow.

thanks pro for uniting the daystarters

My Inner Codependent can relax now...whew!:-)