Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OCz glad to be here today!

  1. Thank you God for today, thank you for my family and all the good stuff around me!
  2. Show up!
  3. morning mail check
  4. List tasks for today
    1. POs
      1. CaVC wall inst
      2. Mtng rm materials
      3. BB
        1. review last purchases/assignments
    2. PM
      1. MoP implementation plan
      2. WiF update quotes
      3. AV request contract renewal
        1. Infrastructure analysis
      4. BaM performance analysis
      5. new P-LaN
    3. PPg
      1. Review
      2. Send SH for Fb
      3. update
    4. Build weekly/monthly routine schedule

Thank you all for being here!

Agnus 11:10am

Slow starting today. Had sponsor call, Step 11, pet care, meal/day planning, 2 phone calls, breakfast, a little housecleaning and some snuggle time with J. Now I have spent about 45 minutes reading on Project AH. 

Unfortunately, this is not the plan on which my Higher Power and I agreed this morning! Sometimes I set one good course based on my Step 11, but then later something else good comes up - not an addiction like Internet or games, but more like a rare chance to snuggle with my ailing spouse - and then I go from there to becoming more and more off track for the day.  I have trouble knowing if the first stray was temptation or inspiration. Did my Ego-head or my God-heart lead me to shift direction?  So I am going to pause now and pray for fresh direction. Back with a plan in a few minutes.

Ag back on track 12 noon

Turns out I needed a good cry, which is to expected. My Higher Power reassures that there's no wrong time to snuggle with J, who suffers so many debilitating ailments - so long as I keep healthy boundaries around my time and emotions. Today's plan includes a visit to yet another doctor for yet another ailment, possibly needing a biopsy. I want to world to stop, frankly: I cannot bear the thought that he might need to add cancer to the list of health horrors he already has.  I wonder how much of my procrastination is rooted in this desire for the world to stop because the almost-certain future looks so damn scary.

Ah well, enough of this fear and negativity, already.  I have a day to live and a job to do. Thanks for listening, my dear PA friends.  You are all quite precious to me these days; the anonymity of this site allows me to share my heart in ways I might not otherwise.  MITs du jour: 

  • 1) timecard,
  • 2) Project RM next step,
  • 3) my lunch, J brkfst,
  • 4) J to dr on tim at 1:50pm,
  • 5) Proj AH research,
  • 6) prep for call at 4pm, 
  • 7) be on time for 4pm call,
  • 8) deal with 5 backlogged emails,
  • 9) deal with 5 items from bill basket,
  • 10) walk the dog,
  • 11) dinner at 6:30pm,
  • 12) meeting at 8pm,
  • 13) Step 10 at 9:30pm,
  • 14) Bed at 10pm.

Higher Power, I know that I am completely powerless to work this plan under my own power. I believe you can restore me to sanity sufficient to not procrastinate for this one day. I choose to turn my will (thinking) and my life (actions) for this day over to you, to do with as you will.  I believe this means you will give me the power to abstain from procrastination, if I will seek you in moments of temptation and work this recovery program to the best of my ability. Thank you, Higher Power!

Agnus checking out

  • 1) timecard,
  • 2) Project RM next step,
  • 3) my lunch, J brkfst,
  • 4) J to dr on tim at 1:50pm,
  • 5) Proj AH research,
  • 6) prep for call at 4pm,  Not done - fortunately knew topic well enough to adlib
  • 7) be on time for 4pm call,
  • 8) deal with 5 backlogged emails deleted 10 backlogged emails but dealt with only current ones
  • 9) deal with 5 items from bill basket Not done today
  • 10) walk the dog,
  • 11) dinner at 6:30pm,
  • 12) meeting at 8pm,
  • 13) Step 10 at 9:30pm, It is now 11pm and I have been gaming 20 minutes. Stopping now!
  • 14) Bed at 10pm. Not done today at this time; looks more like 11:20 :-(  progress not perfection! At least it's not an all-nighter like last week.

Ag thanks all (espec HP!)

Doc says J's latest dis-ease is responding to the medication although slowly due to his other health probs. This means they will delay the biopsy decision until early December. We are greatly relieved; you can't imagine how miserable a location this particular problem would be for surgery!:O

Such a beautiful prayer Ag!

thank you for sharing Agnus! Glad to hear you feel better now, crying does help!

and thank you for sharing your prayer it's is beautiful... and I believe He listens more carefully when we place our whole heart in our prayers! i'll join you and the rest of PAs in mines.

Have a great week!



kromer 9:25 CI

Today I got to lab more or less on time, checked on mice, had prayer time, checked email, now I need to settle down to work.

Scheduled are:
*Lab mtg

*dancing :)

MITs are:
*Tag mice
*Updates (done the urgent ones, have non-urgent left to do)
*EdU proposal (have made a little progress)
*RA biosensor detailed plan (have made some progress)

Other tasks are:
*Finish ILL requests
*Work on comp. stuff
*Finish organizing freezer

OK, I'll work on EdU proposal now, then go to lab mtg. When I'm back from lab mtg, I'll make RA biosensor plan, talk to MG about tagging mice, and do updates. 

Vic 11/17

 Show up (done)

1. Go to next level, call CLA at 9:45

Today's challenge: Don't criticize self. How long can I go between self-criticisms?

self challenges

Vic I love your self challenges. I'm using them on myself so keep em comin :)

CL daily overcoming

extra focus extra hours.

challenge now is mostly to not binge.

8am ci :)
805 emerg email only / ck mtgs :)
forgot about ff evals 820-850 :/ but done :)
850 was:815 quiet time :)
910 rdy :)
925 dailies - 11:25 much more work here today, but :)
935 work plan :)
945 str :)
1015 work hard... :)

...praise the lord!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

check out

Sitting in the classroom 1.5 hrs early, waiting for class to start :)

I wish you all much action & motivation today :)

1. Go to Property Class

2. Read: pp 793-804; 806-811; 827-830; 834-837; CS 149 Jury Instruction  (23 pgs)

3. Brief: People v Hernandez, People v Cash, State v Burney

4. Analyze: MPC 2.04(1); 2.09(1) & (2); 3.02

5. Dr. Appt 3:40 pm

6. Drop off schedule in 211 

 At least complete 1, 2 (book brief) & 5 - May complete full briefs on Wed morning -

Whatever is put off until Wed will only add to day of Civ Pro!

I'm beat & can't work anymore. I had a work filled day which is something to be grateful for :)

chick CI

do emails related to n

reply re deadline

print stuff for tomorrow

get immersed in task m

got some scary stuff done. facing anxiety, i realize that deferring creates more anxiety than doing. i am also trying the Stef Burn motivation tip about using negative feelings__ie--how will i feel if I dont do this

Hope-Faith CI 5:00

WOW Roses and Prosick you two are off and running early. Glad to see early post, very encouraging.

Master list moved to Wednesday


roses ci

Hello everyone. Thanks for the sparkling day starter prosick!

I was asleep by half 12 last night, listened to the first half of David Bazan's new LP.

I woke up 20 minutes before my 9am alarm this morning, which I have not done in a long while!

My to do list is carried over from yesterday. I won't begin my rehearsal schedule until next monday.

So other than the usual routine stuff, I have to:
Make benefits claim and doc appt. :) yeah!
Draft daily :), weekly and monthly plans/ goals - instead listed prerequisites for three main goals :)
Draft a weekly rehearsal timetable factoring in other projects and fun time - need to schedule prerequisites too - (almost done).
Read articles on PA. (Read one so far)
Update master plan thread
Think through budgeting

I need to have this done by the end of the week, as once I start rehearsal I'll have little time for planning at all.

To chatbox :) and breakfast :) !

prosick - 1st Check-In 12:53 am

Newbie here, trying my first bookend thing. Since I lose time while online trying to get things done, my first try at this will be short - just deadlines for my time online tonight & estimated times to do each. (Since I'm horrible at estimating how long it really takes, and I'm so detail-oriented I take longer than I think it should take.)

1-Read email from Reb. - 10 min

2-Read other emails - 10 min

3-Check weather forecast - 5 min

4-Read CP blog updates - 20 min

5-Reply to J. -10

6-Upload pic to Flickr - 10

7-Post pic to FB - 10

8-Shutterfly Calendar Prep - 15

Total est. time to spend online - 1 hr 40 min. So ideally I will be wrapping up back here by or before  2:33 am. (Though would be nice if I could finish sooner... gotta get up early tomorrow!)





prosick - 2nd Check-in 2:52 am

I'm back!

Did okay. I was ahead on time, but then ended up spending more time on the calendar. oi.

Actual Times:

1-Read email from Reb. - 4 min

2-Read other emails - 16 min - took longer cuz I replied to one email

3-Check weather forecast - 4 min

4-Read CP blog updates - 18 min

5-Reply to J. - 2 min

6-Upload pic to Flickr - 23 min - took longer cuz I had to export the photo. also added 3 others. and uploaded to Zen. also

7-Post pic to FB - 10 min

8-Shutterfly Calendar Prep - 40 min - way over...

Est. finish time was 2:33 am, actual was 2:50 am. Over, but less than 20 min at least. (Usually it's hours!)

I want to keep working on the Cal. but I'm making myself stop now - sleep is better I think.

The worst thing to do tonight was email J. - I dread it everytime cuz I never know what to write, how to write it, etc. and end up spending so much time on those emails. Tonight, I just wrote a two sentence reply. Not sure if that was a good thing or not. For me, I feel bad about it cuz my perfectionist side knows I could've done a much better job. The other side of me tries to convince me it's okay by saying, "so? It's a stupid little email just intended to keep up contact, not specifically important, just important to the whole picture." I suppose only the reply will tell the truth as to which it was.

Replies/Comments welcome.



welcome prosick!

and thanks for the cheery threadstarter.  you're going to fit in fine around here - many of us have problems with knowing how long things actually will take. I'm a terrible time stimator myself. And many - most - (ALL?) of us have trouble with boundaries around our online time and our perfectionism.  Emails are a problem for me as well. I fear that my "tone of voice" isn't coming across right and I will sound too stuffy or too casual or too personal or too impersonal, etc. actually I've gotten help with that on this PA site, giving me exposure to alot of other people's writing styles in fairly brief snippets here.  Keep coming back - this site really helps.

Thanks Agnus! It's nice to

Thanks Agnus! It's nice to find other people like me! It's a bit of an eye-opener. I just hope I can get this site to work for me. I already see it as wasting time & something I don't want to do... ugh. But then again, I'll go and waste time doing other things not priority on my to-do lists.