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Falcon's work project

Hi pro buddies,

I mentioned in a check-in earlier this week that I have trouble with being disorganized at work, and that I want to change that - using small steps so I can actually succeed (rather than trying to make a total change overnight, which just leads to getting overwhelmed & backsliding.)

I've identified four daily habits I want to do that would really help me be on top of things: checking my tickler file, clearing my paper inbox, clearing my email inbox, and reviewing my projects lists.  Later on I want to add the weekly habit of doing a weekly review, but for now I'll start with the daily habits.

This past week I got my email inbox down to a manageable size, and I started doing the easiest habit, which is to check the tickler file.

My goal for the next week is to check the tickler file every day, and do one other organizational task each day.  (Doesn't matter which one, could be reviewing project lists one day and clearing my email the next, or whatever, just so I do something to stay organized.)  My eventual goal is to do all four daily tasks every day, but this feels like a manageable start for now.

If I DON'T meet this goal, then at the end of the week I will do the exercises in my REBT book for facing behavior, fears and consequences.

If I DO meet this goal, then at the end of the week I'll award myself a point.  Three points and I can buy myself a book or CD. Smile

I'll check in here and report on how I'm doing.




Falcon work project 5/2

Hi everyone,

I'm still working on this - just forgot to post about it for several weeks.

I did three weeks in a row of meeting my goals!  And earned a treat.  I'm thinking I'll take myself out to lunch one day when I want a little stress relief (I've been taking bag lunches to save money, and sometimes miss getting away at lunchtime.)

Then I had two weeks where I was really close but didn't quite meet my goals - this week I thought I had done it, then realized after work on Friday that I had forgotten to review my project lists.

But I'm definitely getting better and the habits are becoming more habitual!

One thing that I think would help would be reviewing my project lists first thing in the morning (or as soon as possible -- sometimes I have to take care of other things when I first come in.)

So I'm going to add that as a goal.  Clear inboxes once a week, check tickler file every day, and review project lists daily as early in the day as possible.


Falcon's work project 3/26

I forgot to post last week, but last week I DID meet my goals, despite being out of the office part of the week.  So I won myself a third point and can get myself a treat.  I finally bough myself the first treat I had earned/promised myself -- a CD which I'm really enjoying and is a nice reminder that I can learn to meet my goals.

This week I was also out of the office part of the week, and was feeling overstimulated from other stuff going on in my life and didn't feel much like concentrating.  I checked the tickler file and reviewed project lists but didn't finish clearing my inboxes, so I brought them home to work on over the weekend.  

I'll do better this coming week.  Same goals: check tickler file, review project lists, clear paper and email inboxes at least once during the week.


Falcon work project 3/14

Hi all,

Yay!  I met my goals this week!  I cleared the print and email inboxes EARLY in the week, and checked my tickler file & reviewed my project lists each day - usually early in the morning, which helps get me set for the day.

I've also been zoning out less and concentrating more, though I have a ways to go on that.

So, I've earned a second point.  One more and I can get myself another treat.  I haven't decided what to treat myself to from the last three points I earned.

For the upcoming week, same goals: clear paper and email inboxes once during the week, check tickler & review project lists each day.

One more week to solidify those habits, then I can start raising the bar.


Falcon work project 3/7

Not so good this week!  I had some things on my mind, was having trouble concentrating, and let myself really drift into goofing off.  I didn't clear my email or paper inboxes.

So, I brought the paper stuff home, and logged onto webmail this evening, and got both cleared out.  It was totally not fun to have to bring it home to do.  I really need to learn my lesson about not procrastinating at work.


Dang it, I AM GOING to develop good work habits, no matter how often I have to keep bringing myself back to it.

The good thing is that it's done now, and I'll start off the week organized.  Let's see if I can do better this week!


FAlcon work project 2/27

Hi all,

I did it!  I made my goals this week, and that despite the fact that we had 1 1/2 snow days.  For once, I got my inboxes cleared early in the week, so that was already out of the way.  And I checked my tickler file and reviewed my project lists each day.

So, I earned a point.  Smile For the upcoming week, same goals.  If I can stay consistent with them over the next couple of weeks, then I can start raising the bar a little bit.  


Falcon's work project 2/21

I did it!  Finally!  I met all my goals this week!  Last week got totally discombobulated due to snow days (one of which was unexpected) and lots of catching up to do when we got back.

But this week I did it. . . I checked my tickler file and reviewed my projects lists each day, and got a backlog cleared so I could clear my paper inbox and email inbox once each during the week.  

So I've earned a point, and can buy myself a book or CD.  Yay!  That will be nice, since I'm trying to be real frugal right now, so a small earned splurge will be a special treat.

For this coming week, same goals - check tickler and review projects lists daily, clear paper and email inboxes once each during the week.



Falcon's work project 2/6

Hi all,

I didn't make my goals this week.  I'm definitely doing well at checking my tickler file & reviewing my projects lists, and did make some headway on clearing my email inbox.  But I didn't get either inbox completely clear, and didn't check my project list one day because I gave in to a fear of feeling overwhelmed.

It was a shorter week than I expected because I ended up being out sick one day, but that's not really an excuse - if I had used my time better when I was in, and made being organized a priority, I could definitely have met my goals.

So, I did my writing exercise this evening.  That's really helpful; it keeps me aware of what I'm doing and reminds me that I don't like the long-term consequences when I'm not organized.

I'm struggling with making this change. . . it's a long-standing habit that I'm working on.  Even if I'm not meeting my goals every week, I am gradually becoming more mindful when I'm at work, and am gradually making progress.

For the upcoming week, same goals: check tickler and review project lists each day, get paper and email inboxes cleared at least once during the week. 



Falcon's work project 2/2. Boo, hiss! :-b

Hi all,

Well, I really fell off the wagon last week!

I didn't actually do too terribly at work - I met some of my goals.  But I also forgot to review my project lists a couple of times and blew it off once.

I didn't do my writing exercise over the weekend, which I had committed to doing if I didn't meet my goals.  And I didn't check in here.  Three strikes -- boo, hiss, Falcon! Tongue out

So I am making amends by checking in now.  I did a shortened version of the writing exercise this morning.  And yesterday at work I got back on the wagon & checked my tickler file & reviewed my project lists.  (Going in later today to work an evening shift.)

Same goals for this week. . . check tickler file and review project lists each day.  Clear email inbox and paper inbox each at least once during the week.

Back on the wagon. . . 


Falcon work project 1/24

O.k., this week I checked my tickler file daily, got my project lists updated, and cleared my paper and email inboxes. 

Granted, I did it partly by bringing some things home to organize, but that's o.k.  Sometimes the organizing piece is easier at home where I can look at tasks more objectively with no immediate pressure to get them done.

So, I earned a point!  One more & I can buy myself a book or CD.

Goals for the coming week:  Check tickler file AND review project list daily.  Clear paper and email inboxes at least once during the week.

I think I can do that.  I'll keep you all posted!  Smile


Falcon work project 1/15

O.k., met my goals this week!  (And earned a point!)

Here's what I need to do for next week:


  • Over the holiday weekend, go through and update my projects list.  Mindmap all my projects to make sure everything is listed and weed out old stuff. 


I hate to bring stuff home over the weekend, but I need to do this in order to get my lists up-to-date.

I'll be out for the holiday on Mon., and at a workshop most of Tues., so I'll really only have three days.  During the week I need to:


  • Clear out paper inbox
  • Clear email inbox
  • Check tickler file each day 


We'll see how I do!  Thanks to everyone who's posted encouragement! 


Well done, this is great to

Well done, this is great to hear! Keep it up :)

HI Falcon

I too can very much relate to being disorganized at work. I am so behind on many projects.

I think for me I do too much personal stuff, especially when I think I have things in order...then it all falls to schnutz (word made up by me)..I'm very miserable at work, but I do want & need to get things done.

I will also need to break things down into small measures.

Looking forward to hearing more about your progress...

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Falcon work project 1/8/10

So. . . 

I took a break from my work project during the short week before the holiday (probably a bad idea) then was away on vacation.

This week was my first week back.  But since I had let things slide somewhat before the break, my inboxes had piled up and it was going to be a big task to clear them.  

I could still have done it, but I chose to blow it off instead.  Frown  Well, not entirely.  I did get a start on clearing out, so that it will be easier to do a daily clear-out next week.

Since I didn't follow through on my goals, I followed through on my commitment and did my set of written exercises this evening.  That was helpful. . . reminded me that the more I stay disorganized at work, the less I like the consequences.

So I will do better in the upcoming week.  The goal is to check my tickler file and do one other organizational task each day, and to make sure that includes clearing my email inbox at least once during the week.  I still have some backlog, so it will be a challenge, but I can do it.

As an added incentive, my book arrived that I had ordered as a reward for the first three weeks that I stuck to my goals, and I enjoyed reading it.  A good reminder that I'm capable of making this change!



Well done for getting back

Well done for getting back on the horse - you can do it!

Falcon work project 12/11

I did it this week!  Each day I checked the tickler and either cleared my paper inbox or reviewed my projects list.  It's going to take a while for this to become a habit, but I'm getting there.

What I haven't done enough of is clearing my email inbox.  I didn't realize how much email I was amassing every day!

So for this week, the goal is again to check the tickler file and clear an inbox or review the projects list each day, AND to get my email inbox completely clear by the end of the week.  I'll be out of the office much of Monday and Tuesday (and the email will keep coming while I'm out) so it may take me the rest of the week to do it.  While I'm at it, I can think about ways to streamline my email processing so that it doesn't accumulate so much.

Meanwhile, I've earned my three points and can buy myself a book or CD.  Woot!  I feel a little guilty about it because money is tight & I've been trying to cut back on spending.  But I think this is important as an incentive. . . a way of telling myself that changing my work habits really matters.  I'll think of it as an investment, and hopefully it will help me stay serious about changing my patterns.


Falcon's work project 12/18

I did it!  I stayed with my goal of checking tickler file & doing one other organizing task each day, and I got my email inbox cleared by the end of the week (which took some doing!)  It looks like I'm going to have to really be in the habit of deleting/filing emails as they come in if I want to stay on top of that.

I'll keep the same goals for next week.  Then when I start up again after the holidays, I can think about taking on a little more.  Meanwhile, I ordered a martial arts book that interested me for my first three "points" and earned another point this week.  Yay!


This is awesome, well done!

This is awesome, well done!

Thanks, Lucky!

Thanks, Lucky!

The trick seems to be making small incremental changes that I can actually follow through on successfully.  It feels slow, but I think in the long run I'll have a good set of habits. Smile  

Plus the "carrot and stick" approach helps, and so does having all you wonderful folks to check in with!


Aw, thank you!  The

Aw, thank you!

 The 'small incremental changes' idea sounds really good for me - I'm always 'going to be perfect tomorrow' - I don't really do the small incremental changes thing and if it works for you I might want to.. :)

Falcon's work project - 2 out of 3

Hi all,

I forgot to check in last week, but I did meet my goals!  O.k., granted it was a short week because of the holiday.  Smile  But I felt good that I stayed with it even though I felt unmotivated.  So for that week I earned a second point.

This week, I fell off the wagon.  I didn't clear my inboxes or review my projects, and I got behind on being organized the last few days -- email inbox and paper inbox filled up. 

So this weekend I will do the REBT exercises to get myself back on track.  To help myself for next week, I started tackling the email today, and will work on it some more tomorrow (I'm taking Friday off) so that next week it will be easier to follow through on my goals.


Falcon bookending work project

O.k., I committed to doing exercises to get myself back on track at work.  Going to do that now.


Falcon bookend CO

O.k., done with that.  I think my goals are realistic & doable, and I will do better this week.


Falcon work project check-in

Hi pro buddies,

I did it!  Checked my tickler file each day this week, and either cleared one of my inboxes or checked my project list each day.  Giving myself a point toward a book or CD.  Smile

It felt worthwhile - even doing just one thing a day, I felt a little more organized & on top of things.

It was a challenge, though.  I think at this point if I take on more I'll feel overwhelmed and not stay with it.  So I'm keeping the goal the same for the coming week.  Later on, once it gets ingrained as a habit, I can start adding more.

Thanks for listening!  (Well, for reading.  You know what I mean. Wink)


Falcon work project check-in

Hi all,

Just checking in to say it's Thursday, and so far I'm meeting my goal.  Each day I've checked my tickler file and done one other get-organized task.  It's been a long week at work for other reasons, so it's especially good that I'm doing well so far.  One more day to go!


  Congratulations on


Congratulations on your success!!!