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The monk who sold his Ferrari


I just finished reading this great book! I cannot believe it was sitting in my studio for 3 or 4 years without moving from page 20. It's such a good one!

I could make a small summary of the book... but I found someone else who already did a better job at it. The summary is quite good in itself, but I really recommend you to get the book and five it a try:

It came to me in a great moment... after a month after arriving to this forum. I have seen progress in me... but not much. This book presents me  lot of practical ideas to do one of the things I've asked more: Developing good habits!

I mean, I do know I procrastinate. Sometimes I do it hard! And it's not that I don't recognize it when it arrives, I just cannot stop it. It's not that I don't see the importance or foresee the consequences of my doing (or actually non-doing)... it's just that most of the times I just don't care.

A fe days ago I recognized that procrastination overcoming is about developing good habits that replace my bad habits... and I asked, ok, so now someone suggest what are those good habits I need to develop...

I cannot deny God was listening to me... I found the book the next day and within it's pages I found a set of habits worth developing,  and not only that, it was presented to me as easy to follow recipes in the form of rituals:


  1. Ritual of solitude
  2. Ritual of physicality
  3. Ritual of live nourishment
  4. Ritual of abundant knowledge
  5. Ritual of personal reflection
  6. Ritual of early morning awakening
  7. Ritual of music
  8. Ritual of the spoken word
  9. Ritual of congruent character
  10. Ritual of simplicity


Again, I will not write about it here... what I'll do is give it a try... and just as the author suggests: building a habit requires doing this rituals daily for at least 21 days in a row...  

I will also embrace the mantra suggested for building discipline... which, by the way is my major weakness and main cause of my procrastination:

I am more than I appear to be. All the world's strength and power rest inside me.

I'll use it in spanish as it's easier for me to repeat in my native tongue:

Soy mas de lo que aparento, toda la fuerza y el poder del mundo están en mi interior. 

that sounds like a great book :)

Hi OCz!

That sounds like a great book! :) I have put it on my list to read.

Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)