Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recycler 1st major progress in long time

Hi Pro Buddies!

PA helps me a lot with my day-to-day tasks -- that is significant success enough on it's own.

Overnight company was coming this weekend & that provided enough additional motivation to get the guest room in order. Whew!

Accomplished: rooms were clear enough that guest could have their own private room and bath. Previously I was thinking it would be after 01-15-10 before getting to this point, so I feel very thankful for the way the additional circumstances motivated me. PA has helped me be strategic in what I have been doing. Guest still saw boxes that were stacked up, but they know the real me, not just an image, so that's ok.

Guest was also able to help me outfit part of a room in the condo for a meditation area, so I will be giving that a try during the winter.

Different people celebrate different holidays, but I've got a bunch of holidays coming up. This weekend helps me feel optimistic that the condo will be equally this presentable or better for guests in Nov/Dec. Whew!

Anyway, I appreciate PA for helping me keep going, even if it feels like inch-by-inch a lot of days! ;)

5:45pm. ok, I had to move boxes back into the guest room, so that my main rooms & bedroom will be clear during the week. Since that is done, I can now relax and have a good week. I should have at least one opportunity before the holidays to sort boxes. Next: I need to get my things ready to take to work/gym tomorrow.

Have a great week, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 3:30 CI

I've had a tough week. I just went to church, which was pretty good.

I've been praying about my lack of motivation and tasks seeming heavy. Today I got what felt like an answer from my HP: "Fake it til you make it."  That's kind of hard advice, but it feels true. I'll do my best to have faith and follow.

So: today I absolutely need to check over my take-home midterm, go grocery shopping, cook a healthy dinner, and make a schedule for next week.

If I have extra time, I'd also like to take care of finacial stuff, organize my computer files and start checking over paper supp. 

OK, heading to get a healthy snack now, then I'll check over 2 problems from my midterm. 

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Agnus check-in

Took yesterday as a semi-sabbath - did some very enjoyable yard work including major tree trimming (4'10" me on ladder with chainsaw :O - God was surely on hand...).  I feel SO happy now when I look out my front window! The rest of the day I did 12-step service and meetings, rested a bit, visited family a little, and had a blast decorating for and enjoying the Halloween trick-or-treaters. The little ones were SO cute with their Princess and Angel and Nascar and "spooky" costumes!

This morning I kept thinking: oh well, the time change bought us an extra hour so let's snooze and get up when I darn well feel like it...which was too late for church! It also set my eating schedule awry and hence the rest of the day, errrgh. So now I'm backing into the day based on commitments I must meet this evening:

  • 7:30 Big Book meeting
  • 6:15 meet with Sponsor to review my recent Steps 1-2-3 work
  • 5:45 leave to meet Sponsor
  • 5:25 eat dinner (ask J to clean up)
  • 5:00 prepare dinner
  • 4:30 pay household bills
  • 4:00 timecard and schedule for the week; notify team
  • 3:00 RM/E workplan revision
  • 1:30 WorkHealth process plan
  • 1:10 lunch
  • now: check email for status on server exchange


Agnus giving up for today

I've done nothing of the above list except some food prep, meals and email. I have  spent the rest of the day piddling around minor housework, reading, playing online and vegging. I sort of drifted into a "decision" - maybe awareness? - that I really do need a day of rest/play and a real 2-day weekend off from my paid work, like "normal" people get.

I am also aware that during my Step 11 this morning, I never really got God's will for the direction of my day; rather, I sort of panicked about sleeping late, prayed and then wrote up a plan for doing what I (operative word) thought should be done by tomorrow's wake-up.  Maybe the lack of power (always my dilemma) today is rooted in this fact.

I feel very tired like it's more God's will for me to just rest and relax. There's always the danger that this is the addiction talking, of course. But since I decided in Step 2 that God is more powerful than my addiction, and in Steps 3&11 to ask Him for inspiration, intuitive thoughts and godly decisions, I just have to trust that's what I'm getting.

Wow Agnus

I feel you really worked your right brain, I feel everything you did above was right brain work and could not be accomplished with the left brain list.

I too believe  trust: inspiration, intuitive thoughts and godly decisions these things are right brain thoughts.

Only my thought, take what you whant and leve the rest.

thanks vic

that clarifies for me, why I need a real 2-day weekend. i'm told i have a well-integrated left-right brain as well as almost dead-even extrovert-introvert orientation. my work at home involves a great deal of left brain effort and introversion, so by the weekend my right brain extrovert is crying out for some exercise! 

potential energy 9:07

I have a ton to do today.  Most important is taking son to Zoo as promised.  Since I promised it, I feel compelled to procrastinate and do 20 other "important" things.  This is most important!

Z- go to zoo,        practice violin        study word list       write in bk.

Home-   clean for at least 1.5-2 hrs.

Work-    send email today to D.K.        call N.K.  Call X.Z   TODAY



Vic 11/1

 Show up opens the door , thanks for being here(done)

Found the most perfect plan for me :An Imperfect One!! ck in later.

fudoshin - my commitment -4:18am

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



A few days ago I made the following resolves, only to cease to follow through, because I didn't feel these things were an issue, but I think they are an issue.  I'm not a normal person; I'm an addict.  It's just the way it is. I am going to have to think about what works  best for me, but I think solidifying a commitment here is what helps me more than anything.  For some reason using the higher power of the program is my ticket to accountability.

I need to make some bottomlines.  Some ways in which I need to live my life. A life plan, of what I deem to do.

  • I read my goals and affirmations everyday.
  • I brush my teeth and use listerine each morning.
  • I brush my teeth, I floss, I use listerine and a periodontic brush before bed.
  • I get six hours of sleep every night. 
  • I exercise once a day for at least thirty minutes. 
  • I come on time for classes and appointments.  I show up for classes and appointments.
  • I submit and complete assignments on time.
  • I brush my hair before leaving in the morning and I always look presentable.

I have to avoid the following sites for the next five weeks that I am in school.  I can use them on and after December 17th:

  • and their associated fan lines
  • and any other youtube celebrity fan sites
  •,,, any form of public blogging that is not a movie review

Edge's CI - 8:03am

Morning. Will add stuff once I come back from work.

x shower
x hmed 1
x bmed 1
x 8am meds x2
- TU170 homework
- 4pm med
- bmed 2
- bmed 3
- hmed 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 7:56pm

x shower
x hmed 1
x bmed 1
x 8am meds x2
* TU170 homework - sent teacher email
x 4pm med
- bmed 2 (missed this because had to stay at work late =/)
x bmed 3
x hmed 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson