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How did I chose my goals

Trying to pay back all the wonderful help I have received...I am very grateful
Have you written your goals yet?
This is how I did it, it took a few months of inner search
All started with a series of adversity events that rocked my world and left me shaking. reaching out for help I received a very consistent message: Take care of yourself, be selfish (not mean, just selfish).

So, I embarked in learning about the art of self-care.

I joined a support group, read a couple of books, completed a self awareness online workshop (as you can see I was very serious about stopping my suffering and getting better at being a functioning adult)

After all that I was left with a mission, define your top 5 values, what brings you joy?

Yep, values are not about being right or wrong, it is about the pursue of happiness.
So I started thinking about it and discovered them

1) Me time
2) Mothering
3) Enjoying nature
4) My relationship with others, helping others
5) Couplehood

Yes I have an interest on other things like photography and gardening (I don’t do any of those) but my core values are listed above.
From there I evaluated if I was where I wanted to be for them, the answer was no, so my first goals were born.
Goals to ensure I can enjoy my core joy-emanating values
For example

1) Me time, no, not enough of it, so I want to reduce my working hours, which also helps with #2. This Goal translated into lifestyle goals (declutter, simplify and live with less, be debt free, be a wahm) See how it happens?

I hope none of you need a series of adversity events to sit down and identify your core values. Do it as if your life depended on it, which it actually does...
Also, do dream big. I decided I wanted more time for me, heck, I will get more time for me.
Don't let anybody tell you ” If it was so easy everybody would do it”. It is not easy, I am doing it anyway.


Thanks for sharing these tips Radiance

"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard