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My number three problem = Too many goals (Resolved!)

I know it is good to identify and write down your goals

I did, but I already have 11 and most are big goals that require a lot of tasks and a lot of time.

And, guess what? almost all all critical to me.

I think it is because I only started to redefine my own life and going after what I want for the last year or so. I have a lot to catch up with, many areas of my life that I want different, better.

I have mothering goals, those are important

I have nutrition and meal planning goals, those are important

I have a situation with my parent moving in with me in a couple of years and I have planning and research to do. this is important

I want to become a WAHM while my son is still a kid, this is important

I have financial planning goals, these are important

I have retirement planning to do, this is important and I am starting late

i have emotional and spiritual growth goals, important!

And that just to mention a few!

 If  I pick one, the other 10+ get neglected

If I work on all at once, nothing gets done and/or I go insane

Not to mention I have a full time job (Thanks god) and a household with a toddler (another major blessing) to take care of 


Any words of wisdom, please, very please?

Gave myself permission to work on one thing at a time!

This is great! Laughing

I've given myself permission to focus on one and only one of my goals: Meal planning
The rest will be there waiting for me in March.

So, I was reading a magazine that has a great 1 month meal plan, which relates to my current goal.

As I browsed  I ran into tips for business at home and I did have a response to start reading, but I reminded myself that is not the active goal at the moment.

In response to that logic, I feared I would miss on critical information, I might forget about this article and then get frustrated because I read "something somewhere" and I could not remember!. But I didn't fall for that, if I don't remember about this specific piece of information I will have to do without.
In return I will be able to concentrate on my active goal and it will therefore get done.

The distractions are everywhere but it is not time for that, I only work on my active goal, it is ok to wait and it is ok not to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves today. I will let them pass because they don't relate to my current goal.

I highly recommend this!

I still have my other two problems to work on...(separate topics on this forum)

My number one problem= waiting for the last minute
My number two problem = Frozen by excitement and anticipation.

Thank you again guys!

Reconsidering my goals!

I was afraid to hear that...

I am afraid I will be at fault for not getting some or any of these things done.

ok, so, I cannot do everything, so


1) Do I pick a few tasks from every goal and allow myself to take my time moving forward OR

2) DO I pick one goal and work at it one step at a time. This requires allowing me to put all my other goals on hold.


I feel the consequences of delaying are so big.

Let's say I drop spiritual growth for now, ok, I can do that

I worked on my personal finances for 7 months and got them to a decent place, so I can leave that as is for some time

My mothering stuff, I can play it by ear for a while, research can wait for a few months


If I drop retirement planning, considering I am on my late thirties and have none, that would be very bad.

My parents moving in is impending, I need to be prepared

Meal planning is affecting my health, my pocket and my sanity. If I delay that, those three will suffer, on continue to suffer

Becoming a WAHM while my son is little needs to happen while he is still little!


ok, at least I got down to 4..hey, that wasn't that bad. Let me do more

My parent will not move in at least a year, so I can delay this one for 6 months. on hold until March 2010

Retirement planning could also wait 6 moths, march 2010

Meal planning is cornerstone to many things that are important to me: health, the budget I do have, peace of mind.

Becoming a WAHM will be easier if I have meal planning in better shape, I wanted this on or before my son turned 3, I have a year and a half, I guess I can delay this one for 4 months while I focus on meal planning.


wow! ok! So now I need to take my meal planning to a decent shape (now it is a big mess) in 4 months. That is doable!


Wow journey, thank you so much. I need to allow myself to wait on the others.


So I guess the solution is to really look at the priority, what needs are fulfilled with the completion of a goal and what happens if you delay it 3,6 months, a year?


This was a very revealing exercise!



You're quite an inspiration

You've got two steps ahead of me (God, I need to work on this as well, please give me strenght!)

1) you've already wrote down your goals!

2) now with help from Journey you've beeen able to narrow down the list a bit and come up with a) priorities b) timelines to start working on your next priorities

So, I guess next step is to start working on your first goal...

I wish you the best!

re: reconsidering

Yay!  glad it helped.  


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

re:too many goals

lol I think you are me!  You gotta realize you can't do everything, prioritize, and let the rest go.  I know.  It's hard.  :grin:  And with a toddler, it's even harder.

I want to read every book on my list, cook nutritous meals every night, have a spotless house, work 60 hours a week, study for certification, learn Spanish, learn to knit, spend more time with my grandkids, keep my car spotless, organize everything in my house, stick to my budget 100% of the time, lose 20 pounds, have a yard sale, volunteer at the public library, spend more time with my mom . . . I could go on and on lol. 

"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard