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Thursday 24th August 2006

slider's sneaking in

Yesterday I left the following undone the last time I checked in:

To Do:
--pick up DS from band at 4:30 (done)
--remind DS of his chores (done)
--check email (done)
----prepare wedding bulletin (DONE!!!!)
X---schedule home communions for remainder of month
X-discuss and make a plan for after-school chauffering (part-way, no resolution)
X-discuss chores/allowance plan I devised with DH and with kids (ditto)
X-develop weekly schedule further to include home chores, exercise, and regular fun
X-look ahead to other professional responsibilities for the rest of August and nearest ones in September and make a plan
--eat supper (done)
--evening routine (done)

Also did:
--examined and ordered replacement Sunday School curriculum after teachers objected to the difficulty of what we had already ordered
--attended minister's meeting at lunch
--conducted healing meditation
--prepared sermon
--selected hymns
--conducted worship service at nursing home
--took DD to dinner
--attended marching band event with whole family
--went to grocery store
--fruitlessly searched denominational websites regarding health insurance and "behavioral health" (i.e., getting back on meds for depression and ADD)--spent hours but didn't learn all the ins and outs of new system. My previous psychiatrist is not listed as a provider :(
--time-binged on clergy apparel I don't plan to buy right now
--time-binged researching smartphones vs. laptops again
--time-binged researching timers and watches searching for watch that beeps hourly or even more often
--purchased medianet plan for cell phone (did I say this somewhere already?)
--practiced accessing yahoo on cellphone
--decided to purchase palm treo 650 (the 700s are not available on cingular) with some of my inheritance money but did not order yet
--paid off credit card so I can use it for treo purchase
--played lots of spider solitaire, regular solitaire, freecell, and minesweeper while I waited for my abysmally slow dial-up to download
--finished a book and started another

Tomorrow is Friday (yes I KNOW it's already Friday--shhh!), and I have a wedding rehearsal to do. In the morning I'll oversee the copying of the bulletin. Before that, though, DH and I need to go sign power of attorney form at CPA so she can talk to IRS about all our nasty taxes. Tomorrow is a big day--I better get ready for bed and conk out asap. Will get up at 6:30.

good job

Looks like you got a lot done. Good luck with the CPA tommorrow. I'm sure it will be a relief to have some help with the taxes.

pro's CI - 10:30pm

I brushed my teeth after all.

I didn't straighten up and there's a dish or two that's unwashed, but nothing major. I'll do it in the morning.

I'm very tired. Bed now! I'll catch up on posts tomorrow, too.

pro's CI - 10:15pm

I'm back in New York and very tired and want to go to bed without brushing my teeth or doing anything else. Is that okay? They won't rot out of my mouth if I do it just once. I'm so tired - really want to just go to sleep.

Norm 6.10 PM

Full weekly review done.
Got seriously sidetracked revising my DA system on Outlook, LOL!
Re-allocated times to the tasks I didn't do }:)

Date Night next! See ya tomorrow!

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pro's CI - 11am

Sent job application and email to friend with connections who can help.

Now I'm late and have to run!

job application

good job on getting a job application done. That is the kind of thing LOTS of people procrastinate about (including myself).

Yeah, excellent!

Maybe the structure will be beneficial--hope that you really like it if you get this position, AND that you will still get your creations going!

pro's CI - 10:30am

I've been anxiously awaiting to hear from the person I sent nearly $1000 to on eBay about the shipping of my new MacBook. I finally got an email last night. The computer was shipped last night, and should arrive in New York on Monday. I can't wait!

~~~~~~~~~~~Ta Da~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Packed up.
  • Killed another fly (two now). :)
  • Took pills.

~~~~~~~~~~~To Do~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Apply for job and write to friend to notify I did it (so he can talk to his contact at the company.


I killed the fly by swatting it with a wash cloth. Maybe it was just that one fly.

Anyway... I didn't take my pills last night - forgot. That's what happens when I don't follow my routines. But it's hard when you're out of town to follow routines. Also, I was a little upset last night (see my CI from yesterday's thread).

I need to take my pills this morning, send in my application for a job someone told me about, then email the "somebody" because he has an "in" at this company and might be able to help me.

Then, if there's still time before I have to leave (there probably won't be), I'll answer customer messages. I'm already dressed and packed.

pro's CI - 10:15am

There are zillions of flies here, and they are driving me crazy. There were zillions of flies where I had breakfast, and also in the room where I'm staying. I'm going mad!!

I have to leave in 45 max - need to finish several things in that time.

I can't take the flies - not even sure I can type...

Blah - I'll check in later (maybe).

Norm's 2.30 pm BST BE

Hey, todayfirst are you not speaking to me today? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Having put off my Weekly Review I'm now Time Bingeing on it. I've got it down for today and tomorrow, but at this rate I won't need to do any more tomorrow. The good news is that, because I've been reviewing my stuff I've found out that a town festival that I thought I was going to on Monday (it's a public holiday here - I don't know why) is actually on Sunday, so I ~can~ do my planning on Monday after all, so I'll transfer those tasks back over to Monday where they should be (according to my new BWP), as today is looking rather crowded!

WEEKLY REVIEW (David Allen Style)

Loose Papers
*Gather all scraps of paper, business cards, receipts, and miscellaneous paper. Put into your in-basket to process.

Process Your Notes
*Review and journal/notes types of entries, meeting notes, and miscellaneous notes scribbled on notebook paper. Decide and enter action items, projects, waiting-fors, etc., as appropriate.

This took me a while - emptied the in-tray though (though I still have the 'Still-In-Box' on the floor behind me).

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*Put in writing (in appropriate categories) any new projects, action items, waiting-fors, someday/maybes, etc., not yet captured.

Review Action Lists
*Mark off completed actions. Review for reminders of further action steps to record.

Review Waiting-For List
*Record appropriate actions for any needed follow-up. Check off received ones.

Review Project (and Larger Outcome) Lists
*Evaluate status of projects, goals and outcomes, one by one, ensuring at least one current action item on each. Browse through work-in-progress support material to trigger new actions, completions, waiting-fors, etc.

Review Previous Calendar Data
*Review past calendar in detail for remaining action items, reference data, etc., and transfer to the active system.

Review Upcoming Calendar
*Review upcoming calendar events - long and short term. Capture actions triggered.

Review Any Relevant Checklists
*Use as a trigger for any new actions.

Review Someday/Maybe List
*Review for any projects that may now have become active, and transfer to projects list. Delete items no longer of interest.

Be Creative and Courageous
*Any new, wonderful, harebrained, creative, thought-provoking, risk-taking ideas to add into your system???


Actually, I'm feeling peckish again. I think it's time for a quick snack and tea break. Timer's on for 10 mins!

Later: 2.52 pm - back from break

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What an awesome system!

I am really impressed! After this weekend (wedding to perform) I want to look again at this for ideas. I've been looking for GTD here, but I will have to go to the city to find a copy.

GTD book

I had to order mine - can't get anything like that round here.

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Hi Normy,

Sorry... I wasn't being very sociable, was I? I almost didn't post this AM because I felt bad about blowing off most of yesterday afternoon. Anyways, I'm feeling better now. I'm impressed that you are going through the FULL weekly review list. Mine is usually more like... spend 15 minutes skimming my todo lists, adding and updating where needed. Better than nothing!

Glad to see you

Did coming on and posting help today? I waited too long. I'm hoping that my very late post will at least remind me tomorrow morning about what I need to be up to.

todayfirst 8:40 AM EST

I'm feeling tired and discouraged this AM so I just made up a short wake up/cheer up routine that includes things I think will help. Hope it's not just another way to procrastinate ;) Then I'll get on with my work... Actually, to make sure I don't use it to procrastinate, maybe I'll do some work first and use it as a break/reward.

- Got up and got to work. That's about it.

- Rough draft of document
- Wake up/cheer up routine
- Program - test/debug stuff I wrote on Tuesday
- Project X - Check into source control
- Project X - Burn onto 2 CD's
- Draft plan for next week

Norm's 12.45pm BST BE

Well, since I was stopping for a cup of tea, I thought I'd incorporate it into my lunch break. I took an hour and 10 mins and finished off the Daytime Routine (including Ddog's second walk - and it's beautiful weather out there too! :D )

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Norm 11.22 am

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*Got up early and took DSO to work for 7.30 am (his pushbike conked out)
*Morning Routine
*Most of Daytime Routine
*Responded to client Emails (I did this earlier and forgot to say)
*Start of Workday Routine (I did this earlier and forgot too)
*CUOP Tuesday's day thread
*Started today's BE
*Washed bathrobes (I always seem to forget this without my reminder, LOL! Maybe now I've told you all I'll remember like I'm doing with my vitamins :) )
*Printed Task List from Outlook and prioritised the work items (today is a self-emp work day)
*Identified the Frog (following up a room hire enquiry)
*Checked my new Basic Weekly Plan list here
*Checked mobile phones charged up
*Made three phone calls (I hate making phone calls, so they were Frogs)
*Placed a business order
*Checked dates of future one-to-ones
*Emailed consultant and two clients
*Wrote 'thank you' card to a course organiser

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This looks like more than one day to me! I need to look at what's happening tomorrow and see if I can spread this out over two days.

*Cup of tea
*Check out tomorrow's tasks and see if I can divide the following over two days
*Weekly Review
*Prep for 1:1s next week (this will be a Monday task in future)
*Prep for Monday classes (again, will be Mondays in future)
*Project Plan - yoga therapy courses
*Project Plan - Pranayama & Relaxation classes
*Contact venue re poss Thursdays
*Copy MP3 to disk and check it out as relaxation music (poss contact re making relaxation CD?) (I don't know how to do this yet!)
*Project Plan - Yoga Nidra CD (Contact S re recording)
*Yoga Newsletter
*Homework - 1)follow up asthma query 2) CV notes 3) LBP assignment (unlikely to do all three, but I'll check priorities when I get to this task)
*Accounts 1) print and file last year's accounts 2)this year's accounts
*Filing and shredding
*Write to student on same course as me
*Use Amazon Gift Cert - check Task List re book recs for business
*End of Workday Routine

I'm not sure what I mean by 'Project Plan' - probably define next actions and when I can do them.

*Date Night: DVD/Play Game/Early night

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2 days

yah... this definitely looks like more than one days list!

Norm's 9.50 am BE

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*Got up early and took DSO to work for 7.30 am (his pushbike conked out)
*Morning Routine
*Most of Daytime Routine
*CUOP Tuesday's day thread
*Started this thread (can't hang around because timer's gone off - I'm resisting the urge to read yesterday's thread and to check the SHEsInTouch board)

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*Finish my list of things to do today
*Do them! :D
*Date Night: DVD/Play Game/Early night

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Feeling good and proactive today. The Andrea Perry book I've been reading is very nurturing and positive, and really helping me feel good about myself.

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