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Thursday September 17, 2009

“The 90% Rule”
“90% of life is showing up.”

The long version is: “Most of the success in your life will come from being where you need to be, ready to do what you need to do.”

Lucky fails at CI again BUT...

...boss is back at work and much better, and I did have another productive day regardless of CI fail... thanks people <3 <3 <3

Recycler CI 6:45pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Thanks for the threadstarter, vic :) I totally agree with the quote about Showing Up :)

To describe Sept, I can finally define what is going on. While technically a lot of it would be in the category of the Same Stuff, for some reason, there is A Lot More Emotional Intensity coming from my coworkers, + from various experiences I am having, etc. That increases my own [hidden] Emotional Intensity, so that is why I have felt so overwhelmed this month. ((sigh)). No wonder I am in program(s). Shucks! Well, at least there *are* programs available.

This morning, I walked to the gym, did some additional treadmill, did my stretching & 95% of my ab exercises.

Baseball analogy: at work this morning, I kept making a lot of easy base hits, so that's good. In late morning, some emotional intensity from a bizarre work-related phone call. I had brought my lunch, but to get a break after the emotional intensity, I went out & got a sandwich. In the afternoon, I continued getting things done. At the end of the day I updated my assignment list for Friday; it looks pretty good. I think I can get some things done tomorrow :)

I walked home from work. I heated & ate dinner, and I've started a load of clothes in the washer. Thursday night is a good night for me to do some pre-weekend stuff. While tonight will be puttering around, I think I will also be Getting Some Stuff Done. I hope to update my CI later.

8:30pm. I washed 2 loads of clothes, and have dried, folded & put away various parts of those loads. I started a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I called my dad. I sorted most of the mail & read a magazine. I'm getting a good start on things for the weekend. Next: brush & floss teeth, and wash & moisturize face. Read a couple more things before bedtime.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

potential energy 6:25

Hello everyone! 

Well I finally got my car inspected-overdue, but missed my son's violin practice w/ the new teacher- I was confused about the time and called to say we were going to be a few minutes late as we were driving. The recep. told me I was actually an hour plus a few minutes late and don't botherFrown-ah well.  He did make it to his group lesson yesterday.

Do any of you ever worry or notice the impact of your procrastination on your children?  I am trying so hard to get it under control for my son's sake (as well as my own).


 Z:  take Z. to violin   car to garage          pick z up from school      Z      z practi    read bookw/z      wordlist         play        home/school meeting  

 Work:    write daily notes-overdue!!   outline key points of presentations  work on reports at least one hour     get cpr done and submitted before they have to ask for it

Home :   clothes out for tomorrow    make lunches       check tom. sched for work    tomorrow        print up reg.   Find insurance card            get printer ink                   

checkk-in (1:00PM)

I know where I'm at...fighting with step 1!! It feels so good though to know that I'm not fighting alone.

Having a hard time getting started at work today. Had p.t. this a.m., with a new place because the other place was making things worse AND OVERCHARGING ME!!

Anyway, I will start with something easy to get me in the flow and hope to increase the complexity. Will hopefully check in later.

Safe travels today, my pro friends!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

OCz CI day3

A good startup! I got 10 minutes earlier to work!

Also starting to feel a bit better as I managed to strikethrough a few items fom my past couple days list:

  1. A minute to talk with God!
  2. Thank you all for your support!
  3. @W - Create POs for Mtr and Tcl
  4. @H - Cleanup desk to avoid working at the table so close to the TV
  5. @H - Take kitchen bar size and send it to G. for quote 
  6. Thank God for whatever I get to accomplish!

Unfortunately there's a few items I must bring today + some aditions:

  1. A minute to talk with God!
  2. Thank you all for your support!
  3. @W. 15m email morning check
  4. @PA. CI 
  5. @W. Place POs:
    1. CC
    2. Ugn
    3. BBs
  6. @W. Confirm Info and send PO for Mtr & Tcl
  7. @W. Email FV /BaM
  8. @W. Fill W Svy
  9. @W. Close Mry Css
  10. @W. Fup on MOP
  11. @W. Reply about AnFP migration
  12. @W. Reply about NPerAcct migration
  13. @W. Help fill in VCR release form
  14. @W. Reduce inbox.
  15. @H. Make stencil for G.
  16. @H. Install Hng at St
  17. @G. Setup today H.Hr
  18. @G. Attend today meeting
  19. @H. Thnk God and try to get a good sleep!

My Inbox currently holds 674 mails. I will feel better tomorrow I I find 100 less mails... last week I was at 1200+ and this creates a lot of stress as I know some emails get deleted without being processsed meaning someone won't receive my response at something. Before becoming a chronic Pro I used to leave the office with my Inbox clean or at most with 10-20 unprocessed messages. I need to get back to those levels, I know it would almost instanly make me feel better.

Thanks everyone for being here!

could have been worse!


  1. A minute to talk with God! DONESmile
  2. Thank you all for your support!
  3. @W. 15m email morning check DONESmile
  4. @PA. CI DONESmile
  5. @W. Place POs:
    1. CC DONESmile
    2. Ugn
    3. BBs
  6. @W. Confirm Info and send PO for Mtr & Tcl DONESmile
  7. @W. Email FV /BaM DONESmile
  8. @W. Fill W Svy DONESmile
  9. @W. Close Mry Css
  10. @W. Fup on MOP
  11. @W. Reply about AnFP migration
  12. @W. Reply about NPerAcct migration
  13. @W. Help fill in VCR release form DONESmile
  14. @W. Reduce inbox. DONESmile just a little bit, ended up with 632 mails!
  15. @H. Make stencil for G. Need to get mdf... will have to wait until saturday
  16. @H. Install Hng at St - arrived late at home and cannot use drill at this hour!
  17. @G. Setup today H.Hr DONESmile
  18. @G. Attend today meeting DONESmile
  19. @H. Thnk God DONESmile and try to get a good sleep! it's past midnight so I'm sure I won't get a full sleep!
Today I tried exchanging one of my usual 3 cups of coffe with 1 Lt of just water... made me spend some aditional time at wc but I guess it's better for my body. I'll try to get rid of the coffe at all. I have the feeling that I need to break a lot of not so bad habbits in order to reach the harder to beat and really nasty ones!


Hi OCz

Yay for your early start today!!

I know how you feel, I used to be so organized and effecient and "in control." I think I'm just about at step 1, thanks to agoodlife, but it really goes against the grain for me, because I feel I shouldn't have problems in this area...that I should be able to do this on my own.


Anyway wishing you an empty email box!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

CL daily overcoming, or not

missed my dr's appt today. got a confirmation call yesterday and everything.

that really bothered me. considered eating (did have 1 snack).

Then the image of a hurried executive came into my mind, coupled w/ the image of Jadis from Magicians Nephew;

First Jadis: she was a witch in narnia-type-land (narnia had technically not been created at this point) but when she came into our world, her spells and such didnt work. The very first time she tried one, and it didnt work, she immediately tried something else.

The abject lack of self-evaluation after that colossal failure of a key part of her identity has stuck with me ever since.

Now the executive: if, perchance, this executive missed an appt, he would also not self-evaluate, but rather problem solve. Call and get another appt, make other arrangements, compensate, and then move on with his busy day.

(of course neither one would post about it in PA, but, well...)

So i called (that was hard for me) and got another appt for next week. no big deal, right? yeah, i keep telling myself that.

anyway, i did start that "i dont have any email, shoot, i really wanted some, maybe i'll read this one i skipped before" syndrome, but i caught myself.

But i guess this is what "daily overcoming" is all abt.

so, now back to my regularly scheduled routine. Try to think of that routine not as shackles but rather as, maybe, gutter guards in bowling.

UPDATE 11:30 :

well my regularly schedule routine has me checking for meetings, and it turns out one was underway, so i got to attend, and asked a question that generated a lot of discussion.

now my neighbor asked me to move.

After that, quiet time.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


Yes, i can relate, and have you heard of the executive who tends to go to appointments on the wrong days? times?Not that I would know who that was, or share at PA-maybe someone in narnia type setting (after it was created,) who writes the appoints down and either loses the card, calender, or appt. book, Must be some fiction because it is stranger than truth...............because who would show up on the wrong date or time?

well, i showed up for a

well, this monday i showed up for a meeting on the wrong day, but luckily a day early not a day late!

lol vic

lol vic

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Journey 9:30 & update

Good morning!  Back in the office today, and I feel pretty good about the last two days working from home.   I didn't make a lot of progress on my projects yesterday, but that was more because I had lots of meetings than because I didn't work hard, so that's ok!

I've been to the gym, read new email and checked my calendar.  Now I'm going to make a cup of tea and make my todo list for the day!  Laters!

Update noon:  all my administrative tasks are done for the day, and now I need to start on project work.  My next task is hard, so I'm avoiding it.  Checking in here to say I will work on this for the next 45 minutes.  doesn't matter how much I get done,, just that I actually work on it!

Update 2:30 pm  It took me about 15 more minutes of staring at my computer screen to actually get started but then I was able to start working on it.   I discovered an issue that required me to go in a different direction than I had planned, but no worries, as long as I am actually working on it.  Well, back to work!

Update 4 pm.  Still struggling with this task, and had to ask the brilliant intimidating coworker for help.   You know I hate that lol!  But I did it, I have been working steadily, asking for help when needed, and working thru a couple of interruptions too without getting off track.  (pats self on back ;-))


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Spirit 9/17

Good Morning All,

Totally awesome start.  Smile  Showed up today.  It's still raining here, very overcast but the humidity is down and it doesn't feel so yuk.  I am showered, have taken my meds, thinking about breakfast and would love a cup of coffee from the coffee shop but haven't decided if i want to go down for it or not.

I feel good starting out this morning will do 15 minute morning phone check in and work on making my daily list.  First i will bring forward incomplete items from yesterday.

  • research addresses and area
  • call res rep for inventory list and appt
  • spend minimun 2hrs on friday's presentation
  • set appt with con rep
  • get group number
  • contact cb
  • develop plan to secure private investors for ven cap 
  • Okay so far so good.  Completed a good number of tasks this morning already, that gives me confidence and momentum for the lists i have to complete today.

    • morning check in
    • laundry prep and soak
    • trash out
    • recycle out
    • chat w/  mom
    • breakfast-thank the universe for left overs
    • bring forth incomplete items

     Absolutely decided to work outside of home, it's way to dreary to stay here, still have cabin fever-so today i think prep for tomorrows appt a must

    • head to toe grooming for tomorrow (fingernails, facial, prep hairwhat makup colors, soak)
    • cloths selected and prepared
    • review presentation for appt
    • spend proper prep and visualization time
    • have all materials organized and on couch for easy pick up tomorrow
    • contact div still have yet to speak to
    • organize action plan for business
    • decide what to have for dinner/soup sounds good
    • find a place to work for next few hours and leave asap

     Yeah me



    kromer 8:10 CI

    Good morning all!

    Scheduled: Bible study6-8ish, sit in on class 1-2:30. 

    MITs for today:
    *RT practice
    *Read protocols (will do this soon)
    *Planning for pilot expt. (have started this)
    *Email DR asking for favor (Did reading, talked to EA, now need to actually write the email, working on this now)
    *write abstract for poster
    *make graphic on retinol injection expt.

    *Talk/email about where to buy/how to prep RA

    Other tasks
    *Student seminar stuff
    *Work on pset
    *Make WM plan
    *Pick Dmc1 age
    *Get readings on staging
    *Edit poster and send to TE for comments

    OK, I'm going to do budgeting now and have prayertime, then I'll head to lab, write summary  for poster, check in w/ WB about RT practice, and email DR. Heading to the chatbox now.

    kromer 5:50 CI

    OK, I'm not going quite as fast as I would like today, but at least I'm going.

    The big MIT that's left is to read protocols and do planning for pilot expt. This is probably a couple hours worth of work: I'll do it after Bible study (will come back to lab and work through it in the chatbox)

    I also have a couple of small tasks to get done, probably an hour or less in about buying RA, email to DR (will probably also send email about getting readings on staging, because that's quick). I'll do those after I finish planning for pilot expt.

    Tomorrow I'm taking most of the day off (to visit my grandpa for a big event :) ), but I need to stop by lab early (around 8 ) to check on animals, place a few orders and edit/send out my poster.

    See you all around 8:30. 

    Update 10:30--bible study went super-late, but I still want to do a little work. The most important things I need to get done are:
    1)Read through Trizol protocol
    2)Put in orders for trizol, rt kit, RNAzap
    3)Email to DR
    4)Look through drawers for pipettes
    5)Write up RT-PCR protocol from today
    6)Read through DNAse protocol

    That's not perfect, but it's enough to get started

    OK, off to read trizol protocol. Back when that's done. 

    Vic 9/17

    Showing up (done) My friend told me today that she has seen a remarkable change in my procrastination, etc. since the begining of the summer. I wanted to yell, "but I hardly got anything done,on my list,  and I had so many stupid disasters and the only thing I did was continue to show up and not shut down" , well, I certainly am not anywhere near being "recovered" but thanks to Clem's "daily overcomer" slogan, I am starting to say I am a "very slow 'recovering' procratinator", and if all I do is "show up " here, that is my 1st step in recovery and part of the 90% rule for me.

    more tips on the 90% rule found:

    The 90% Rule
    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    ck in later.

    Vic ck in

    Not getting much done, but did do gratitude list, talked to program people, dishes, faxed info for son, e-mailed info for question on consulting job (took several hours, had to be perfect right?) Talked and prayed with sponsoree, answered phone for people wanting to see the rental,  No energy right now, but have not shut down and for that i am grateful, some paperwork- it is only 1:40 here (but have been up since 5:30), so still have tonite. Recovering procratinator. Thanks

    Congratulations Vic!


    "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

    Hi Vic & Jo

    Vic, Just wanted to connect. Today is day 14 of showing up. Miracle!! Thanks for being such a great example for me of showing up.

    Jo, I love, love your message and it's so true!!

    ♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

    Good for you Hope!

    "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

    14 days!

    that's great! it's so encouraging to see people overcoming.

    the touch of the master's hand:

    "fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb




    ♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

    Thank You Hope and Jo

    Thank you. You both made my day. To know I am not alone and have friends who "understand".


    I always love your graphics!!

    ♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

    Thanks Hope

    Thanks,Warning: Dangerous site for procratinators, they have so many neat pics, but they really do express feeling so well.


    Made dinner, now walk

    Hi Vic

    I so agree. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    ♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥