Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


Sorry I don't know how to make this sticky (it may be an administrator function), so it may need bumping back up in the fullness of time. We've been talking about a number of other websites, and I suggested putting something in the 'Off Topic' area, but many of them are 'On Topic' so I thought I'd post here. I thought we had a similar thread at one point, but if so I can't readily find it.

Now Habit Discussion Group
flexiblefine's Yahoo Group to discuss The Now Habit and other anticrastination tools and techniques.

David Allen (Get Things Done)
David Allen's website. Not directly related to procrastination but some of us have found it helpful in dealing with some of our procrastination issues.

The basis of this is keeping up with housework, but also useful for getting into routines with regular things in life that may be used to procrastinate (or about which we may procrastinate). In my opinion, extremely cheesey, sexist, and Christian-orientated at times, but if you can just take what you need and leave the rest - it works.

Life Organizers
Some of us have organisation issues. For those that don't - it seems some procrastinators just ~love ~to organise so you might like the link anyway.

HTML Fonts
flexiblefine's recommended site for learning how to make the fonts prettier in your posts. Also has a practice section - please practice there, not here, until you know you can do it, as HTML errors here affect more than just your own post.

Web Tutorials
pro's recommendation for webbie tutorials generally.

Pro - can you help?

Is it easy for you to tell what I've done wrong with the links? If so, let me know and I'll fix them. As Slider says, the links don't work. Don't waste time on it - if it's not a quickie I'll just edit out the html and post the addresses as they are, then at least people can copy and paste them into their address bar if they're interested.


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links fixed

You left off the "http://" in all but the first one. Your browser will add that back in, but in HTML you have to type it. I fixed it.

Thanks Pro :o)

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Life Organizers link didn't work

Got "page not found" message. But don't procrastinate on something else to take care of this, pro! ;) (Might it be a little change of pace for you AFTER finishing bookwork?) :lol:

Urk--found it didn't work with other links, too, sorry! But I can get to links from Referrers in lefthand column.

first message says on top

The first message in a thread always stays on top.

Thanks for putting together the links.