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Wednesday, July 8 2009

CI Do It Now 8:28 pm WED


cement office

find/buy shirts  DONE!!!!

blue tooth

pd, call NWK HR STARTED DONE!!!!

Find MJordan thing TRIED: (progress not prefectn)

return emails DONE (ALRIGHT!)

time sheets


clean DR STARTED   xxxxx

prgress not preection 

Convalaria 9.35 am Thursday morning, 15.40pm

another attempt at a semblance of recovery.
An important insight for me......
Surrender to a HP is not a belief but an action.     Who knew?
Not a bad start to the day. So far I have

  •  spent 25 minutes on house tidy that included:unloading the disheaser, starting another loda of dishes, putting in some dishes to soak, wiping down some counters, sweepping the kitchen floor, loading some laundry , taking out some rubbidh, putting the big bins at athe kerb for collection and picking up doggy poos
  • spent 25 minutes on essential self care that included; shower, essential medication, face routine, hair blow dry and dressing nicely
  • spent 25 minutes walking doggy
  • have checked in and posted and am feeling pleased with myself

Next I will do my volunteer work in hospital and then wisit friend and hope to check in at about 13.30 wiith further plans for the afternoon....

Checking in again......
I have just arrived home and as well as doing volunyteer work and visiting with a friend I have eaten lunch, done some errands and fed the dog.

  • 20 minutes working on house
  • 20 minutes working on home papers
  • spend from 4.30 untill 5.00 with mother
  • give the dog a good walk from 5 till 6
  • check in with plans for evening

fudoshin: check-in (2pm)

Prayers welcome.


Hello, people of PA!  I have a pile of papers that I've delayed so long in doing anything about or filing that they've-- well I won't go into that.  The reason I have a pile is because I've procrastinated on this one project since I joined this program, which has slowly gnawed away at me.  Anyways.  I had a negative interview yesterday, but I've decided to just delete the email, as there was nothing I could do with it.  I still have to call back that person from the movie theater if I want that job.  Since theyt old me the software company wants to hire me starting the July 20th.  My plan for today was roughly to return my DVD, go on a run/walk, buy some tea at the store. 


I am going to write down the things I didn't know from that interview and then throw the email away, b/c that was negative stuff.  I am not a zero out of ten or whatever that guy said; and I have two degrees in this field, so he has no right to allege that I don't appear to have formal training or whatever insane thing he said.  And I still think it was inappropriate for the recruiter to send me the email that he had sent her just knowing what he had sent.  Furthermore, I couldn't even hear him on the phone, b/c of the connection and the way he was speaking.  I literally didn't hear him.  It was just so offensive and painful for me.  I have a learning disability, but I work as hard as anyone else, and have as much credential to be there as anyone.  Only I don't think I would want to work for that company.  She wrote me back telling me that all the candidates had a bad experience with him and that she is meeting with the CEO to see if someone else can facilitate the interviews.

just_me checking in and out

I had a good day today. Met a friend at the library, both working on stuff that needs to get done.

finished letter of reference

wrote important e-mail

got started on writing article


still have to:

order train ticket

mail letter of reference


Thanks for letting me share!



mj tuesday ci

call students

ecollege assignment

1 box unpacked 

write to sc

post ads to sell stuff

Journey 11:30

Ah, a much better day today.   I had planned to go to a dr. appt this afternoon, so I started work very early this morning after walking on the treadmill for an hour.  I logged on to find an error message that had just been posted and started working on it immediately, so I looked very industrious starting to work on that before 8 am even!

I don't know what the problem was yesterday, I just couldn't concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes, but I'm glad it's better today.  I have forgotten my anti-craziness pills several times this week too which probably contributes to the overall ditziness. Today I am just my normal lazy and easily distracted self.

And I cancelled the dr. appt so I'm ahead of the game for a change! 


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

ck in

Took my son to doctor this morning about form of shingles he got.a small patch on his back, Thank goodness it is still early enough for treatment-I called yesterday for an appt and they did not have one intil 8 am this morning. I feel like I should have called Monday, I was not sure what it was, he thought it was poison, which he does get, but somehow I was not sure. We agreed if the poison med did not work I would call and I did, but somehow I feel like if I wasn;t a PA I would have taken care of it sooner. I can't seem to forgive myself. He worked at the church yard sale and was pushing himself, 5 am and then going out with his friends at night- I feel like I should not have let him do so much.

Well, thank god we took care of it today.

Right now between the critic in my head (whatever does not work when my children are involved), all the emotional work I have been doing about family issues (I am drained), and feeling like anything I do is pathetic, I feel frozen. It is almost 3pm.

I want to do the next 3 things, that always works for me. I can get my momentum going and I udsually get alot more done than I would have thought.


1. Got my son to dr. and got meds for my son

2. Fighting self pity and have some tricks to help

3. I am not alone

4. Next 3 things method


it;s only 12 noon, another thing to be grateful for!

byGodsGrace todays CI

am meeting deadlines and feeling pretty good about it - quick ci before heading out to dd appt this morning and trying to be - deep breath - on time - problem is there is always just one more thing i need to do before we go....

AND I did try to do one more thing - i needed to do it - but could have done earlier - and so we were 5 min late! Saw it coming! Better next time!

finish jobCH revision, finish jobM, printer

kromer 10:25 CI

In lab very late this morning (we have mice, and roommates had left a mess, so I cleaned it up)

Scheduled: lab tea 4-4:30

MITs for today:
*Look at overall trends in stages data
*Lit. search on pathways
*Read Dazl papers
*Talk to Mark
*Email Re: YG

Other tasks:
*Finish retrieving pathways
*Get stuff out of EF's lab (went by yesterday but cabinet was locked)
*Evidence for/against RA round->elong
*Order mySQL book+hard drive

Breaks: Swing 7:30-10, call AG

Right now I'm going to look at overall trends in stages data. email re: YG and read Dazl papers.

Update 11:50--looked at overall trends in stages data, now send email and get lunch.

Update 12:35--sent email, got lunch, now I'm going to do lit. search on pathways.  

kromer 2:40 CI

Turns out lit. search on pathways is a huge job...thought it would be relatively quick, but it turns out there's a whole lot of prev. work on the pathways, so I think i'll probably end up doing 1 or 2 pathways per day. There was no way to know that in advance, so I'll try not to beat myself up for not finishing my MITs. Instead, I'll finish lit. search for 1st pathway, then finish reading Dazl pathways.

kromer 5:30 CI

OK, I finished lit. search for 1st pathway (though I still need to write up a summary of what I've found), read papers on Dazl, talked to M, went to lab tea, called AG, wasted some time online (but not on my "bottomline" sites)

Frustrated b/c friend had lent me sth to help w/ my work and now wants it back...silly of me to be frustrated, it's completely his right to want his own stuff back, but my mind often works in silly ways :P I need to come up with a plan for getting it back to him and getting my work done w/out it. I think I'll do that tomorrow when hopefully the frustration will have died down.

Now I have about 1 hr 15 min more to work, then dinner and swing dance lesson, then some chores in the evening.

I'm going to try to:
*Retrieve compoments of Shh pathway
*Brainstorm how to expedite getting pathway components
*Read 3 papers on FGF signaling

Lab has emptied out, and I'm feeling pretty stuck, so  I'll head to the chatbox to work on these things.