Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

kromer top- and bottomlines

I feel like I've stalled out in working this program, and am slipping into websurfing and other old bad habits rather than moving forwards to where I want to be.

So I'm going to use this space to set out some top- and bottom- lines for my behavior, then I'll commit to updating this thread every day for a month with performance on my bottomlines.

Promise that I'm striving toward (from "Promises of Recovery for PA"): We will not fear the future, nor wish to shut the door on it.

*I am on time to work, social events and appointments
*I have a manageable to-do list, and complete it most days
*I have routines but they are not straightjackets; I can alter them when needed
*I can account for where my time has gone each day
*I schedule breaks rather than sneaking them through procrastination
*I am organized and can easily find papers when I need them. The space around me is clean and makes me calm, rather than full of clutter and anxiety-provoking

*Work the program: CI every day, go to meeting at least once every 2 weeks, quick prayer every morning
*Limit internet (this is the big, scary one): limit the following sites to only btwn 8pm and 12:30am, 20 min per hr max during this time (using leechblock at home, and I'll see if I can install it at work as well): thedailywtf, facebook, theonion,slate,slashdot.
*Mange clutter: Every evening, spend 15 min tidying

Will check back every day to say how I'm doing w/ these goals. 


Days 9 and 10 (small stumble)

Day 9, I met all my bottomlines

Day 10, I messed up a bit. I worked the program and had morning prayer, but tidying didn't happen until the next morning (friend was having a really rough time so I was up late talking to her, then I just couldn't get up the energy). Next time, I'll do tidying first and then call friend back.  

Eighth day

Yesterday was a struggle but I met my bottom lines.

Seventh day!

I've stuck to my bottom lines for a week. Woot!

I couldn't attend PA mtg today, and won't be able to next week, so I need to find a substitute mtg for some time during the week. 

Sixth day!

Met all my bottomlines for 4th of July. Coming up on a week!

Fifth day

I'm visiting my parents; disruption to routine is making it easier to limit surfing, but harder to stick to the program and do my de-cluttering. But I met my bottomlines yesterday. Coming up on a week!

Fourth day

This isn't as hard as I thought it would be! My HP must be helping me out. Met my bottom lines yesterday.

Third day

Yesterday (7/1) was tough, but I made it! Met all my bottom lines. Today I did my tidying in the morning (since I'm on a plane in the evening), but I'm OK with counting that.

Second day

Yesterday (6/30/09) I met all my bottom lines.

First day

Yesterday (Mon 6/29/09) I met all my bottom lines. 

congrats kromer!

way to go!!!



 I've copy pasted your list into my notekeeping program (no ID information) to reflect on for myself.

Hope you don't mind imitation...



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re: kromer's bottom line

That could be MY list!  lol 

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