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"No excuses" motivator

Hi amigos,

A cute movtivational clip I thought you might enjoy (actually an ad, but well done.)

"My dog got sick. . . it makes me smell bad. . . got a case of the Mondays. . . my coach hates me. . .)  Laughing

Have a good weekend!





love it

just sat here saying wow over and over. thanks for sharing this.


I loved even before the ending


The clip was so powerful. However, instead of motivating me, I felt like I wish I could cut off my legs and give them to this man- a person like him deserves the legs more than someone like me.

I feel like I am not any better than when I started. I feel too ashamed to even share on the posting forum. I really feel hopeless.

Then I saw another link that went with the one above: 


Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter.

We all make excuses.

But the successful ones are those who can kill the excuses like the miserable maggots they are.

I’m too tired. I don’t have the time. I don’t feel motivated. I’d rather do nothing. I don’t have the money, equipment, space. I can’t because …

We’ve all made the excuses. Here’s how to kill them.

1. See the positive. Excuses are usually made because we don’t feel like doing something — we’re accentuating the negative. Instead, see the fun in something, the joy in it. And maintain a positive attitude, or you’ll never beat the excuses.

  • I am trying and I have met beatiful people I would not have met. I am learning things that cannot be measured here. I am being honest about this, even if it si painful. I am being humbled- back on my knees. I am feeling the feelings and not eating/ drinking them down.

2.Take responsibility. Excuses are ways to get out of owning up to something. If we don’t have the time, money, equipment, etc., then it’s not our fault, right? Wrong. Take responsibility, and own the solution.

  • I am taking responsibility by being honest and not stuffing it. I don't really know the solution. I can do things in smaller picies, that helped even if it does not seem "good enough" I keep getting up and showing up.

3. Find a solution. Just about every problem has a solution. Don’t have time? Start with just 5-10 minutes. Make the time. Wake earlier. Do it during lunch. Don’t have a gym membership? Workout at home or in the office. Don’t have the energy? Do it when you have higher levels of energy. You’re smart. Figure out the solution.

  • Solution- 1. write things needed to take care  of. do one thing at a timeKee trying to learn new solutions- don't give up- turn to my HP- I don't know how to find a solution- I am feeling like I am just incorrigibly holpless and lazy

4. See your goal. This is your motivation — your reason for doing it. Sure, you could just lay on the couch, but if you think about why you really want to pursue a goal, you’ll be motivated. Visualize that goal and just get started.

  • Goal - to be the person I think God wants me to be and not be in a prison of loose ends, not having a life.- to find a solution I can live with like my food plan

5. Be accountable. Have a workout partner, a project partner, a team, someone to report to. If you have to meet a coach or partner, you’re more likely to do something.

  • I need to swallow my shame and go back on bookend site. Look at the long term goal forum. Do what I can even if it doesn't work.

6. Go ahead and make your excuses. Then do it anyway.

  • Maybe I need to list my excuses. Something I heard in a CLA phone meeting was. If you want to declutter a room, you have to be in the room to do it. It was an ephiphany to me. If I want paperwork done, I need to have it out and do it.

Thanks for letting me share, I don't want to be negative, so I am in hiding, hoping to share some success soon.



Leo at Zen Habits

Hi Vic,

Leo Babauta writes some great stuff!  I originally saw that clip on his Zen Habits site.  I like the way he emphasizes taking change slowly, starting with very small steps and making one change at a time. . . he is very good at helping me envision change that is truly achievable.

I know you said you are feeling hopeless, but I appreciate the honesty and constructive thinking in your post.  Hang in there, & I hope we'll keep hearing from you.


Thanks Falcon

Thank you. This is the only place in the world that I found people who understand and accept. It gives me the courage to not give up. Thank you.


That is GREAT!

Thank you for posting it!




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