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Breakfast - a specific spot I get stuck on for procrastination

So far today/tonight, I have accomplished almost nothing. another wasted Saturday.  After griping at myself about it, I decided to pick out trouble spots - and breakfast is my earliest. 

Breakfast comes after I've fed Heidi, my Yorkie, and is a glass of soy milk mixed with breakfast mix powder. By this time I am downloading emails and Firefox is beginning to serve up at least what I left last night, if not yet my webcomics and the first set of morning websites (most focused around money and health, since I am working on my underearning, overeating, etc. as well). 

All is well and good while I spend five minutes drinking breakfast and reading - but after that is where I stick, and usually stay stuck. 

I am on dialup. It can several minutes for everything to download, assuming it does. I have a timer on the computer, that pops up right in the middle of the screen and plays an audio file.  You would think I could reset it, get up, go away and do something else when it appears, but I don't.. and then I look up and go bananas, or someone says "do you know what time it is?" (often not that nicely.) 

Vista's screen savers quit working some time ago on my computer, for some reason, so I can see the visual distraction of what's on the screen.

I thought about turning the monitor off then back on each time I need to reset the timer - usually every 5 minutes.  Another idea was to hang a couple of sheets of paper over the monitor, flipping them up and down.  Both of these seem pretty juvenile and energy-wasting though. 

I can't change where the computer is (in my bedroom).  I haven't figured out yet why my screensaver doesn't work correctly. 

Any other things I could consider doing? This is the first of many spots I'm sure I'll find. 

I simply HAVE to stop procrastinating and time debting. I was supposed to be in bed by 10:30 or 11 at the latest, it's now 12:14 AM. I'm supposed to be getting ready for Sunday School in a few hours because I procrastinated on it all week long, instead I just finished surfing and trying suggestions to fix my screen saver. 


Hope you're sleeping away if that's where you should be. 


PS Someone might look at the forum clock, it's currently showing 31 Dec 1969 - 7:00pm.